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Fully customizable reverb and room modeler.

The DreamVerb Room Modeler plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces draws on the unparalleled flexibility of UA’s pioneering RealVerb Pro plug-in, and adds an intuitive and powerful interface to help you craft a stunning range of spaces. DreamVerb not only lets you create a room from a huge list of different materials and room shapes. It lets you customize further by blending or "morphing" the different room shapes and surfaces with one another, while the density of the air can be changed to simulate different ambient situations.

DreamVerb also features a flexible 5-band active EQ and unique level ramping for the early and late reflections for ultra-realistic dynamic room simulation. And with Universal Audio's proprietary smoothing algorithm, all parameters can be adjusted in real-time with no "zipper-noise' or audible artifacts. DreamVerb also features lots of graphic feedback for the user to understand just how their choices affect the reverb. From a vibrantly dynamic room to a rich, deep cathedral, DreamVerb is the reverb of your dreams.

Design the perfect acoustic space with Custom room shape settings

Fine tune your room with different materials

Blend between room shapes and sizes in real time

Tweak further with separate Intensity, Timing, and Onset of Early Reflections and Late-Field Reverberation controls


Custom room shape settings
Adjustable room materials
Graphic Room Shape selection
Blend between room shapes and sizes in real time
Separate controls for Intensity, Timing, and Onset of Early Reflections and Late-Field Reverberation
Comprehensive interface for in-depth parameter editing
Adjustable Diffusion setting


DreamVerb Room Modeler

Overall Rating


F. San Filippo


Pretty good!

For a 15-year-old plugin, still sounds pretty good. Could use a facelift, but worth a listen.

G. Spiridion


A Special Reverb Tool

I can create a unmatched room on my way

P. Bonifazi


RealVerb muy limitado

Es un plugin limitado y obsoleto, a mi entender o se tendria que actualizar o sacar de circulación, lo bueno que carga poco dsp, pero muy basico para esta epoca.

A. Dahlback


realistic room modeller

A good update to the RealVerb.

A. Lee


Very nice options

Great tones are possible with this thing. Try automating the distance slider for a cool fade out into the back of the space.

A. Ayer


Seamlessly upgraded

I have been a fan of RealVerb Pro since I started using UA products. I only recently upgraded to dream verb. It does exactly as promised: all the wonderful qualities of RealVerb with a little extra. Well done UA.

J. Poijärvi


Versatile reverb plugin

It took a while to get to understand all the features and parameters of the plugin. But once you got it, the plugin is great to work with. Quite realistic room modelling. Good gear.

j. paredes


Gran reverb

Gran reverb,no falta en mis producciones

O. Okoke



This is amazing

m. calibo


I Simply LOVE IT.!!!

at the very first time a tested it,, i fell in love with it Right away,, never had a reverb this good & so affordable... it's a 5 star from me...

M. Park



Its ok but I don't use it every time

G. Haas


Great reverb for all occasions

I'm using the UAD Lexikons (224 + 480L) a lot and the Dreamverb is a great add-on, simple to use and great presets.

G. Conrad



Great Reverb Plugin

Y. Zolberg


Really really dreamy!

I have a lot of reverb plugins and this one so smoothly and airish..
No boomy or muddy at all!

J. Morrison



Reverb, eq and low Dsp, perfect!

N. sveinungsen


nice clean

It works well with the most materials

И. Карасенко


Excellent reverb

I used it in demo mode, a very pleasant reverb for many musical instruments.

A. Phillips


nice bright reverb

like the reverb eq. bright good allrounder handy if you need a few not DSP.

A. Phillips


nice bright reverb

like the reverb eq. bright good allrounder handy if you need a few not DSP.

M. Reeves


More than a reverb

I love this plug in. It has presets are manned and varied. It will take some time for me to find all the wonderful sounds and I look forward to doing just that. Well done guys !