Ocean Way® Microphone Collection

Ocean Way® Microphone Collection





Sphere L22マイクロフォンで使用するためにOcean Wayからピックアップしたビンテージマイク

Ocean Way Microphone Collectionプラグインは、UADハードウェアとApolloインターフェイスで使用するために絶賛されているTownsend Labs Sphere L22 microphone systemの機能を拡張する、Allen Sidesが持つ“最高の”ビンテージマイクコレクションの”ベスト中のベスト”のエミュレーションです。

Townsend LabsのSphereは、グラミー賞を受賞しているエンジニア/プロデューサーのAllen Sidesが所有するビンテージまいくのサウンドをキャプチャーしている唯一のマイクモデリング・テクノロジーです。Ocean Way Microphone Collectionプラグインのすべてのモデルは、Neumann、Sony、RCA、AKGなど*の最高のクラシックマイクをベースにモデリングされています。


Apolloインターフェイスを使用してOcean Wayの伝説的なマイクコレクションでリアルタイムにレコーディング

Allen SidesがピックアップしたNeumann、Sony、RCA、AKGなどを含むビンテージマイクを使用してトラッキング*



Included Mic Models

Included Mic Models

OW-47 (Neumann U 47)
OW-12 #1 (AKG C12)
OW-12 #2 (AKG C12)
OW-49 (Neumann M 49)
OW-269 (Neumann M 269)
OW-800 (Allen Sides’ prototype Sony C800G)
OW-50 (Neumann M 50)
OW-K53 (Neumann KM 53)
OW-K54 (Neumann KM 54)
OW-55 (Sony C55P)
OW-57U3 (Shure SM57 Unidyne III)

See Included Mic Model Info



Hear it yourself.

Download unprocessed tracks recorded with the Sphere L22, and audition various mic models using the plug-in.
Download Tracks

Ocean Way Studioのマイク

Ocean Way Studioのマイク

Ocean Way Microphone Collectionは、Frank Sinatra、Radiohead、Ray Charles、Ella Fitzgerald、Stevie Wonderなど無数の著名アーティストが使用したAllen Sidesの世界的に有名なマイクコレクションのリッチで奥行きのあるサウンドを使用することができます。Neumann U-47、Sony C800G、RCA KU3A ribbon、AKG C12などAllen Sidesによりピックアップされたクラシックマイクを使用してボーカル、ギターなどのトラッキングが可能です。



Ocean Way Microphone Collectionプラグインを使用すると、リアルタイム、またはミックスダウン時に近接効果や極性パターンを変更したり、トラッキングの前/後に滲み、ルームのカラー、フィードバックを調整することが可能です。ボーカルとギターの間のかぶりを軽減してシンガー/ギターを簡単にレコーディングしたり、調整可能な近接効果を使用してレスポンスを微調整することができます。



Apolloオーディオインターフェイス上のマイクプリアンプにTownsend LabsのSphere L22 microphoneを接続することにより、Sphereを使用してすぐに試聴できる膨大なマイクサウンドをリアルタイムに使用することが可能です。この超低レイテンシーのレコーディングに究極のマイクコレクションを使用してパフォーマンスのエモーションをキャプチャーすることが可能です。

* Ocean Way Microphone Collection プラグインを使用するには、Townsend Labs Sphere L22 microphoneが必要です、。 Aすべての商標は、それぞれの所有者の財産であり、Ocean Way Microphone Collectionソフトウェアの一部としてモデリングされたマイクを表すためにのみ使用されています。


Neumann、Sony、AKG、RCAなどのマイクを含むAllen Sidesの世界的に有名なコレクションのビンテージマイクを正確にエミュレーション

Universal AudioのApolloインターフェイスによる超低レイテンシーでリアルタイムUADプロセッシング






Ocean Way® Microphone Collection

k. vincent


Ocean Way

Amazing mic model

M. Ivey


Sweet Mic Models but some redundancy with other UAD Mic Collections

Was hesitant on purchasing this collection because some of the mics offered are also available in the Townsend and Putnam collections. But I had a coupon and opted for the purchase.

The mic models in this collection that don't exist in neither the Townsend or Putnam collection are really excellent but having models that exist in the other 2 collections (if you own them) kind of makes this purchase a little less of a bargain.

5 stars for great models but I'm giving 4 stars because I didn't get much over what I already had for the money.

J. Smith


Excellent, but overlaps other similar plugins

At the time of this review, there are 3 UAD plugins that are designed for use with the Townsend L22 (Sphere) microphone. In addition to Ocean Way's plugin, the Putnam and the Townsend plugins control the sound of the modeling mic. So, caveat emptor...there is some redundancy here. On its own merits, the Ocean Way is the one I have started using the most. So if the Townsend plugin is not quite in agreement with your ears, I would recommend the Ocean Way over the Putnam plugin.

f. cardini


Grande emulazione di fantastici mics

Ho apprezzato l’emulazione dei 47. Buone anche le altre

f. cardini


Warm tone

Warm tone especially the 47’s

P. Pendlebury



A stunning addition to the Sphere universe. Absolute magic.

I. Andriotis


Make sure to grab!

I have to say that I do use the default mic emulation very often, especially the ribbons and AKG models. However, this particular collection of Large Diaphragm mics is extraordinary and worth adding to your collection.

One of my biggest concerns with LD mics is capturing a detailed sound, but avoid having a harsh top end. I don't know how and what sort of magic is happening here...but the 47, 49 and 12s do exactly what I described by default as soon as you bring the plug-in up.

Strongly recommended!

A. Green


Great tool.

As with the Townsend Plugin.
These sound great.

K. Lima


Warm tones....

that's it. the best mics on the planet.

R. Marant


Tecnología Townsend, cambio de juego!!

Tengo toda la colección de Townsend y es una gozada disponer de esta colección de micrófonos de ensueño, con una gama tonal de lujo.
No te arrepentirás, seguro!!

E. Norton


Perfect Imaginings ...

Paired with the L22 mic, Ocean Way Studios reverb plus various other UAD console emulations you can conceive of and then realize a fantasy recording experience in your DAW. The Neumanns are my favorites.

M. Nowak


Great models

I was happy with the stock Townsend models and really didn't want to have to buy this...but had no choice. Even with the same mic (M49, C12) there's an extra bit of richness and depth to the Ocean way versions. The C800 is killer, the KU-3A ribbon has a great midrange character, and KM-54 is a useful addition. I have even more tonal options now.



The one to get.

To me, this has the most crucial vocal tones that I need: more modern and bright. But I also have the Bill Putnum ones, which I consider more for vibey songs, I guess.

The Townsend system really is incredible, and while there are others out there (notably, the Slate), the Townsend has the most control and lowest latency due to using the Apollo in tandem with the DAW as well as how smart the dual capsule system was designed in tandem with the modeling software.

It's just a no brainer.

The ONE thing I've found to be a "downside" on this system is the self noise of the Townsend L22 itself. It is SO QUIET that it apparently doesn't mask other noises in my room, which my previous tube LDC's apparently were! Haha. But the upside is that you get a MUCH cleaner recording, you can't clip the circuitry of the mic, and you can capture delicate sounds with more subtlety and ZERO concern about the noise floor. *The self noise is rated a 7db A weighted. There are very few microphones able to achieve even DOUBLE this noise floor. Neumann KM-184's are around 13, and that is already very quiet compared to most mics.

Anyway! Can't go wrong!

T. Fabri


New Era

These emulations are great - the diffrences between the models seem to be sometimes quite subtile but than suddenly you find the Sound you were aiming for. It is so cool to have the opportunity to choose the mic in the mixing stage... and it's great to have all the three collections. Yesterday I was soloing lead vocals - my favorite was the BP 47 - but in the mix the OW 47 worked even better - amazing!

M. Rakusic


This is the future....

This plug in with L22 is all what I need. Recording acc. Guitar, Vocal, Sax etc.... Work for everything. I do not know how to sound the original C 12, ore some expenisve Nemann, but these emulations sit in every mix!

S. Costantino


The possibilities are endless!

Using my Sphere mic system is a revelation and having access to the Ocean Way collection software along with the mic collection that comes with it gives me every possibility I could ever imagine!
Combined with my Apollo and Softube Console 1 the workflow is hands on and makes it so easy to dial in whatever I need to track on the fly!
The other thing that’s incredible is that I can dial in the polar patterns to tune in the room and any applications that I’m working with!
It’s a true game changer!

J. Norman


Fabulous -- and a great addition to the Townsend collection

I think the original Townsend collection is great. I had thought, since the Ocean Way set has many of the same mics, that I might be risking a lot of duplication. But nope. Each mic has its own character, so, for example, the U87, in one collection isn't the same as in the other, and it's likely I'll use each in different situations. Of course, each collection has mics that aren't the same and they're amazing, too. All in all, I'm glad I increased my digital mic closet with this purchase.

m. lloyd



I've recorded, off and on, in the Ocean Way building(s) since about 1962... quite some time. Alan has been a friend for many years and his expertise and talent is beyond compare. Being able to access some of his wonderful mics is a blessing. Truly. The UA folks have used their great talent to allow us this cool opportunity.

I appreciate this plugin. It rocks...!
And...rock on Michael Lloyd

D. Thierry


Mon Avis!

Très satisfait de mon achat. Merci UAD

d. baynham


This Mic Modeling System has changed my daily work flow

I have been using the Sphere mic system for nearly a year, and it has completely changed how I work in the studio. For years I have used multiple microphones on sources that I’m recording, and it has been worth the extra work in terms of flexibility and tone, but the time and hassle of changing mics and stands and preamps did slow me down in terms of working with my flow of ideas.

Now, I’m able to set up a Sphere mic and try multiple mic and preamp models in real time through my Apollo interface,and I’m also able to blend mic models within the software as well. With this most recent update, I’m able to blend Ocean Way mics with the Townsend core mic models--that come for free with the Sphere mic, or blend Ocean Way mics with other Ocean Way mics, etc. Then, I can either commit the sounds to my recording, or simply record dry while listening through the mic models in Apollo, and commit to a final choice later in the mix. Also, since I can automate the mic plugin, I can vary between models over the course of a song. If I am using a ribbon or dynamic mic as one of my models on a lead vocal to get a particular verse tone, but I want a brighter condenser tone for the chorus, I can easily automate that.

These models sound amazing, and provide an incredible range of colors and options. I cannot say enough good things about this system. Also, if you have a need for customer service, the folks at Townsend, and the folks at UA have treated me with speed, kindness and excellent help.