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Sphere L22マイクロフォンで使用するためにOcean Wayからピックアップしたビンテージマイク

Ocean Way Microphone Collectionプラグインは、UADハードウェアとApolloインターフェイスで使用するために絶賛されているTownsend Labs Sphere L22 microphone systemの機能を拡張する、Allen Sidesが持つ“最高の”ビンテージマイクコレクションの”ベスト中のベスト”のエミュレーションです。

Townsend LabsのSphereは、グラミー賞を受賞しているエンジニア/プロデューサーのAllen Sidesが所有するビンテージまいくのサウンドをキャプチャーしている唯一のマイクモデリング・テクノロジーです。Ocean Way Microphone Collectionプラグインのすべてのモデルは、Neumann、Sony、RCA、AKGなど*の最高のクラシックマイクをベースにモデリングされています。

Apolloインターフェイスを使用してOcean Wayの伝説的なマイクコレクションでリアルタイムにレコーディング

Allen SidesがピックアップしたNeumann、Sony、RCA、AKGなどを含むビンテージマイクを使用してトラッキング*



Included Mic Models

Included Mic Models

OW-47 (Neumann U 47)
OW-12 #1 (AKG C12)
OW-12 #2 (AKG C12)
OW-49 (Neumann M 49)
OW-269 (Neumann M 269)
OW-800 (Allen Sides’ prototype Sony C800G)
OW-50 (Neumann M 50)
OW-K53 (Neumann KM 53)
OW-K54 (Neumann KM 54)
OW-55 (Sony C55P)
OW-57U3 (Shure SM57 Unidyne III)

See Included Mic Model Info



Hear it yourself.

Download unprocessed tracks recorded with the Sphere L22, and audition various mic models using the plug-in.
Download Tracks

Ocean Way Studioのマイク

Ocean Way Studioのマイク

Ocean Way Microphone Collectionは、Frank Sinatra、Radiohead、Ray Charles、Ella Fitzgerald、Stevie Wonderなど無数の著名アーティストが使用したAllen Sidesの世界的に有名なマイクコレクションのリッチで奥行きのあるサウンドを使用することができます。Neumann U-47、Sony C800G、RCA KU3A ribbon、AKG C12などAllen Sidesによりピックアップされたクラシックマイクを使用してボーカル、ギターなどのトラッキングが可能です。



Ocean Way Microphone Collectionプラグインを使用すると、リアルタイム、またはミックスダウン時に近接効果や極性パターンを変更したり、トラッキングの前/後に滲み、ルームのカラー、フィードバックを調整することが可能です。ボーカルとギターの間のかぶりを軽減してシンガー/ギターを簡単にレコーディングしたり、調整可能な近接効果を使用してレスポンスを微調整することができます。



Apolloオーディオインターフェイス上のマイクプリアンプにTownsend LabsのSphere L22 microphoneを接続することにより、Sphereを使用してすぐに試聴できる膨大なマイクサウンドをリアルタイムに使用することが可能です。この超低レイテンシーのレコーディングに究極のマイクコレクションを使用してパフォーマンスのエモーションをキャプチャーすることが可能です。

* Ocean Way Microphone Collection プラグインを使用するには、Townsend Labs Sphere L22 microphoneが必要です、。 Aすべての商標は、それぞれの所有者の財産であり、Ocean Way Microphone Collectionソフトウェアの一部としてモデリングされたマイクを表すためにのみ使用されています。


Neumann、Sony、AKG、RCAなどのマイクを含むAllen Sidesの世界的に有名なコレクションのビンテージマイクを正確にエミュレーション

Universal AudioのApolloインターフェイスによる超低レイテンシーでリアルタイムUADプロセッシング






Ocean Way® Microphone Collection

A. Vasilyev


Ocean Way® Microphone Collection - fantastic

A set of classic sound fiction, who are not with us yet, join us and be happy with a large suitcase of microphones, with patristic fantastic noise reduction,

G. Aucouturier



Excellent, complete well Townsend lab sphere.
I like Clapton presets.
Another great uad !!!!!

A. Pasco



This is everything you’ll ever need for your mic setup.

S. Them


Great UAD plugin

Absolute a great mike simulations

V. Kristek


Great collection

Who (apart from collectors and large studios) could afford such a collection? In addition, they are unbreakable and maintenance-free. Great!

K. Sæther


A must-have!

Even though I haven't utilized all the options within this great plugin, I'd can say this is a must-have with the Sphere L22!

B. Arrowood


Excellent expansion for the Townsend Mic

This is the first additional mic locker plugin aside from the one that came with my Labs Sphere L22 that I have bought. These mics sound great, and I have a new favorite microphone emulation model to use when I record violin and fiddle parts with my UA Apollo x6. Sounds great.

S. Broderick


Nashville Mic Locker

I have the Putnam collection, the stock Townsend collection and also this. Fantastic mics. Every mic is unique and I will try to list out each and why I use it. The 47 is beautiful, I would say just well balanced not really extended highs but just right. The first C12 is super airy, very like a Manley Ref C. C12 number 2 is well balanced like the U47 but has just a tad more high end while also a little less extended lows. The M49 cuts through while retaining somehow warmth and clarity. The 269 is epic, very like the Putnam U67 just a little less airy. The C800g doesn’t really sound like a traditional C800 it’s more balanced but opens up at the same time. Excellent purchase

J. Gellis


Do these emulations sound like the real mic?

In a user group, someone posted the question, "do these emulations sound like the real mic they are modeled after?" I don't own any of these vintage mics to compare and quite frankly, every one of the vintage mics has variations in how they sound within the same model. So what is the definitive sound of any particular model? What I can say is that these models sound wonderful in their own right and my vocal recordings sound better than they ever have. Of all of the gear I have purchased, the L22, and library of mic models have made the most dramatic improvement to my vocal chain. Money well spent, much time saved, superior results.

J. Slavin


Townsend add ons

Like these even more than the standard Mikes and I love them
10 out of 10 for me



uad perfection

thank you uad staff
finest offering ,gets better every day

M. Martel


That 47 though!

I recorded some vocals at a studio in LA through an endgame signal chain: vintage U47>1073>1176>LA2A. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to dial in my performance as much as I would have liked to. Have no fear. OW47 to the rescue. I recorded some pickups at home in Nashville through the OW47 emulation, and was laughing out loud at how close it sounds to my friend’s real U47, flipping back and forth between the 2 performances. Was it exactly the same? No 2 mics are exactly the same, so no. Close enough to fool the most discerning audio professional - or at least not be bothered by it? Absolutely. I love vintage gear, and great analog reproductions thereof. But I’m not sure how the mic makers are staying in business. The Townsend Sphere and mic emulations are doing it all for me. I also own and love the Putnam collection. But for the U47, I much prefer the Ocean Way.

C. Greim


It's a great step between the future and the past

Ich möchte nicht mehr auf mein Townsend und die Emulationen verzichten. Die Klarheit, die Wärme und die Möglichkeiten scheinen unerschöpflich. Und das ist erst der Anfang. Mal sehen was noch alles kommt, nun wo Townsend und Universal Audio förmlich verschmelzen. Ich habe den Kauf nicht bereut und ich bin überzeugt, dass es jedem anderen ähnlich ergehen wird.

B. Nicholas


Some great sounding mics

As the title says, some really great sounding mics in this collection. Assuming you have the Sphere mic then this will really set you up nicely. Of course, the Townsend Labs plugin has many of the same models but not the same mics. Whether this matters to you or not depends on your preferences, ears and wallet. I hear subtle as well as not so subtle differences between the same type of mic on the three plugins. That being said, this collection is worth having. You can choose just one, two or all three of the Sphere mic collection plugins and you will really enjoy the ride. Also, for those that cast shade upon this technology, it's just a tool. It works and it works really well. You can do things in post that are just amazing. Does it sound just like a vintage U47 or C12? Which specific ones? I've used a few and they all have personalities. This plugin coupled with the Townsend mic compared really favorably to my REDD mic through the same preamps. YMMV of course but I'm sold and my REDD lives comfortably in the studio and fears the road no more.

C. Bruce



Their is overlap with the other plugins but my favorite is this one. If I had to start a studio today I’d buy the Townsend sphere and these plugins



This is awsome!

With Sphere 22 mic. Its absolute beast. Best investment I’ve done so far.

P. Wahlund


Great palette of microphones

There are a lot of great microphones modelled in this package. To me owning this package is not so much a question of if these microphones are 100% accurate to the original microphones (or just 98%), no, it is more a question of having a sonic palette available at the click of the mouse and being able to match a microphone and a voice (or other sound source). Townsend sound fantastic and the Ocean Way collection is a great expansion worth every penny.

s. Ha


I like it because there are so many unique microphones,

I like it because there are so many unique microphones,

a. williams jr


something old something new

having the right mic is key to a better vocal but having a hand full of mic's
and understanding the mic's is a way to change what you do in music
even though you dont have the mic's in hardware form to me its better
because i get to have some of the greatest mic's with out spending all the
my money or having to go look for the mic's or keep plugging and unplugging
mics or changing tubes or waiting for the mic to warm up with one click i can
change the way i want to sound

C. Alexander


Nice to see you nice

Love the tonality of the a nice professional touch to vocals