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Volt 2

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N. Watson


Very good

Currently use it standalone as a preamp for my turntable. Looks good, sounds as you would expect from UA and haven't had an issue with it. I own an apollo x4 as well so this is my 2nd UA interface.

I. Estrada


The Best!

I'm so happy with this interface, is one of the best that I tried. actually, I still have one Focusrite, but this Volt interface is to much better. Thank you UA to make this incredible interefaces.

B. Massy


Good Windows integration, good sound but complicated satellite software

The module installs like a charm. The sound is excellent. It's what you'd expect from this device and it delivers the goods. On the other hand, the third-party software offered is difficult to obtain and it's a maze of account creation, promo codes, passwords.... It never ends. Do not get this article for third party software!

m. czaja



The Volt Is Louder, Clearer And Down Right Has A Much Cooler Name And Did I Mention That Its Better Looking?! Lol... Seriously Hands Down Thee Best Interface Ive ever Used And Owned! Peace.



Best interface for the price!

Coming from having had an Apollo Twin Duo and now owning a Volt, I can for sure say that UA definitely makes the best things! I enjoy the suttle yet beautiful saturation from the pres in Vintage mode as well as the power it has to not only record on my DAW but to have almost zero latency when I use it on Zoom calls. It’s a MUST for the price

r. solidee


Mic Pre and UA Signature Sound

above all my expectation rested in preserving the audio quality that UA offers and the Volt audio interface affords me such, the analog feel of the UA signature provides effortless recording session and playback. the mic pre sounds great and this is a major take away in the assessment of the volt, also the stand alone power source adds tremendous value. again, this is amazing and am looking forward to upgrades and new integrated gear.

J. Koziol-Repia



I brought this as UA was just released in NZ. Out of the box with the microphone and headset, it is amazing! One thing I would say to UA is to upsell the mic and headphones. They are very clear and the headphones are comfortable and the mic sounds so crisp and smooth with Vintage mode on. 100% will buy another one for my second set-up. Good work UA for making a great entry level offering.

e. velandia




R. Bruton


The Volt is nice but....

My Apollo Twin just flat out died recently so zin picked up the Volt 2 for a quick fix and was disappointed that I am unable to use all my 1000s of $ worth of UAD plugins with it. Now I admit that I did not do any research and I assumed that they Volt would support the Plugins but nope. Thats ok, i think the Volt actually sounds better than the apollo. I will likely use the Volt for a while and abandon my investment in the ridiculously expensive plugins. I do not think they are worth what they cost.

s. duvernois


Love it

For under $200 this interface is perfect for a home studio. Would recommend this to anyone in the market for an audio interface.

L. Ivy


Quick and simple, pristine sound for recording guitar.

Really nicely priced modern audio interface. I don't do vocals so i can only comment on using it to record guitar. I set the gain on 0 and use the instrument setting for recording electric guitar direct. It is so much better than my avid hardware it is replacing. Two future feature requests would be rear input options, and a mute button/led for silencing the master output volume. I have recommended this to friends and am glad UA put out an excellent audio interface at a good price.

I. Quandus


The best investment for a mobile recording session

Simplicity and good quality for a reasonable price in a small box. volt2

r. frederick


Still learning

Great sound quality...I'm still learning how to use Abelton...Works well with Garageband too.

A. Dehn


Rockin Interface

I love the simplicity of this device!
Easy to use and built to rock.

J. Larson


The best audio interface!

I liked everything from the design to the 610 preamp. Very clean and smooth sound. The best converters in their class!

W. Krieger


Awesome Equipment

I am just starting out and this interface is easy to use and creates incredible recordings!!

K. Spencer


you guys suck

NO drivers, works great... install drivers and welcome to a large amount of RF noise. USB isolator solves issue but then device no longer "visible" to PC. $80 USB cable made no positive difference. Same setup tested with multiple computers with volt2, same problem. Same setup tested with multiple computers and multiple other audio interfaces, no problems. you email me for a review then you provide a broken web page that doesn't save the state of how many stars i clicked on. you guys suck.

R. Vyas


Top of the line in the segment

Really good and clean vocals, instruments recording. A True character of the 'vintage' button helps to define your tone in seconds. Fantastic bundle of software along with.
Volume is above average. Overall, great buy for the price!

C. Schutte


Affordable, portable, powerful

Purchased the Volt 2 after upgrading my laptops and needing a new interface (previously used the Apollo.) And I love the simplicity and clarity of this desktop box. Everything I need to lay down tracks is quickly and easily accessible. Definitely enjoy the ability to use with my iPad as well.

I. Kolodkin


Замечательная карточка

Хороший звук, хорошие усилители, интересная функция эмуляции лампы.
Единственное но - плохая совместимость с FL Studio, драйвер просто не оптимизирован для работы в этой DAW, родной драйвер FL Studio работает более лучше, чем Вольтовский

1-20 of38件の結果

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