UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3

UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3


UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt

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v. labra



This is a great tool amongst the Apollo 16 MK11 and Apollo 8 we have in our studio.
Having 3 UAD devices ,I only wish that we could have access to other plug ins that are already on some of the early devices we have.

M. Postnov


I might not need all that power of OCTO

Octo comes shortly after an Apollo Twin Duo, giving me a feeling of freedom, when you can have a full goodness on each channel strip of my projects. I care less about optimization, I am more into “oh.. let’s try this and let’s try that.. and a little bit of this too!”

P. Riviere



if you want to use uad plug ins all over your session with no problems, YOU NEED THIS

B. O'Reilly



Great unit! I’m now able to mix with the plugins I need without running low on dsp!!

r. starkey



We love UA at Starkey Music White Plains New York!!! Been with you since the release of the 2-610!!! Time flies....

C. Thomas


Octo Power!

I still needed more mix processing juice to pair with my x16, Arrow, and existing Octo. I bought a second UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 2 Octo (Not the TB3) and as far as function, the unit does just what it is supposed to and I am pleased. However, I am slightly bothered by the fact that this new unit's internal light is much more dim than the first one I bought. They sit on top of each other and it makes me think that the newer one is failing because the light looks so dim. But it is not. I am wondering why this is the case, but whatever, I just don't look at it while I am mixing...and still giving it the 5-stars on function, but I considered giving it only 4 for this light issue.



단일 제품을 32코어 ,혹은 64코어로 만드시고 현재 8코어 가격에 팔면 미치게 팔릴듯

개인적의 생각 이지만 UAD 플러그인 복각 기술을 극찬을 하고 인정을 합니다만. 그 반면 하드웨어로 말씀드리자면 시대가 어느 때 인데 아직도 플러그인 보조 칩셋을 8코어에 머물러 있다는것이 기술 개발자들의 게으름과 나태함의 상징이라고 봅니다. 사골 우려먹듯이 뼈가 우리고 우려서 다 녹은 경지라고 보는데요.ㅋㅋㅋ 채찍질을 해서 더 좋은 제품을 내놓기를 바랍니다.
만약에 해당 새틀라이트 기본 제공 칩셋을 시작 하는 초보자들에게 64코어 단일 제품으로 만들어서 지금 이 8코어 가격에 팔고 끝판왕은 128코어 단일제품으로 만들어서 판매시면 세계를 휩쓸 것 같습니다.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 당연 UAD사에서 판매하는 모든 제품은 하나도 빠짐없이 무조건 데이지체인 기능지원과 썬더볼트 포트를 제품 하나당 4개로 넣어주시면 더 좋겠죠. 저렴한것 부터 고가제품 까지 말입니다. 얼마 걸지도 못하는 플러그인 갯수 제한 때문에 새틀라이트 왕창구매해서 사용하는것이 스트레스입니다.

S. Haugsnes


More DSP for the people.

This is great, Now i got the DSP power to run SSL on all my tracks, lovely.

慎. 山本




j. nourry


Mixage à volonté

J’ai l’apollon x4 et avec l’octo core c’est un plaisir de pouvoir utiliser que les plugins UAD pour le mixage , sans manquer de ressources pour in mixages complets environ 40 pistes je suis à 45% de ressources.Juste parfais pour moi.
Merci Universal audio pour les offres sur les plugins et tous les autres avantages.

I. Ardihernawan


Best One

New addition in my studio that help ease the dsp load.

S. Keys


Good hardware and great software but...

It works perfectly for mixing and recording but in my configuration with NI Maschine I cannot set too many plugs. I have quickly an error message or delay with this daw. Even if I still have cpu ressources. I cannot set too many plugs in serial. Otherwise the sound is crazy and the hardware seems built to last. Thank you UAD team. We want more (DSP) !!!

A. Knopf


From 2 sharc processors to 6...level UP!!

I’ve had an apollo twin duo since about 2014. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again, it was one of the most fundamentally important purchases I have ever made. The quality of my mixes improved dramatically, at least tenfold. I’m not exaggerating! I’ve managed to go this entire 6 years with only the 2 sharc processors within my apollo twin. Often times running out of DSP and continuing my mixdown from that point on with waves plugins which would eventually start dragging down my computer’s speed. Some of my favorite uad plugins happened to be the most DSP hungry (ATR 102, Marshall Plexi, I’m looking at you guys!) so with only 2 sharc processors, I would often find myself running out with lightening speed. The sadness I felt when this happened was real. For years I had entertained the idea of purchasing a satellite unit but every time I saved my money, I would somehow get distracted by some other piece of gear that had caught my eye (so much gear, so little time). This time around I maintained my focus and saved up my money with strengthened resolve and once I reached my monetary goal, I found a thunderbolt satellite quad and made the purchase. I hope to one day get an octo satellite and level up to 10 sharc processors but for now I must say, having 6 of them still feels like a dream. Opening up multiple instances of ATR-102 and a few different Ocean Way Studios and still having some DSP to spare is something I couldn’t even imagine doing just a month or so ago. To anyone thinking about taking the step to the next level by increasing your DSP with a satellite unit, my advice would be, if you can afford it then by all means go for it!

r. wills


Just what was needed !

I got introduced to UA plugs with an old solo card . The plugins excelled . From their I knew the satellite would provide the Additional horsepower for the mixes I wanted .

D. Formula


Impressive Increase In Mix Capability.

Although expensive for a proprietary unit, it achieves, with ease, the claimed expansion of useable plugins available for use in a large ProTools session.
Impressive and actually strait-forward to integrate into your existing system

N. Winarto



More is better. Never enough dsp.

M. Ouimet


I needed the Juice!

I needed more horsepower to deal with bigger sessions and this turkey fit the bill and delivered!

C. Cobain


plenty of power

i was mixing a song and really loving what my UAD plugs brought to the table. i just couldn't use too many of them as it maxed out. so i ordered the satellite and now i can use way more of the good stuff on my mix.

the other thing was, i just just hooked it up and it worked. it was crazy easy. now i just have to refrain myself from buying every remaining plugin.

B. Hardin


One box with lots of power

I started with focusrite and waves a couple years ago and once I became comfortable with mixing and plug ins, I switched over to UAD. Now this is my new home form gear and I love it. This Octo turned my Apollo Twin into a monster and now I can use stronger plug ins... worth every dollar !

A. Redman


It works!

I am new to this kind of recording. I worked in analogue studios some thirty years ago so I'm familiar with some of the gear UA emulates. So I started recording in Luna in April having bought the Arrow interface. I quickly realised I should have bought an Apollo instead as I kept running out of CPU. I liked using Luna so much I decided to buy the UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt 3 Octo. Since then everything has been working very smoothly. I must also mention the the customer support has been great. Cheers!

1-20 of1100件の結果

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