SPL® Vitalizer MK2-T

SPL® Vitalizer MK2-T

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通常価格: $249.00


You'll Save 30%



SPL® Vitalizer MK2-T プラグイン

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M. Mahler


Good for low-end and high-end

After review of several harmonic enhancers I have selected the Vitalizer because I've been blown away by the demo on the shapping capabilities on the low-end. It's not only nice to create some sparkle and stereo widening on the mid and highs if required. It also shapes your low-end (bassdrum, bassline) dramatically and gives it the sound you hear on so many modern records. Until now I used often the SPL transient designer and precision enhancer to shape the low-end. But it's only with the Vitalizer that I get where I wanted to be.

H. Bates


SPL Vitalizer

If you are looking for a knock-out punch in your sound setup, add the SPL Vitalizer, in conjunction with Precision Multi-Band, you can literally make your high frequency on your EQ, sound like "Angels in Heaven" and still have a mighty "Super Funky",Bass line.
You can also use this combination on Drums, clear cymbals and "Heart Beat", bass drum. You can't go wrong with the SPL and Multi-Band.

S. Tib


Bring width and clarity for certain instrument

The SPL Vitalizer is a really subtle plugin.
It will help you to achieve a Little more width, a little more punch on the low, more clarity on the Hi and Mid. I use it on a master bus and on a separate channel.

C. Cates


Stereo enhancer is the bomb

I'm throwing this on the end of my mix to add a little compression and to spread out my pans with the stereo enhancer. I really love the separation it makes.

P. Moshay


Great plugin version of the hardware

I have the hardware version of this plug in, so i was skeptical of how they could capture all the nuance of the Vitalizer, its a classic piece thats earned its place in many racks.
Now that i can use it across multiple stems & bus masters, the Vitalizer has now become my favorite mixing tool and gets more use while mixing than ever before.
Having ability to gently effect width & sonic shape without sounding like a "EQ" was just applied is the Vitalizers strength.
Thanks UA for re-defining my purpose to this great piece of gear!

S. Hudson


spl vitalizer is a must have

as the name suggests Im finding this to be one of those absolute
musts I use everytime. mainly strap it in the master fader before
mixing then set your mix up. now for fun bit the spl allows pretty
radical sculpting of the bass. mids. hi. its prob sounds like an
eq. its not. ive never heard an eq give me as much control
you can really fill out the bass or hi end whilst still having
soft edges. not sure what it actually does but its abit like normalize
with out the harsh pump effect and doesnt bring out the air
around the sound usualy associated with heavy eq.
but I love what it does to the bass. soft and full just how you
expect bass to be. once bass is set you can easily balance the tops
to match.
def worth trying.

A. Sutton


No Presets Included for a Reason

What is the reason?

This is a Corrective tool. It can be used to correct high end frequencies in particular in a similar but different way that the Transient Designer. I used it sparingly to correct my response and dynamics on my hi hat cymbals for my new break out single "Steppin Out".

Check it out at www.soundcloud.com/rialety

S. Suarez


spl vitalizer

I still have a 'real' Vitalizer MK 2 Tube, and love it. I always said I wouldn't be parted with it for anything. But maybe the convenience of a plugin version might swing me?! I would love the opportunity to at least compare it to the real deal..

S. Rayeen


SPL Vitalizer MK2-T Plug-In

Can't imagine my mix without this.. Very helpful, especially for guitars when u need shine on higher end. :)

R. Diekmann


never agian without it...

i have to say that i can not really tell how the vitalizer does what it does...

but its something so musical and awesome...i just got it yesterday and i used it on some synth´s and baseline´s for dubstep and hiphop instrumentals....what a blast it is to listen to those now....

i also use it on a vocal bus in pro tools 10 before reaching the master vocal bus...
and i cannot understand why i have been waitng so long to purchase this master piece....

when i masterd my first track with the vitalizer i put the plugin after my master plugins
and it also gives everything a really nice finish!!!!!

Thanks UAD!!!!!

i am in love with the vitalizer _3

L. Eriksson


:-) nice

I really enjoy the opportunities SPL Vitalizer gives me.

A. Orr


Quick Fix for Bad Mix

A good plug when used sparingly. If you need some frequency separation and clarity, this plug in works but there's a fine line before you're able to hear the process. I have good success using this plug in mastering muddy mixes. I've found that if you raise the output much above 0db, you really have to start working to lose the artificial, processed sound - but for quick fixes of muddy mixes, it works well. A well applied surgical eq like Massive Passive is a better bang for your buck but if you're looking for some new flavors, this is a pretty unique tool.

R. Ogle


The best plugin you never knew you needed...

This is the first plugin I've reviewed and it's a keeper. It takes a little time to work out the attributes, so be patient. I recommend it on a bus or on a master track. It is a plug in that could be easily overused, but a little patience and practice and I'm not sure I've had a mix that couldn't be improved with this plugin. Don't just criticize it because it didn't have presets. Make your own. Highly recommended.

P. Hird


Super Tool

UA's SPL vitalizer and shine, punch, width, and depth to tracks, mixes and masters and dials in easy. Great tool.

A. Trige


Save a bad recording

I have recently made a recording of a string orchestra in an acousticly very bad hall.
The vitalizer has saved this recording.

Yours Aksel Trige

H. Rojas


Hernan Rojas, Producer / Recording Engineer / Ex Village Recorder

it's a must to have the Vitalizer on hand to get that extra edge, or depth on many tracks... specially with a Bass, Ac Guits, including the snare, or dull room drum ambience. Buss the BG vocals to it, and suddenly its magic!!

M. Taliga


SPL Vitalizer MK2-T

A nice piece of enhancing sound...I advise to everyone

M. Pace


Thanks UAD for giving us the SPL Vitalizer MK2-T Plugin!

This plugin I was originally deciding to purchase the hardware due to loving it so much.

It's really good on acoustical instruments and final mixes for that little tweak.

I did quite extsensive research prior to my purchase, having listening to the excellence's of Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream' album, this was used on the final mix for each track.

It gives a whole new feeling to modern music and that colour saturation that almost makes it impossible to live without.

Thanks again UAD! Amazing work!

D. Nicol


Another way to achieve clarity and separation

The UA SPL Vitalizer MK2-T is a unique plugin. As a dedicated amateur, I often have difficulty capturing the same clarity on my tracks as pros achieve. Despite room treatments, there are always some negative artifacts that arise from recording in a small, residential space which lacks both the proper geometry and size. While this is not too bad on any single track, when many such tracks accumulate in the mix it can create a lot of mess.

This plugin offers an excellent alternative to standard techniques for achieving separation. It is easy to overdo, but that just means it has plenty of power! Try it for yourself on your worst track and see how suddenly it no longer is. And the stereo enhancer is amazing too.

Audio Windex.

M. Biegler



besitze auch die Hardware mit den Röhren, klingt ein wenig weicher ! bin sehr zufrieden mit dem plug in! super!

61-80 of94件の結果

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