Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

通常価格: $299.00


You'll Save 30%


通常価格: $299.00


You'll Save 30%



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A. de David-Beauregard



I know this is a mastering tool, and ya'll be using it on the 2-buss (and I do too), but that Opto Comp combined with them Transformers sound REAL GODDAM NICE on vocals !
Forget about the usual suspects while tracking, THIS thing kicks some serious ass and gives you some solid waveforms, damn man !

J. von Matt


Dynamic multitool

I know, this plugin have more than one knob. But for a reason, you can adjust them all. And they works. If you don’t know what you are doing, no worry. Just call somebody who knows, and be polite. Some day you will also know, and then this multitool is your best friend!

A. Spadaccini


the best for mastering

the best for mastering

l. morrish-thomas


Amazing master buss comp

Just sounds “pro”. Great versatile compression styles, and the transformer options can totally change the vibe of a mix




Being familiar with Shadow Hills hardware, I was amazed by this compressor.
Even if you're now familiar with the plugin which can be confusing at first without a little bit of knowledge about its capabilities, try a few of its presets. There are for example 3 presets for mastering from soft to loud (the middle one is pretty good).
It lifts all the right transients, frequencies, and gives this Shadow Hills' punch without distorting the signal even when you add your favorite limiter at the end of your mastering chain.

This compressor can easily become a game change in your approach of mastering compression. I highly recommend it.

b. sanchez chacon



Great compressor

D. Fornes Berenguer



Lo meterás en todos los buses y master, el opto da un tono que no has oido hasta que empiezas a estrujar el punch!!

i. sanver


Powerful compressor with a unique soundprint.

This one has a unique sound, especially in the low and low mid frequencies. Never used the hardware but used the ssl and vari mu hardware. This for me is some kind of a one trick pony when it comes to tone, when it works it works great. I cant call what it does as transparent at all. When it doesn't work, dont fiddle with it, take it out. Yes, I find the 2-in-1 compressor and the gain staging etc all very intuitive, but that doesnt mean it can be your final and only solution for mix buss processing. However if you're looking for that powerful low mid dark saturated sound, here it is young Hans.

J. von Matt


Pure love

I just love this machine. It works in every style and every place. You can do very smooth compressions, and your mix sounds lot better. And if tou want do something hardcompressions it sounds even better, style to style.

Master comp no.1 for me.

D. George


BIg and Wide!

Ahhhh.... makes the 2bus feel like a nice warm hug!

V. .


Best Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Welcome to Universal Audio.
If you need a great compressor on the master channel - this is the compressor.
I am very pleased with the work of this plugin.
Recommend to all.

R. Beehre


Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Have had this on my wishlist for awhile and now I have it I wish I had it sooner! I guess that's why they call it a wishlist.

B. Molbassin


Сәлем Қазақстаннан! Hello from Kazakhstan!

Thery amazing!!! thery cool! thanks for this great plugin

P. Barry


Master crafting!

Takes a bit of getting used to, but really does add a classy finish to a mix. Love that steel!

R. Clark


Love it!!!!!

I love this compressor!! This is the best one UAD has to offer.

m. clements



This mastering compressor is a must have

T. Funklord


This is a mighty fine compressor.

If the producers and mastering engineers you know personally use this thing, you should at least check it out. I did. Great on the drum buss or parallel, you can get a nice crunch out of your beats and breaks. It's a beast- don't let "mastering" in the title fool you.

Others may say it's not for smashing stuff, but I suggest giving it a try on a few sounds (soft synths) when experimenting...They're just waveforms. You can't hurt them too much :)

g. jerald


Shadow Hills mastering compressor

Shadow Hills mastering compressor is truly a monster. I use it on the master Fater at the end of all of my mixers. You can’t do better than this in a Compressor.

T. Franklyn



I tried the demo in my mix chain on a couple different mixes over the trial period. While it's not "bad" sounding, it isn't really amazing, not worth $299. I would pay $75, maybe $100. The UAD emulations are usually amazing, I've compared the Rev A directly to my own real unit and it's very close. The Fairchild is amazing! This is just missing some of that magic character. In several blind on/off shootouts it lost, even if it had the edge on loudness. Just not what I'm looking for.

M. Czyz


Solid sound and clear understanding!

I have never used a hardware from Shadow Hills but I think Mastering Compressor does the job perfectly! By having many options when mixing, mastering or simply colouring sound, this compressor is in my top three! When mastering - does the job! I also like the UI - Brainworx - well done! I love the compressor react to subtle changes and when it is pushed very hard! When mastering - Nickel is my favourite! Wicked tool!

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