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Unison Enabled

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Neve Preamp

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R. Sortwell


Classic neve sounds

Amazin preamp

R. Novak


Simply put


R. Cabanas


warm preamp

my go to vocal pre amp when tracking rappers

j. paredes



the best

J. Moya


Such a great preamp

I’m using it with an Apollo x6 enough dsp for home use.. recommend the preamp and with the equalizer. Both are needed for different applications. I recommend it

o. ortiz


O. H.


Great product

For UNISON-Interfaces (I use the Apollo One) this plug-in is one of the best choices on the market, without blowing away your CPU / Sharc.
Its sound is awesome (in your face, warm and pleasant...)

J. Mateo


Light on CPU and big on sound

I love this its super low DSP and gives you the Neve color I look for.

B. Rodriguez


Love the version without the eq

Wish they would do this to the Avalon as well

B. Rodriguez


Love the version without the eq

Wish they would do this to the Avalon as well

B. Gfeller


Super Analog Sound

Super Analog Sound

B. Kalo


Simple knob lots of options

I like it a lot especially I like the price works fantastic and I’m enjoying how simple it is and how many varieties I have have in only two knobs !

M. Le Borgne



Avec le API Preamp ce sont les deux plugins indispensables, notamment avec le Sphere DLX.
Placés dans l'insert Unisson de l'Apollo, ils fonctionnent parfaitement bien avec tous les types de micros ou les émulations Sphère. Ces deux préamp avec chacun des caractéristiques différentes, valorisent et restituent fidèlement la personnalité de chaque micro.
Un régal.

P. Bernardini


Super !!!

Plugin très efficace bravo UAD exactement qui me faut

C. Simpson


Simple and sounds great

I picked up the Neve preamp to use it on my vocal chain and hardware synths. It’s amazingly simple and sounds great using it on unison tracks and inside Ableton equally. I use it in the unison slot and follow it with a Neve 1081 EQ and LA 2A. Makes almost everything sound great!

A. Rosario


I like it!

Good sound with low DSP usage.

M. Racanelli


Great Preamp!

If you need to save DSP and just want that neve preamp sound, this is a must. Preamp without the EQ. It does sound different than the 1073 but is still top quality. Highly recommended!

J. Mendel


Great sounding preamp model!

Love the streamlined 1290 footprint and beautiful Neve sound!

M. Racanelli


Excellent Plugin - Highly Recommended!

Its only a Neve preamp, no channel strip but its a must-have! If you want similar colouring to the 1073 but with less DSP usage this is beautiful. With less DSP usage, you can throw it on multiple inputs without have to worry about any throttling. Gives you that extra headroom for anything else you may want to add onto your chain. Highly recommended!

N. Merrick



I owned and worked on some of the best Neve 80 Series consoles in the world. One thing that I have always noticed about real Neve 80 Series consoles in excellent condition is that as soon as you put well recorded tracks just running through the line inputs, you will get an amazing sound right from the start. UAD has done a great job of modeling that characteristic in their Neve Preamp plugin. Great job UA!

1-20 of631件の結果

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