Lexicon® 224 Digital Reverb

Lexicon® 224 Digital Reverb





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D. Oastler


Brings back so many memories

I used to use this hardware when I played in bands years ago and the sound is just as I remember it.
Great plugin

D. Koch


a classic

This reverb is a true classic and the plug-in software version from UAD completely holds up to my expectations. it sounds lush and wonderful all around. Being able to adjust the reverb tails on separately for mid and bass as well as the treble decay makes this an amazing reverb for synths as well as any othe instruments really. Great purchase!

T. Shelton


Love it

So many reviews I will just say... Beautiful. Yes, it is everything that everyone says it is. Get it.

A. Davies


my 224 test

I put this plugin on a feature I mixed a while back just to test it against the plugs I was already using, specifically the Valhalla Room, Waves IR, and reverberate. While the IR based verbs fared better with things like realistic rooms and such, the Lex really did a great job on the more musical types of reverbs I put in for some of the effect tracks. My next test was with a song my partner was producing. We tested it against the Valhalla Room, Spark Verb, the stock Waves and Avid verbs, and the 2CAucio algorithmic verbs. It fared very well in all matchups. While it can't do what the 2Caudio verbs or the Spark verbs can do, what it does it does VERY well. For a feature, when native resources are scarce, this is my go to verb now.

B. Alexander


Lexicon 224

I love this plugin. I have worked on the hardware version and this sounds just as good.

K. Vågsnes


Here comes the sun!

I.ve always loved the Lexicon reverbs. Been a happy amateur in a studio for almost fifteen years. When I opened the Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb Plug-in.... The Sun was shining.... and I started smiling..... It's got great presets and it's easy for an amateur to use. Best Reverb plug-in I've ever used. This one is absolutely worth the money!!!

?. ??



I have always used
It is recommended

E. Borges


nice emulation

Hi, I think that lexicon 224 is a good stuff, but It's not good for everything. I tested the EMT140 and, sincerely, I regret for not have chosen the EMT instead of Lexicon at my "custom" pack.
At this case, I'm not talking about the UA job.
I believe that the plugin sounds exactly as the hardware, according to some reviews.

S. Carduck


Gran sonido, cálido y real

Ideal para voces y bateria, estoy muy contento. El sonido es cálido y orgánico.

S. Ha


great sound~

I love this reverb sound and tail..
A faithful and simply sumptuous-sounding
Fast and easy interface~!

S. Tib


Best Reverb ever !!!

The lexicon is my favorite reverb, it's probably easy to find a good delay but for a reverb it's always more difficult to get it right.
The Lexicon is really versatile, from plate, subtle to a wide creative space, it sounds always good... If I had to choose only one it will be the lexicon !!!
It's always the one that is on my main auxiliary return !!

M. Lerager


Great sound

Even though it's a little harder to operate than other of my reverb plugins it's has amazing sound so it pays off to spend a little time getting to know it

M. Grojean


This is my Go To Reverb on Vocals and Snares!

This reverb has an amazing sound, I love to use it on Vocals and Snares, the presets are a great starting point and the quality is nothing shy of UAD excellence!

B. Alexander



The Lexicon 224 is the real deal. I've used the hardware version and it sounds the same. The only problem I have with Universal Audio plug-ins is that they are like a drug. Every time I use one it's so good I want to buy another.I'm scared to demo some of the plug-ins because I know I will like them and I'm not ready to spend yet. Universal Audio keep doing what you're doing. I'm a customer for life.

J. Murphy


Very impressive

I am a 2 time billboard #1 engineer, This plugin is well worth every penny it's sounds so much like the real one and sits in a mix so well you can crank it up and it doesn't disturb the mix it just puts an awesome sounds to it without cluttering up the mix

Jimmy Starr

H. Zhang


Not a quality reverb

Normal quality reverb, and the hardware is not the same level,
No lexicon224 taste, feel, and excellent.
Designers do not know that the idea of ??vintage lexicon
I look forward to UAD can design excellent reverb,
You know reverb plugin has always been the biggest weakness

M. Desantis


Sits rite In the Pocket.

A worthy acquisition . Compliments the EMT's & a no Brainer to use. Just turn it on & go !

L. Pimentel


Loving it

Very accurate reproduction to the hardware version.
Versatile and a must have!

R. Arciszewski



Great reverb not because it just gives the depth to your mix. It does but in a such sophisticated way by giving to the sound remarkable vintage color.

E. Gonzales


Lexicon 224 amazing

What a great sounding reverb hard to tell it's even a plug in

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