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Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe

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H. Fivelsdal


Like Neil Young in a box

For my own amusement, I tried getting a sound like Neil's. I used the P90 neck pickup on my Gibson SG for rhythm and the bridge pickup on my telecaster for lead and I came pretty close to nailing it. I'm really enjoying this amp sim. I wasn't a fan of them until now. Now if only UA would make a '58 Fender Harvard sim.

C. Katches


Great Plugin But Could Be Better For Price

Please make a plugin modeled after a 1967 Marshall Major and then you wouldn't have to worry about gripe about breakup with clean sounding amps ever again. I love the idea, but it misses the mark with the breakup and lack of clean tones.

r. smith



I love UAD GEAR check out my new BIGG ROBB album fantastic and you will hear it at work the 55 tweed deluxe when used WITH THE UAD EMT REVERBS -DELICIOUS !

h. hyakkoku


The feeling of distortion is very good.

I really like the distortion of the sound because it has a vintage feel.
It goes very well with both Fender and Gibson guitars, it's very tasty sound.

A. Dorodeiko


My main guitar amp sim

Sounds like a real amp recorded with a mic, very cool. Right now, it's my main guitar amp sim plugin. But I can't compare it with the actual Tweed Deluxe, never used one, but for me, it does not matter since the plugin just sounds well.

But I would agree with many others - it does start clipping way too soon, so you have to lower the input volume dramatically to get a totally clean tone. And this also kills some character from the amp's sound. But still a cool plugin.

T. Moore


Say What? I hope it is just me...

I don't get a sound like a '55 Deluxe out of this. I can't get a legitimate clean sound with the bloom of a real '55 Tweed. Wish I hadn't spent the money. My guitar effects sound better.

L. Weisz



It's very nice plug-in
Sokat nem használtam még, de jónak tűnik. Ajánlom mindenkinek!

C. Garcia Rios


Best Guitar Amp Simulator ever made

Real Fender Tone in a box. Used to work with other Fender plugins, but this is te one. Sounds great.



It’s fun!

I keep coming back to this amp!

J. Brown


Beautiful sound

I could sit and play through this all day. Great sound that really feels like the real thing. So many options with it too. I can find a guitar sound with this for almost any of my recordings these days.

G. Ferrando



good sound, especially if you are looking for a vintage sound. Also good clean, you have to look for it, but there it is.

G. Ferrando


Nice and real sound

good sound, especially if you are looking for a vintage sound. Also good clean, you have to look for it, but there it is.

B. Nemenz


Why did I wait to long?

Turn up your monitors, roll the guitar volume back to taste, close your eyes and just play. Better yet turn your monitor and all the lights off in your room. Just play! This amp sound fantastic.

K. Jones



Simple to use and sounds great! Love that I can record late into the evening without disturbing anyone.

D. Mesecar


sounds bad

This doesn't even sound as good as a cheap fender blues deluxe. It doesn't really sound anything like a real amp. bx_bassdude is cheaper and sounds better (and it's native).

D. Long


Great clean tones from Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe

After watching, Hip Hop Recording, Producing, & Mixing with Apollo Twin & UAD video, and hearing the clean tone of that guitar with the Fender 55 tweed and the chorus plugin, I immediately purchased the amp plugin and recorded some tracks on three of my songs and gosh...It sounded awesome. I'm still experimenting with the tones and creating some of my own presets. I love it.

G. Hoss


Authentic and Powerfull

CLose our Eyes and dive into a 50s Tweed Combo. Perfect For Analog Junkies!

L. Benson



Super fun way to explore amazing tones from a great emulated vintage circuit, speaker choice, and multiple microphone options right down to where they are tonal control! A true blast for guitar tone hunters.

M. Jones


Fender 55 Tweed Deluxe

I don’t think this plug-in really needs any help from me, but it sounds fantastic. Don’t be fooled by the number of controls, there are a lot of excellent and shapeable tones in here.

A. Smirnov


Best software amp in town

The crunchy tone is unmatched. Love it.

41-60 of612件の結果

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