Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe

Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe

Unison Enabled

通常価格: $199.00


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通常価格: $199.00


You'll Save 50%



Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe

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А. Вышегородский


I am delighted

Perfectly captures the character of a vintage Fender guitar amp

J. Sanchez


Personalidad y calidad sonora

Suena fantástico solo o con pedales, se comporta como un auténtico amplificador a válvulas, suelo usarlo con mis pedales de directo que conecto a la entrada de guitarra de Apollo x, un sonido muy profesional.

M. Kerlin


Capable and flexible

I've built several 5E3's and have two that I use regularly but since purchasing this I haven't plugged one in in a while.

T. Christensen


Absolutely Amazing!

I used this on every lead guitar track on my latest album. It sounded like Keith F'ing Richards had walked into the studio and fired up his rig! So happy with the quality and ease of use.

S. Trivelpiece



Really makes me wanna dig in just like playing through the real thing. Super responsive. Listening to the tracks it’s really hard to believe it’s just a tele straight to the Apollo and the 55 tweed plug-in.
It kills in Luna

J. Houghton


Very very good

This is a tough sound to nail, and I think they did a pretty great job. Only a 5E3 sounds like a 5E3, and this plugin does exactly what I need it to. It would have been nice to have a few additional features, but overall, a pretty solid performer.

C. Clarke


Retired my ‘65 Deluxe

This plugin is just that good.

J. Umbert


Fantastic recreation

Fantastic, classic sound and many editing options.
Incredible with singles, ... tweed!

U. Sound


Absolutely amazing

irreplaceable, classic sound, very responsive

B. Palmer


Sounds believable

I’m a lifelong Fender amp user. Twins, Deluxes, Princetons, etc.. Though I still lean on my real amps and mics, I’ll easily grab this thing in a quick moment to get the job done. Nice plug in.

R. Fox


Spooky Weird. In a good way.

Fortunately having owned an accurate clone of this amp and
having played on several originals I have to say this is downright spooky both on response
and tonal accuracy . This is the most realistic amp sim I've ever used. It's just weird.

J. Manness


I love playing into this amp!

There are some rockin' presets that can cover anything from AC/DC to Black Sabbath to Green Day. For those wanting a clean tone, put it on line (which is a -14db pad) and have the instrument volume just above 1 at around 1.33. Turn up the mic vol up to 4 to add some low-end. Turn your guitar volume way down so you're hitting around -18dB in console. Now, to make-up the gain for monitoring you can either turn up the master level in the plugin (digital volume...won't change tone) or use the fader in console or LUNA and crank all the way to +12 (I recommend the second option if you plan on adding more vintage plugins). Add the Galaxy Tape Echo for spring verb and delay, and you got yourself one spankin' clean amp!

D. Bingert


Perfekt Feeling!

For me it’s especially beautiful this plug-in to use in the night time when I want to record/play with an amplifier without disturbing neighbors all over the house that feels like the real thing responding and bonding and from from being as shown tonguing and Pang tonguing!

G. Balistreri




M. Dahlbacka


Simple Yes or No...

Does the feel and tone of this amp sim make me want to stop playing my guitar? No... for five stars! In fact, I find the '55 Tweed responsive and dynamic, with a sweet tone. I played a lot of hw/sw sims before this and the experience left me uninspired. This is promising to say the least!

B. Bauroth


Sounds like a real Amp

Awesome as f**k




très bel ampli joli son facile d'utilisation
love it




Awesome emulation of a legend, difficult to use at first (read the manual!) but after some time and understanding how it works this plugin is clearly a must have.

R. Jean


Like the real thing

I’m a SS22 user and I’ve played on the EC version of the tweed. This plug in is like the real thing. Absolutely fun to experience and experiment with the mics.

R. Whitney


Classic Fender Sound

I didn't like this emulation the first time I demoed it, but a new style of track came up that called for it and it worked great. Very sweet small amp sound with a CS Strat. Features are limited so I'm giving it four instead of five stars.

61-80 of566件の結果

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