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FATSO™ Jr. / Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor

FATSO Jr. / Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor

通常価格: $299.00


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通常価格: $299.00


You'll Save 50%



FATSO™ Jr./Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor

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C. Jolley


It really is essential

What everyone says is true. If you have UAD-2 hardware, this is a must have plug. More than just simulating tape compression, it adds a very pleasing harmonic distortion not unlike a good preamp. And so far, I haven't found anything as good in the digital world for emulating a preamp in signal chain. It is a must have on guitar busses and it works wonders on all kinds of other applications. Combine it with some virtual console channel plugs and it provides me with all the character I would want, from whatever equipment I would want.

E. Rafael


Very Good

Very Good .. Very Close is not equal to the hadware

A. Chisari



Put this on your drums and you'll get PORN. I love that *__*

Big ups to Universal Audio & Empirical Labs for this killer weapon

S. Leamon



Everything I was hoping it to be. Just like the original hardware piece. Bravo to the engineers!

S. Elmblad


6 out of 5

If I could give this a 6, I would. This is the single best plugin of any kind, any format on the market today. What it does to my drums makes me wanna cry of happiness. It has literally changed the way I mix, and it adds a vibe that no other plugin does.

C. Meyer


Versatile and rewarding.

Ahhh, the Fatso!
I knew I'd like this the moment I heard the A/B's and praises from others.
When I started the 14-day trial, I was a little unsure. Seemed kinda responding in other ways I'd imagined it. After some experimenting on different mixes I got the hang of it and now it sits in all my 2-busses, phattening stuff up like nobodies business.
I'm not a big fan of the warmth setting, though. To my ears, the warming comes from the compression and Tranny circuits on the Fatso - this mainly muffles the top end down, not much more.
It's especially useful for compressing and glueing together mixes and as a bus compressor for drums. It's very versatile, as it sounds great and smooth when applied in nuances and big'n'punchy when driven harter.

R. Comitz


beef it up

yup, it does that. very pleased with the fatso. sounds phat

J. Moreland


I love this thing!

Goo. Dripping, molten hot chocolatey delicious goo. One of my favorite compressors (though, it's not exactly a compressor). Easily my favorite analogue signal emulator (that doesn't fully describe it either). This "box" is capable of doing some subtle, sublime dynamic and tonal shaping. It can also squash and contort a signal to a point where the listener may not recognize the instrument being run through it. With lots of processing options you can use this on anything you need bigger and fatter. And I don't care what anybody else says, Fatso Sr. is awesome for mastering. Just move those knobs and buttons around - you'll be rewarded.

R. Romagna



Put the Fatso on a drum-bus or a bass-guitar a listen-up - awesome soundcreations are easily possible. The plugin punches, if you want and ajust it right, the hell out of a drumrecording!

J. Moore


Fatso Review

I recently reduced the footprint of my studio. This meant selling a lot of cherished and high end outboard gear.

I had two Ditressors and a Fatso I let go in the process. I had plenty of other great plug-ins for compressing and limiting from UA as well as hanging on to an outboard UA 1176 but I missed my EL sounds.

I decided with the sale to get the Fatso Jr/Sr. and there is ZERO difference in the sound and tones. Plus, the presets are time savors and fun. This plug in does exactly what the hardware does, only it did not cost me $5,000. I can monitor and print on any channel. You must have this plug in if you record/sample drums or guitars, repeat must.

E. Hedberg


No words

This thing is just.. Amazing in every aspect. It can really create life to a dead mix.

My advice is to experiment it on just everything, without maxing out the DSP of course, as it is one of those plugs that vacuums alot of power, and you just want more of it.

You can make pretty much everything wake up and sound how you never could imaging it.

Thank you

J. Porter



Well, I have not had the Fatso for long but already I am wondering how I managed before! I opened up some old sessions and just placed the Fatso on the Main outs using the 'Tape Buss' preset and immediately noticed that the mix sounded wider, punchier and ........just better. I have since used it to warm up guitar parts, on the drum mix buss and across the whole mix and I love it!

B. Jester



This will work magic on anything you but through it. Snap, Color, Warmth, and a dust of WOW! This plugin has a great thing for guitars and bass to bass drums and vocals.

S. Rowe



Sorry UAD.... I like a lot of your plugs, but the Decapitator from Soundtoys takes a steaming dump on this plug..

O. Eremin


Fatso ™

This splendid!!! My tracks started to sound three-dementional. Near my home studio in Russia, dances bear!!! Thank you command Universal Audio & Fatso ™,creative success and prosperities!!!

D. Costa


Fatso - best warmer? ever?

no word can really describe this superb plug-in. it's always in my drums group. amazing with snares, hithats and all the drums.
sometimes i even use it my the master buss to give me some warm feeling.
another UAD plug-in that blew me away.

J. Macneal


One of the favourites

If anything in my mix is lacking a bit of wow factor or is too harsh this little baby seems to open it right up and make it sound incredible!!!

S. Hlavsa



This is a fantastic plug-in, great on bass, drums and vocals. Sweet, warm, analogue sound. I highly recommend it!

B. Lederer



Amazing Plugg! It covers such a wide range...I use it on the Mixbus. It´s just stunning! Thanks UA!

C. Lennon


Better than advertised

I've been on the UAD platform for several years and this was the one plug I didn't understand at first. I did the demo a few years ago and passed on it. I was using presets back then and it didn't make sense. Then I looked at the videos on the UA website and decided to give it another go as now I never use presets on anything.
What a difference this thing makes! Now I know why it is rated so high and the hardware equivalent is seen in so many studios. Do not buy this without taking the time to learn it. It is so quick, easy, and powerful to use. The sound is very noticeable and it will make you go back and redo many of your mixes in order to incorporate in them.

361-380 of474件の結果

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