dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

通常価格: $199.00


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通常価格: $199.00


You'll Save 50%



dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

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Š. Kominko



Excellent VCA compressor. Perfect for drums, basses and acoustic guitars and more. My first choice for kick and snare. I recommend. As always, the UA did an excellent job. Well thank you.

G. Castle


Sounds Good on Everything

Universal Audio Plug-Ins are my personal choice. To my ear they sound a little better than my other plug-ins. The dbx 160 sounds particularly good on my bass tracks.

H. Maack


As Advertised !!!

I read a lot about the dbx 160 Compressor / Limiter and never found a single review that gave it any disrespect !! And when I finally got it into my studio a brand new dynamic world opened right upon my ears !! It is has and IS every Great thing I read about it !!

Hans. M

K. Kearney


dbx 160

Just like the one I own!



One of my favorites

This one is a wow. I put this on my kicks and man! You can really feel this body of the kick and the sound is amazing

R. Nicholas Jr


Such an awesome recreation.

After working for a studio that owned 2 of these vintage units I was searching high and low for something that would come close. Once I demo’d this plugin I swiftly made this purchase! Don’t sleep!

R. Stoddard



It boost my kicks just how I need them!

R. Matthews


Mind Blowing!!!

Unreal!! This is amazing!! Great sound!!! UAD ROCKS!!



simple effective performer

real efficient perfect results
thanks uad staff

J. Neves



Absolutely amazing! Very balanced and well-rounded, certainly one of a kind. Just the right amount of aggressiveness as well, perfect on the drums buss for a tight yet multi-dimensional drums sound. One of my best purchases ever! GUI could be resizable, though, but that certainly won’t put me off using it all the time.

M. O'Brien


It is simply Great!

I still don't know what it does. It just makes everything sound better. You can use it anywhere in the mix

v. connor


Killer compressor

I love big drums and massive bass this is the best love it

w. valentine



Pretty hot and tasty compressor, a must have, especially on the bass and drums. Theres a reason this is a classic. You know like Elmer's, GLUE BABY,GLUE!!!!

A. Eisele


Dirty punch for transients

Essential for me for that dirty smack on drums and picked bass guitar.

Wish the new mix and side-chain knobs were separated from the main user interface, were larger, and had more options like the Arturia version of the 165.

For that dirty smack of classic psych rock drums and bass, this is my go-to character compressor.

P. Hoier



Everyone says it snaps. I almost thought that dbx 160 was just not my thing. I was never happy with the snap from "another vendor" that came out a few years back. It was too dull and yet too harsh at the same time.

Well, apparently wrong. This one snaps the transients the right way. Just that being so ever important. Yet hard to reach. You know what I mean. Easy to set and forget.

And finally with enlarged retina gui. Microscope no longer needed. Next time maybe Fatso? ;-)

H. jin



Just do it

P. Chernyshov


Pavel Chernyshov

I like what this thing does on the bass...

Y. Blanche-Barbat


Unique sound

J'adore la couleur et le punch que donne ce compresseur.ça simplicité d'utilisation en fait un atout principale pour moi.Je possède une large collection de compresseur de différente manufacture, mais le dbx 160 me donne le résultat de compression que je rechercherchais depuis longtemps en ajoutant des transient designer après mon compresseur.Cependant en augmentant le threshold je trouve qu'on gagne certe en attack sur les éléments de drum mais les basses fréquences sont réduites en parallèle. Je m'en sers sur mon drumbuss en insert parceque j'aime vraiment comment il colore mes drum mais je pense que s'en servir en aux pour faire une compression parallèle,et faire un blend de la batterie dry + la batterie compréssé est une plus juste utilisation

M. Kosacek


Thanks for adding the Mix control

I know this is a duplicate (I reviewed it 4+ years ago) but I said I would give 5 stars if you added the mix control - well thanks (even if 4+ years later). you did it. It is now officially the best DBX 160 plugin ever!

R. Walsh


Adds Thump

Nothing is as important in pop and rock mixes as the kick and bass working together to drive the beat. The DBX works so often to make this really happen. Nothing is right a hundred percent of the time. I still start with the 160 on my kick and bass then go from there. You will be right much more often than wrong. It can also smash a acoustic so it can be pulled to the front of a mix. While I am sure it has dozens of other things it does well. However, the three I listed make the DBX 160 a must have.

1-20 of334件の結果

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