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Apollo Twin X

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P. Zielonka


hard not to give 5 stars...

The twin x is my first step with UAD - and it will not be the last!

M. Bigelow


Great but not easy

I upgraded from a mid-level interface and the Apollo Twin X is like getting a sports car after driving around a moped. Bit of a learning curve, but a fantastic choice for my musical journey.




I was using the Twin MK2 version, and upgraded to X and no doubts I reached better results for track and mix my productions.

S. Olsen



If you are on the fence about the duo or quad get the quad!

J. Wise


Major studio upgrade

I’ve been looking for an interface to upgrade my starter studio and after much deliberation, this was the one I chose. I’m very glad to have picked this. Between the dsp power on the unit itself and the great software, I’m finding myself getting really solid takes without needing to wrangle my way through countless plugins and presets in my daw.

h. jue


best interface!

unison it's best preamp,i use it every time

A. Iselin


Hands Down

Pristine Audio quality and great Plugins that come with this beautifully crafted Interface

I. Salazar


Quality You Can Trust

Can't say enough about the craftsmanship and quality of this interface. From the heavy build to the unison integration and the headphone amp clarity. Once you use one it'll be hard to use anything else.

P. Healy


Game changer

Twin X and LUNA = positive vibrations. I am now using LUNA as my primary DAW.

K. Kim


Best interface ever

Very useful and easy to use. Good quality and design will make me continue to use UAD products in the future.

S. kakoi




b. friend


Simple but useful!

Very useful and easy to use. Good quality and design will make me continue to use UAD products in the future.

j. zaballa


Best interface ever

I love it so much!

A. Music


Problem after problem

I've had this Apollo Twin X for over 8 months and it's just a disappointment. From software issues to hardware issues. Not finding the help I needed. It's has a good pre-amp and the plugins are good, but it is absolutely not worth a 1000 bucks. I've had recording issues, output issues, crash issues, not being able to handle one plugin issues. This has to be the biggest mood crasher I had in the studio. From the point of being insanely happy to make a new song to not being able to even record is very upsetting. My advice; buy another interface, maybe just a good hardware pre-amp and a cheaper interface. Less is more sometimes, especially with ridiculous prices as these Apollo's go for.

A. Beltrán


Great for live performance

The routing options allow me to have a few pieces of outboard gear on stage and the Adat allows me having my modular on 8 channels to mix, this thing is crazy versatile

s. jung



perfect design, perfect performance ! i love this

J. Jacobs


Huge Studio Upgrade

This is my first experience with anything UAD and I've been extremely pleased. My mics and guitars sounds incredible going through the Apollo and the UAD plugins have breathed new life into my mixes. My studio feels like it's gotten a huge upgrade and it has given me a new excitement to write and mix music.

D. Foulkes


Twin X - Brilliant Interface

Unison tech makes all of the difference, at least to my ears. Great job!

A. Rudy


The Apollo Twin X is AMAZING!

I love my new Apollo Twin X! I had been using an old Presonus audio interface but I wasn’t getting the sound I wanted. I switched to the Apollo and immediately my recordings started sounding better. I use the Apollo with Logic Pro and I was having some issues understanding DSP and how to properly utilize the memory. Luckily, I found a tutor online through Wyzant named Donald F. aka MidWest Don and he has helped me understand how to use the Apollo and not run out of DSP. I highly recommend the Apollo as well as Donald!

W. Hare


Glad I upgraded

Went from a Solo USB to Twin Thunderbolt 3 allowing me to add satellites for more DSP. Twin working perfectly.

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