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Apollo 16 Thunderbolt 2 Audio Interface

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H. Schabbach


Simply the best.

I have worked with Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces from other brands, the Apollo 16 is my favorite. By far.

S. Mueller



Bought this to expand my studio with line inputs and connect to a mixing console. Setup was easy and the workflow is excellent as expected. Using it with an Arrow for the headphone amp and two Unison pres. Everything works and sounds amazing, this is professional gear.

S. Kuziw


Such a nice interface!

I bought the Apollo 16, dropped in a Thunderbolt 3 card and paired it with my Apollo Twin X for additional channels. Sounds great and works very well. Recommended.

A. Perkins


A Universal solution.

Fantastic resolution and low noise, easy set up and I am falling in love with LUNA. The plugins are not cheap but they are very fine tools and not a collection of gadgets. I appreciate LUNAs' integration and its focus on essentials. Everything I'd been looking for but couldn't find in one product.

R. Nicoli



great buy! absolutely versatile and compatible with my twin device, all with uad quality!



high quality analog and digital

the quality of the converters is fantastic and the console and the unison plugin another marvel !!!!

B. Spence


Apollo 16

Great gear, really helped pull my studio together. Work flow was greatly enhanced; no switching cables!

R. Evans


new to apollo

all good so far...

M. Gangarossa



Fantastic card. Top converters and super stable system. The council
to anyone who has doubts. Thanks UAD.

M. Gangarossa


Beautiful .

Fantastic Audio-Interface . Top converters and super stable system. The council
to anyone who has doubts. Thanks UAD

R. Darabosh


Apollo 16 mk2

The overall sound of this unit is amazing! I’ve have had a number of other brands over the years and it is like someone took a blanket off the mix with the Apollo , and this is before even touching the plug ins.

Plugins: if you’ve bought a uad plugin package, definitely take time to demo the available options (14 day demo of all plugins included.) BEFORE you pick. The included plugins by themselves are great, too! I feel the uad plugins are much better than others out there.

Console software: this is the interface with the hardware. It needs some help. No midi control, so you are stuck mousing around. The lay out is not very flexible and the patch bay is beyond confusing.. I have a softube console 1, which helps but the intergeration still leaves a lot to desired.

Overall I’m glade I purchased this unit as it sounds amazing, and I’m sure my frustrations with the software limitations will pass in time as i find work arounds for it..

P. Jackson



Purchased this to use with Neve 8816. It’s amazing. Thanks UA

P. Stevens


Great sound, intuitive to use, easy to install

The converters sound terrific, the routing is amazingly flexible and the build quality inspires confidence. The integration with my existing projects and studio was easy - up and running in just a few hours. Great product!

k. kroon


Lot to learn

My apollo 16 is running great,I get back to U when Ive learnd more.Thank U sofar.

A. Wildrick


An outstanding product that decimates the competition

This interface just makes the most sense. The Console software is intuitive. It allows for no latency tracking and monitoring with effects and this is incredibly valuable. I've had an apollo since 2013 and have no plans on switching. Thanks for making such a wonderful product that causes zero frustrations or setbacks when recording or mixing.

A. Rahman




M. Mercer



I love this interface

M. Mercer



I love this interface

M. Mercer



I love this interface

J. Tuesta Mendoza


Gracias por instalar Apollo 16

1-20 of99件の結果

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