Moog Minimoog®

Moog Minimoog®

Exclusively for LUNA Recording System






間違いなくもっとも象徴的なシンセサイザーであるMoog Minimoog Model Dは、モダンミュージックのサウンドを変えました。KraftwerkからParliament-Funkadelic、Yes、Dr. Dreに愛用されたMinimoogの太くて音楽的な表現力に富んだアナログシンセ・サウンドは他のシンセが判断されるための基準となりました。

Moog Musicとのパートナーシップによって開発され、LUNA レコーディングシステムとApolloインターフェイス専用に開発されたMoog Minimoog LUNAインストゥルメントは、Universal Audioの業界をリードするサーキットモデリング、シンセシス、シグナルプロセッシングの専門知識を活かして、オリジナルハードウェアのあらゆるニュアンス、不規則性、偶然性を徹底的にキャプチャーしています。








Moog Minimoog Model Dは1970年に発売されました。それまでの“シンセサイザー”は、威圧的に多いノブ、ケーブル、パッチベイの巨大な壁を意味していました。Bob Moogと彼のチームは、すべてのミュージシャンにとって多彩な表現力を備えたパフォーマンス楽器としてMinimoogを設計しました。ポータブルなMinimoogは、Emerson、Lake & Palmer、Stevie Wonder、Sun Ra、Bob Marleyなどのアルバムで使用されました。やがて、Minimoogとその先進的なサウンドによって、ジャンル全体に革命が起き、制作されていきました。



Universal AudioのDSPエンジニアチームは、Moog Musicと協力して3台のビンテージMinimoogの回路モデリングと詳細なリスニングテストを行い、1台“ゴールデンユニット”を選択しました。カスタムロボティクスを使用して超精密なノブ測定を行い、各Minimoogモジュールは個別のトランジスタVCAモデリングを使用して完璧にエミュレートされ、モジュール間の結合とインピーダンスを精密にキャプチャーしました。その結果、Bob Moogのもっとも有名なシンセサイザーのすべての個性とノンリニアリティをニアゼロレイテンシーで提供する畏敬の念を起こさせるLUNAインストゥルメントが完成しました。



LUNA レコーディングシステム内でMinimoogを開くだけで、Moogの象徴的なラダーフィルターやオシレーターのうなりるようなサウンド、太さ、リッチな歪み、そしてMinimoogのピッチトラッキングのフィーリングなどの精巧なモデリングにインスピレーションを受ける準備をします。Minimoogの出力を入力にループさせて歪みを加えるという悪名高い“フィードバック”エフェクトも忠実に再現されてます。Minimoog LUNAインストゥルメントは、ミッドのパンチ、ハイエンドの存在感、ゴージャスなローエンドを徹底的にキャプチャーすることで、オリジナルのようにあらゆるミックスに簡単に溶け込みます。

カスタム Moog MOD

カスタム Moog MOD

Moog Minimoog LUNAインストゥルメントは、ヘビーユーザーがハードウェアユニットで使用する多くのカスタムMODを備えており、Minimoogのパレットを大幅に拡張しています。 切替え式のノートプライオリティとレガート、サンプル&ホールド、LFOなど、これらの追加機能によってMinimoog LUNAインストゥルメントは驚くほど精巧なエミュレーションとなり、バーチャルインストゥルメントの水準が向上しました。


Kraftwerk、Stevie Wonder、Yes、Dr. Dreなどが使用するMoogのもっとも有名なアナログシンセサイザーの厳格なサーキットエミュレーション

Moog Musicからのフルエンドース

オリジナルMinimoog Model Dのすべてのモジュール間カップリング、インピーダンスマッチング、およびノンリニアリティを忠実にキャプチャーしています



切替え式のノートプライオリティ、レガート、サンプル&ホールド、LFOなどを含むカスタムMoog MOD


Moog Minimoog

A. Bakken


Future Minimoog plugin without the Luna

I recently purchased the Apollo x4 audio interface and are very happy with it. Using it together with Ableton Live, it was a disappointment to discover the Luna-only offering of the Minimoog. The Minimoorg by Moog is already out there for iPad, and it sounds fantastic. Following traditional marketing strategies, I am confident that the plugin will be released soon as a UA plugin as well. So have patience my friends. Meanwhile, the iPad version costs almost nothing.

S. Shaw


Best digital analog, hands down

Took some time comparing UAD's offering to Softube's (both highly acclaimed), I have to say I prefer UAD's taste - slightly less wild, but also less digital artifacts which equals to easier sitting in a mix. Nicely done!

A. Ferfecky


Best Moog Mini D Emulation On The Market

There is no better emulation. Is that simple.




I was going to buy this but when I saw that this was LUNA only I was extremely disappointed. LUNA is just not a good DAW for my needs and I would not want to change my workflow. The fact that this is not the only LUNA only plugin makes me wonder if this will be UAD's strategy moving forward. If so, then I'm off the platform for good.

J. Pepin


Haters everywhere!

Good for UAD for having such a killer instrument be for LUNA only. That's a major coup for them and they deserve to be applauded for their savvy. I have used ProTools since it was Session 8, I was using Audition when it was Cool Edit 95, grow up you crybabies who 'don't want to change DAWs' You don't have to!! Create a track in LUNA and export it then use your other stuff. It's not hard to use LUNA. If you know how to use a DAW, you know how to use LUNA.
It's rude to give it one star because it only works in LUNA. Bravo to UAD!

B. Myreze


Great product but it needs to support other DAWS!

This is just amazing! And we understand you want people to try out Luna! - But remember that people have spent 10-20 years just to be really good at their favourite DAW. This made me really NOT want to try out LUNA.

If you let us use if for other daws you give us a better motivation for one day maybe converting to a new daw... ZERO stars from me until you guys make this available for other DAWS...

m. meli


This is the sound

It captures the buzz, and the tight bottom that none of the other emulations come close to. It's proprietary, this is made quite clear so I don't see the problem everyone has. If you want the sound of a mini moog, and are a grown up enough to deal with 2 daws, this is an amazing piece of software.

S. Marshall


Amazing synth!

This might be Luna only, but the quality and the sound it produces are incredible. There’s so many nuanced sonic possibilities you can get out of it, just like a real analog moog. It just has that analog vibe and character!
I definitely reccommend giving it a go! 5/5 stars!

F. Blue


Features, Price and Overall impression

For all those who choose to ridicule those users who take issue with the incompatibility of this plug in with other DAWs I say... Features are just as important as sound quality. No, I'm not changing DAWs for one plug in. Or 10 for that matter! Would love to buy it if it was Logic/Protools compatible. Sound quality doesn't really matter when you can't use the plug in! Comon UAD. Full access please. Till then zero stars.

K. Abdullin


This is the best synth emulation ever created!

Only recently, I criticized the fact that uad charges such money for moog without integrating it into logic. Having tried a lot of vst synthesizers, I can say that uad is a miracle! Playing this synthesizer is the ultimate pleasure.There are no analogues.I'm still worried that there is no logic,but it is worth the money.

K. Abdullin


This is the best synth emulation ever created!

Only recently, I criticized the fact that uad charges such money for moog without integrating it into logic. Having tried a lot of vst synthesizers, I can say that uad is a miracle! Playing this synthesizer is the ultimate pleasure.There are no analogues.I'm still worried that there is no logic,but it is worth the money.

J. Dallarda


Expressive, musical and a joy to hear, play and use, very happy I pulled the trigger on this!

This Minimoog is something special. No others can compare. People should not be giving it a low rating simply because they want to whine and have a little pouty tantrum because they can't use it outside of Luna or because Luna and its extensions are not yet available for PC. The review and attendant rating should be about its quality or lack thereof, not about that certain people want to cry and stomp their feet about things that are not relevant to rating the actual quality of this Minimoog. Such reviews and the low ratings that go along with them are not legitimate reviews and ratings based on experience with this Minimoog, they are merely tantrums and UA would be totally justified to simply delete these tantrums - and should. Seriously. They artificially and misleadingly lower the rating of a very fine piece of work and are not even actual legitimate reviews. Period.

m. meli


Feels right

Who cares if it's luna only, whah whah whah. This thing is legit!!! The beauty of a real minimoog is the attack, full bandwidth, and the amazing cutting buzz of the oscillators. It feels like real electricity. I've played the real thing, I have all the copies, this thing more than comes close. It just inspires the same way the thing it's meant to emulate does. Even buying a uad interface plus the plugin is less than half of the price of the original unit so... No brainer!!!

D. Marais


Good God Almighty this is a stunner!

At last, it feels like I'm playing on a real Moog. This is outstanding and the sound is so warm and creamy. Congratulations, UAD, on nailing this. I thought everyone knew it was only for LUNA, so I'm baffled as to why people are slamming this gorgeously accurate emulation for being linked exclusively to the UAD recording system. LUNA is going to be the next gold standard of recording, anyway - it's that good, and it just keeps getting better, so I have no qualms in investing in it and its extensions now. Five stars all round.

T. Elms


Incredible plugin but.......

UA needs to make LUNA compatible with Windows!!

A. User



Was getting ready to snap this up. Not a bad price really but not only am I pro tools but Im also PC which makes me Luna incompatable also. Im glad I read the reviews and not just bought it for the sound and fuctionality without checking to see if Im somehow banished/not eligible/no soup for you. Once again UA, stellar job...

I. Alter


sound good

But forcing us to buy Luna for it? it's bad! Very bad!

I. Jankovics



Sounds great !!! But the price is too priced !!!
Why can it only be used in Luna?
As a Logic Pro X user, I would be happy but many others would be available in Vst format.
Until then, I am not willing to give out money for it until the UAD team allows it !!!

T. Sparks


Sounds Great!

This Moog emulation sounds fantastic! Do I wish it would also work in another DAW? Yes, but I'm fine with using it in Luna.

M. Knutsson


Why can't MiniMoog be used in other DAW's

Great sound but needs to work with other DAWs to make this a good buy.