Neve® 1081TM Classic Console EQ

Neve® 1081TM Classic Console EQ





Neve® 1081 / 1081SE Classic Console EQ プラグイン

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E. Rodriguez


Incredible Sound

I own other plugin emulations, but this one is more open, and the difference is not subtle!
I love the flexibility of the 1081. It’s more useful than the 73.

R. Gun



my go to EQ for all kind of sound questions (well the pultec too).
Let allone the Highpass Filter.
Even the blackface, can´t hear a difference to the oversampled blue face.

C. Jaramillo


Neve eq on Daw

This is one of my favorite channel strips ever. The eq is so good on a lot of things, specially vocals. Now I can have it on my daw. It has that sound.

c. zouen



One of the best plug ins for its beautiful color!! I actually use this plug on almost every channel in my DAW! also have beein using it during unison recording! although it is not compatible in a unison input, I use it in the recording chain! super sexy sound!

T. Glosser


Shape Anything

Versatile, Sound Amazing.



Le top de l'EQ musical

Le son est vraiment excellent, ça sonne smplement et efficacement.
C'est beau et chaleureux.
Un must.

S. Sundin


EQ for the future

My smothest EQ in the ballpark just now. Wow.



Great EQ

After trying out many eq’s on the market, this one definitely stands out for its powerful sound.

R. Wallace


My go to EQ

I use this plug everywhere. Great eq to drop in on snare. I use it with in conjunction with the tube tech eq on kick. 1081 will bring out the impact on a kick drum. Gives great Neve color that sits in the mix well or will pop out (like that snare you just can’t get to sound right) can’t go wrong here

K. Morris


Another "just works!" must-have

Like the 33609, the 1081 just works. It's the first EQ I reach for. Musical and just sounds good because of that. Love this EQ a lot.

P. Batenev



great plugin, but not on the master bus! on master there is only use using thru bus:)

N. Sharif


UAD are the best! Period

Very nice plugin! Very musical EQ.
I'm about to buy another OCTO card to use more UAD plug ins! Thank you UAD.



Virtuel et alors...

On retrouve vraiment bien ce médium caractéristique des tranches Neve.
C'est doux voir très doux, pour ne pas employer le mot chaleur.
Cette tranche est complète.
Impossible de mal égaliser avec ces EQ d'UA.
La coloration est belle et bien faite.

Le top sur les drums et les voix. Fantastique...



Neve nice

Alls I can say is equalizith Wickedith

R. Gagl


Five stars are not enough!

I am working as a composer and sounddesigner for decades and can truly say, that this is one of the best sounding hardware emulated character EQs I´ve ever used. A must have!

千. 浦


My Best Gear

It is easier to use than 1073, this is the best gear on one unit

千. 浦


My Best Gear

It is easier to use than 1073, this is the best gear on one unit

J. Russell


A vintage EQ before it’s time!!!

The Neve 1081 was definitely before it’s time. I think that it was introduced in the year that I was born... 1972. Another reason that it’s near and dear to my heart.

It’s so musical and full of quality character. You can actually do some minor surgery also if need be. I use it on the way in through the Apollo Console and in my mixes. My go to chain now is mostly The Neve Pre, 1081 and one of the classic compressors depending on the application. You can use it on anything!!! I’ve never been more satisfied with a vintage EQ...

J. Chase


Very Good, And Less Maintenance Than The Real Thing

The 1081 is a very good sounding EQ!

So useful for just about anything non surgical.

Drums, guitars, vocals, piano, adding a bit of air, strings.

The 15k shelf has always been one of my favorite things, and the 56Hz bell on a kick is meaty.

Doesn't seem to quite have the balls of the hardware, although the switches don't crackle or drop out as you move them.

A. Lizama



I think, this is the best EQ in my plug-in arsenal. It is also light enough that I can run several instances in Console, and that makes it perfect for tracking. I can now add that sheen and neve texture to snares, bass, guitar, vocals, well, anything.

21-40 of251件の結果

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