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クラシックなチューブ・マイクプリアンプと LA-2A- スタイル・コンプレッサー

LA-610 MkII は、Coldplay、Van Halen、Beach Boysなどのアルバムで聴くことができるオールチューブのビンテージ・マイクプリアンプと本物のTeletronix T4オプティカル・コンプレッション回路を一体化したチャンネルストリップです。


Bill Putnam設計による610モジュラー・コンソールを引き継ぐオールチューブ・マイクプリアンプ

本物のTeletronix LA-2A-スタイル・オプトコンプレッサー部



ザ・レジェンド610 プリアンプ

ザ・レジェンド610 プリアンプ

LA-610 MkII は、60年代にBill Putnamによって開発された伝説的なコンソール・モジュールiを基に作られています。そのキャラクターとウォームなサウンドはよく知られ、Frank SinatraからColdplay 、Van Halen、Pet Sounds に至るまで数多くのアーティストのレコーディングにこのプリアンプが使用されました。LA-610 MkII は、オリジナル・コンソールのマイクアンプの設計と同様にシルクのようなビンテージの暖かみのあるサウンドをソースに与えます。


LA-610 Mk IIのT4チューブ・コンプレッサーは、オプト・コンプレッサーのキング、Teletronix LA-2Aと同じとても暖かいサウンドのリミッティングを提供します。エレクトロ・オプティカルディテクター、または“T4 セル”は、Teletronix LA-2Aの心臓であり、魂です。そのフォト・レジスターは、重要なサーキットであり、コンプレッサーに独特な暖かみを与え、ボーカル、ベース、アコースティック・ギターのトラッキングに最適です。まとめると、LA-610 MkIIの伝説的なプリアンプとコンプレッサーを使用して悪いサウンドを得ることは不可能です。


Bill Putnam設計による610モジュラー・コンソールを引き継ぐオールチューブ・マイクプリアンプ
本物のTeletronix LA-2A-スタイル・オプトコンプレッサー部
MkII 独自の機能:トゥルー・コンプレッサーバイパス、より大きくなったメーター、アウトプットの向上、オートスイッチング・パワーサプライ

MkII Improvements

True Bypass of the Compressor Circuit
Larger and Better Lit Metering
Improved Output Signal Performance
Auto-Sensing Universal Power Supply
Improved stability with feedback-style shelving EQ
Improved consistency with Input Gain values
LED Jewel Light Never Needs Replacing


Mic, Line and Hi-Z Input, Line Output
Dual Impedance Mic and Hi-Z inputs (Mic: 2K, 500Ω, Hi-Z: 2.2M, 47KΩ)
5 position Stepped Preamp Input Gain, Continuous Preamp Output Level
-15dB Pad Switch (15dB Pad/Off)
Phase reverse (0/180º)
48 volt Phantom Power switch (+48v/Off)
+/- 9 dB stepped High Shelving Filter (4.5, 7, 10 kHz)
+/- 9 dB stepped Low Shelving Filter (70, 100, 200 Hz)
T4 Optical Compressor with Continuous Peak Reduction and Makeup Gain
Compress/Limit/Bypass Modes of Dynamic Operation (3:1 / ∞: 1)
Meter Source Selector Switch (Preamp/Gain Reduction/Compressor)
Front Panel Power switch (On/Off)
Custom Altran and Cinemag Transformers


LA-610 MkII Classic Tube Recording Channel

Overall Rating




Des voix avec grain et chaleur +++

Couplé avec mon Neumann U87 ,il apporte un vrai + que les plugins ne peuvent pas toujours restituer. Un supplément d'âme.

J. Tornay


Nothing comes close

I've been working with this preamp+compressor for ten years now. During that time I have been testing a lot of different hardware. I ALWAYS end up going back to the LA-610 Mk2. There is no equal. Preamp a little pushed for that analog warmth, compressor adjusted for -2/4 db compression and get the best mix-ready sound you can get.

T. Spaniel



One of my favorite Channel Strips

J. Dufresne


Simply amazing. Amazingly simple.

This thing is wonderful. Makes a $500-600 mic sound like a gem. Makes a $1,000+ mic sound absolutely golden. Warm, plenty of gain / output between the preamp and compression section. A good 87 clone through this is the beginning to a vocal chain masterpiece. If you want more tube warmth try a 47 clone. The same also does magical things to acoustic guitars. I love it. My only regret is that I can't afford more of them. Luckily it pairs perfectly with my Apollo racks. Thank you UA and Bill Jr!

S. Lyles


UA 610 SE - Spoiled

Once owned a 2-610 so we knew the 610 Signature Edition would be amazing - beyond - just blown away by the range of character we can get from this unit. Along with our Apollo 8 it is simple gorgeous to listen to!

D. Marais


An absolute stunner - and an affirmation of how good UAD plugins are too!

I have purchased two of these units now and they are just so darn wonderful: easy to use, but filled with warmth and clarity at the same time. Absolutely love this preamp. Just looking at them is a joy, with those classic knobs. A sonic and aesthetic masterpiece.

What is also amazing to me is how having the hardware versions show just how bloody excellent UAD plugins are. I have the the 6176 and the LA610 hardware units, and their plugin equivalents totally nail the sound - I cannot tell the difference on a casual listen. (I decided to break my bank and get the hardware units, in addition their digital emulations, because I wanted to honor the history of the products, from their analogue form to their digital form. Both forms are gorgeous. And they just LOOK incredible in my lowly, but well-loved basement studio.

Finally, I hope you all at UA are doing ok after the terrible fires of late that I know had an impact on your incredible team of employees. Buying another unit was a way to show my support for all you do as well. Thank you for these beautiful products.

B. Stoica


Excelent piece, fair price, absolute classic sound

I own now 2 pieces of this combo, one I keep in the studio and the second one goes on tour, for a soft voice Norah Jones/Katie Melua type of original act. Both perform flawlessly after more than 7 years now, the one that travels do aprox. 70 gigs a year. Techs might abuse our hardcases, but the preamp never fails. The one I have in the studio almost always goes with my ribbons, when I need them.
Great sound and value.

R. Byers


Vibey Vibe Viber

I wish UA made a 4 ch strip of these. Classic organic beefy soul on vocals, bass, snare and more. The aesthetic of the hardware is beautiful!! love the huge knobs

a. meissner


LA-610 MKII Großartiger Mic-Vorverstärker

Der LA-610 MKII ist als Mic-Vorverstärker unverzichtbar. Gerade günstigere Mics gewinnen enorm an "Farbe". Must have..leider in Europa nicht mehr verfügbar.

i. davis


amazing vocals

i have had apollo twin desktop with plugins which are amazing for years but this hardware version of the la610 was not a option and i picked one up to see just how good it would do for vocals and wow amazing tube sound and alongside my unison i can add flavor after i track in vocals to my daw through my tlm103 or tlm 107 or my u87 I've thrown all kinds of mics at it from 300$ to 5k$ and it always impresses me and no setting is the same for each mic its a learning curve to it thats super exciting i love it and highly recommend it !!!!!

I. Papagiannidis


Great strip for everything

Great strip for bass, vocals, guitars, snare. Especially if you change the tubes and put NOS tubes sounds amazing! A real workhorse! A pair of these can make real magic!

I. Papagiannidis


Great strip for everything

Great strip for bass, vocals, guitars, snare. Especially if you change the tubes and put NOS tubes sounds amazing! A real workhorse! A pair of these can make real magic!

I. Papagiannidis


Great strip for everything

Great strip for bass, vocals, guitars, snare. Especially if you change the tubes and put NOS tubes sounds amazing! A real workhorse! A pair of these can make real magic!

s. azevedo


Snare Drum Warmth

Experimented with this on the way into my DAW and was pleasantly surprised how great the snare track sounded. Just added a skosh of eq crack at 8k and thats all it needed. My new goto for snare drums!

J. Parra


Smooth and Cozy

I bought this unit I connected and recorded some acoustic guitars and let me tell you I felt in love with this unit just by tweaking just a little bit I got a beautiful warm and rounded sound. Some people complain about not having a bypass for the Pre-amp like other UA unit they haven't realize that you can lower all the level down on the Pre it just add an extra character a little color to the Comp don't compare it with other units its a different animal is another tool to use in your Studio. I Love this beauty.

J. Iantorno


Wouldn't live without mine.

I feel as though this is one of those things UA users already know.

But, If you're new to UA and looking for a lower grade mic pre in order to be mindful of budget. Don't do it. You'll eventually end up owning one of these or a 6176.

And in the meantime, you will have spent more money on different gear trying to achieve the sound you're hearing in your head, along the way.

As a younger engineer, I learned that lesson the hard way.

Regardless of what UA product you're looking at, you can't lose.

D. Fink


A simply sweet pre

Whether for vox or acoustic guitar, the LA-610 MKII is one piece of outboard gear I will not give up. Serves wonderfully as a pre to my Apollo, and gives an excellent alternative to the Apollo's great Unison preamps.

M. Powell



Love it

K. Thura



Like it!

M. Cavanagh


Integral and Versatile

Ive used the LA-610 MK II for over a year now as a channel strip for recording acoustic guitar and micing and recording amps...I can't imagine recording guitar without it.
Even without using the EQ its invaluable for controlling mic gain and adding compression at source.
I also use it as part of a live guitar rig, running the speaker out of low wattage vintage amps into various reactive load resistor boxes converting to line level into the LA-610 's line input and finally out to a valve power amp powering a 2x12 cab.....being able to add EQ & Compression really contributes to the dynamics of the amp in use.
As I said....Verstaile and Integral !