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Brainworx bx_saturator V2

Brainworx bx_saturator V2

通常価格: $199.00


You'll Save 50%


通常価格: $199.00


You'll Save 50%


Sweeten or shred beyond any other processor.

The Brainworx bx_saturator V2 plug-in for UAD-2 and Apollo interfaces is a powerful multi-band M/S (Mid/Side) processor, allowing you to add saturation, drive, and distortion exactly where you want it in your mixes and masters. It features Brainworx´s “True Split” crossover technology, which ensures that the Mid and Side channels are always perfectly in phase, yielding focused, large-sounding mixes and masters.

Add unique saturation and distortion to targeted frequency bands

Increase the perceived volume of mixes without clipping

Gently soften a mix buss or pile distortion on individual tracks for a dramatic effect

Punch-up and define low-end with the Mono Maker control

Key features

Turns standard sounds into exciting ear catchers
Makes mixes sound louder and wider without clipping
Allows adding saturation and distortion in different amounts to different frequency bands
Add just a little to soften a mix buss or pile it on to an individual tracks for a dramatic effect
Mono Maker sums very low frequencies so you can widen the rest of the stereo field without phase issues


Brainworx bx_saturator V2

M. Kipp


sophisticated tool

I am really impressed about the sophisticated tool parts how they enable a deep access into the stereo field and field manipulation when mastering

D. Gloor


Fine !

Exactly the sounds I wanted !

E. Jegu


Thumbs up !

Good plugin to have.

L. Tian Siung


easy to use!

dummy proof design!

A. Burroughs


Kinda nice....

I like this one a little more than I thought I would. Using it in a parallel processing chain to add harmonics.

G. Perez


2 thumbs up

Very easy soft and juicy

G. Perez


Lve it

Easy to use and use it on my mix ❤️

M. Sanchez


Great on woodwinds

It amazingly brings up harmonics, overtones and partials that define the timbre of wooden flutes.

R. Hortensius


Great for making tracks in the mix sit really well !

Just got this and easy to hone in on specific groups frequencies to smooth them out and add a nice color to them, I put this one off for quite awhile but wished I had it earlier !

M. Thompson


Where's my snare? Oh, it's there!

I bought this plugin for a mix session I was doing back in 2018 that had some great drums but the snare was going between being lost in the mix to being too loud and I just couldn't get it to set right in the mix with the color and tone that I liked. This plugin really helped make it sit in there like butter and I've used it on every multitrack session I've worked since! It's also great for more than just a tricky snare (and the presets give some great starting points to minimize the time you have to spend dialing in the desired effect).

I really can't stress how great of a plugin this has been for me so far. I've even used it on a mastering session, so it's application is as versatile as I could've hoped for! This plugin is worth every penny and I would recommend it for anyone who mixes multitrack sessions (especially if you have the instrumental stems).



saturation in every sense of the word

The best saturation plugin that I have tried, I love it, it is incredible.

M. Garrido-Lecca


Great Tool!!

Amazing tool ... incredible precision and extraordinary sonic results! A must-have plugin!

w. shenck


Gets it done with a little work

Very average, tho you can mess with it to make it work

R. Ryda


Advanced, yet very simple M/S saturator!

I think BX's M/S sophisticated plugins have more than other plugins in terms of mid-side processing. I do think BX has a little bit of a phase issue - if you also noteced something, let others know too. However this saturator is far more advanced than the others I have, uncluding the tape ones. I've decided to get it the next time I could and fortunately its today. I think its great for opening up the potential of both crossover counterparts, both in M/S, I've had success with almost anything I have used it on. Fix or polish, it works with anything you feed it!



I use this to make my synth basses really big

I'll record a mono signal of a Moog bass, send it in the UAD console to a really wide chorus, then sum the two recorded signals into one aux track and use this M/S saturator to make it extra wide and gritty. It's like a magic trick.

J. Davitt


Just OK

This is my second bx plugin and I've noticed this particular brand has a common denominator that I'm not thrilled with. They're both ok at subtleties but anything more than that and the phase gets out of whack very quickly. Especially disappointing on their EQ since there are more transparent EQ's out there that can notch out frequencies with no apparent phase shifts. The saturation is a great idea but I was left extremely disappointed. I was hoping for top end very warm fizzy distortion to sit on top of the stereo field almost as if it was a separate track added on to main guitars, but the distortion on this PI is harsh. I can get better results running the mix 2 tracks and run those through pres or even fuzz boxes or amp simulators. UA has some of the best PI's on the market but this is the last bx PI I'll ever buy.

R. Ross


Saturated :)

I recently added this to my plugin collection and it is AMAZING! I am working on an EDM project in the studio at the moment and this really brought extra clarity, seperation, and some extra bottom in the mastering phase. Well Done !

C. Mortensen



Try this bx_saturator after your favourite EQ on your drum channels, especially on bassdrum, tam tam’s.
I’m addicted. Amazing plug in.

S. Grimm


Very useful for almost every material

Although it is not as colorful as e.g. the culture vulture, the multiband design and the m/s processing make the bx_saturator a very flexible mixing tool. I really like the solo buttons and the mono maker. Hopefully more developers will come up with ideas like this in the future.

E. Dodd


Great Sounding

very easy to understand and gives a warm sound