Brainworx bx_digital V2 EQ プラグイン

Brainworx bx_digital V2 EQ プラグイン




One of the World's Finest Audio Mastering Tools, Now Available on the UAD-2 Platform.

The bx_digital V2 is a state-of-the-art digital mastering equalizer and processor that was recently named Future Music's "Gear of the Decade." This integrated audio toolkit provides precise 11-band equalization and M/S (mid-side) processing of single tracks, subgroups, or summed signals — letting you add presence and transparency to mixes, create impressive lows, correct problems, and emphasize the character of individual instruments and entire mixes. With its independent mono and stereo processing paths, plus an array of intelligent features, the bx_digital V2 has quickly become a must-have tool for many of the world's top mixing, mastering, and post-production engineers.


  • Intelligent mastering processor with 3 Modes: M/S mastering, M/S recording, L/R stereo
  • Process Mono and Stereo signals separately, with precise control of each signal
  • Powerful and unique "SixPack" Master Section
  • 11-band EQ, including Shifting EQs up to 22 kHz
  • Built-in M/S De-Esser / Dynamic EQ (20 Hz – 22 kHz)
  • Package includes UAD bx_digital V2 mono version for mix applications
  • Developed for the UAD Powered Plug-Ins platform by Brainworx
  • Requires a UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide
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Brainworx's bx_digital V2 plug-in was developed directly for the UAD platform by Brainworx to emulate their bx1 and bx2 hardware mastering units. Like the hardware, the bx_digital V2 plug-in works in any of three modes: as a stereo/dual-mono EQ; as a M/S matrix equalizer for applying level and EQ changes separately to mid- and side signals; and as a M/S recording processor for converting mid and side mic signals into conventional stereo. The bx_digital V2 plug-in package also includes a bx_digital V2 mono version, perfect for mix equalization of sources like vocals, kick drum, and other typically mono signals.

With its mastering-grade 11-band equalizer, M/S De-Esser, Mono-Maker and intelligent Bass- and Presence-Shifters, plus its extra M/S features — including individual Pan controls for M and S, and Stereo Width Control — the bx_digital V2 is a very sophisticated processor. But fundamentally, its operation is extremely logical.

Put simply, the bx_digital V2 processor works via a built-in M/S matrix, that separates every stereo signal into its mono sum and the stereo difference signals. In this way, users can separately control the mono and stereo elements like never before. For example, users can simultaneously cut high frequencies of a mix to reduce the "essing" of the lead vocals, while boosting high frequencies of harmony instruments, like guitars, keyboards, and pianos. Or effortlessly separate low-level signals to enhance the clarity and punch of a mix. The bx_digital V2 mono version shares the features and great-sounding filters of its stereo counterpart, and is ideal for mixing use.

Shifting EQs
The bx_digital V2's "Shifting" EQ section has four processors: Presence Shift, Bass Shift, De-Esser, and Mono-Maker.

Presence Shift boosts at 12 kHz and simultaneously cuts at 6 kHz. It has a range of ±12 dB and puts "air" into the sound without exacerbating sibilance.

Bass Shift boosts at 63 Hz and simultaneously cuts at 315 Hz. With a range of ±12 dB, Bass Shift can fatten the bottom end or push the low midrange without booming out the low bass.

De-Esser is a 2-channel dynamic equalizer with an adjustable frequency range of 20 Hz to 22 kHz, and an adjustable threshold range from 0 to –60 dB.

Mono-Maker forces all frequencies from stereo to mono, and is adjustable from 20 Hz to 22 kHz — perfect for tightening up the low-end in any mix. (The Mono-Maker is typically set between 60 - 100 Hz.)

In Use
Applications for the bx_digital V2 plug-in include recording, mixing, mastering, post-production sweetening, sound design, and audio restoration.  


Brainworx bx_digital V2 EQ プラグイン

B. Dale



I really wanted to love this EQ but unfortunately I've had some significant issues with it. Given it's presented as a mastering EQ I find it very difficult to make precise movements with the knobs. Holding Shift gives you a little better resolution but it's still jumpy. There's also a feature that's great (when it works) where the EQ automatically solos the band while you're sweeping the frequency. I love this feature but it randomly stops working. To fix it I have to un-instantiate and re-instantiate the plug-in. This is a pretty big bug for an EQ I paid over $300 for. UA support, while they answered quickly, took no responsibility and repeatedly told me to contact Brainworx, which is disappointing as well.

P. Talbot


Great on stereo bus!

I use this one on the stereo bus, and its M/S fine tuning treatment is very transparent and really helps make the mix shine. I'm not talking about mastering here, but just a simple touch to open up the mix a little bit and make it breathe, sometimes that's all that is needed and this one is the easiest way to get there!

A. Gabrys


great combo of features

there is so much that this does - its pretty amazing IMO.

I mostly do my own stuff for TV/film (as opposed to mixing other artists) and this is great on my master chain to clean stuff up, and deal with stereo width.

i haven't uncovered any things that are "weird" or "didn't realize this was missing".

I do like the fact that is graphic, the auto solo works, the stereo width is cool if not overdone, the bass mono maker is fine, the bass shift and presence shift are quick fixes if not overdone (although they are likely solving problems that indicate you should just remix the track).

A good all around unit. glad I got the UAD version so it uses my quad card. didn't A/B against the BX native version so can't comment on sound differences.

J. Vekich



I'm demoing this as we speak...This is a great plugin especially for the technical aspect of music! you can almost make your sound seem TOO perfect....if that makes sense but This is gonna be my next purchase no doubt!!! you can sculpt your project by removing all the harsh and clunk out of the mix in a matter of 10 minutes!!! well worth it!! I suggest using it mostly to take away unwanted sounds...Use the harrison to boost!!! perfecto!!!

D. Ziesing


As a Mastering engineer for Grammy and ARIA award winning artist's, preservation of detail is critical. Nothing shows transient detail like the Focal Grand Utopia tweeters that I use every day. This plugin has some of the cleanest fastest preservation of micro detail I have heard and is a fantastic problem solver especially with the De-Esser.

If you are looking for a clean correctional mastering eq the BX V2 is perfect. If you already use the native version, then the UAD is a must due to the much improved transient details(no blurring of the image).

D. Ticotin


The Bx V2 is the best mastering Eq in the UAD arsenal in my opinion. I'ts just easier to dial in than the precision eq and the stereo expander is the least annoying that i own, which means i probably use it more than i'm supposed to!

G. Piazza


Very smooth filters, incredibly handy 'auto-solo' feature for finding the right frequency quickly, a smooth de-esser and mid-side functionality make this a winner.
My only beef (and I am sure it is a Brainworks design thing, not a UA thing) is that some mixes get a little phasey and washy if the mid and side eq curves are radically different or the width is too high (sometimes even 105% will get ill-defined). But that is a minor quibble compared to the beauty of this eq's functionality in other areas.
And don't forget those sweet filters!

J. Kingham


I love this EQ. The precision and flexibility of it are amazing. Sonically it is superb. To be able to EQ L/R and Mid separately and so precisely, quickly and easily is invaluable. It now lives on the 2bus of all my mixes. I also love it for surgical eq on problem tracks.

J. Widick


I completely agree with John Vawter's review. This this is a beast...and it is intimidating at first. Once I grasped what was going on, I couldn't stop playing with this thing. I can't believe how well I can make the worst recordings sound (and there are plenty of them on my system). I find this plugin particularly awesome with just an 1176 compressor in front of it when mastering. In a well-balanced room, you just can't go wrong. I'm by no means an expert at any part of the recording process, but this thing makes me sound like it. I also agree that you can easily overdo it. I know I have several times and had to tone it down after taking a break from it.

J. Vawter


One of the studios where I work owns the BX Digital native which gave me an opportunity to put the two versions head to head. The UAD version is superior. There is substantially less phase shift with the UAD version. The native doesn't null even when the settings are flat, although the results are mostly inaudible. The results definitely ARE audible with some healthy settings on both versions, an average of -43dB on my test file, most noticeable in the high frequencies. The UAD version is cleaner and more linear. Although the native is not bad by any means, the resulting phase haze when used across multiple tracks was apparent to me even before the UAD version existed. To those new to the BX, this thing is a beast. The GUI is a bit spartan and intimidating at first go, but the Auto Listen feature is revolutionary. Grab a frequency knob and it automatically solos, making EQing less of a chore. Every EQ plugin designer should license this idea from Brainworx! Even EQ novices can quickly EQ an entire project once they've got the hang of it. The mono version rocks for mixing, but the stereo version requires some restraint in that mode. It's easy to overdo it, especially in M/S. For mastering, it's so good that it even makes me sound like I know what I'm doing.

N. Mintz


Having a Sontec MEQ and a GML 9500 (among others) I tend to not use plug-in EQs very much. However the BX Digital is hands down the best mastering EQ plug-in out there. Very versatile and musical. The Mono-maker (elliptical filter) is a great tool on it's own. The M/S options are unique and useful. Highly recommend. -Lacquer Chanel Mastering, Toronto

H. Summers


Arrived at the perfect moment, just as I was mastering my new album. Stunning sounding eq, love the intelligent controls - very intuitive. Awesome widening & detail enhancing of stereo imaging too. Already a bignfan of the Manley massive passive, but BX digital v2 does many things very elegantly which other eqs don't touch. Big thumbs up!

S. Smith


Linear phase surgery, M/S wizardry, band soloing for help dialing in frequencies - what's not to like?!

B. Busch


Good but different than BX native - I bought both!

In my tests I find the UAD seems to have more non-correlated information than the BX version, even if set flat. Also, bypassing individual bands, I hear each filter of the BX version change against a phase-reversed file, while the UAD version has a constant (yet more different) sound no matter what bands are on or off. This suggests that the BX version is removing individual bands from the audio path when turned off while the UAD version is not. That can be good or bad. The UAD starting point seems less neutral (sonically and in a null test), but individual band changes may be more subtle as a result.

Overall, I find the BX to be "softer" while the UAD seems a bit "sharper" sounding. This also suggests differences in phase response.

P. Alberti


i have the brainworx native version of this plug in. it sounds exactly the same as the uad demo, plus it comes with no presets the same as the uad version. although this and the neve 31102 are the only two plug ins missing from my uad collection i cannot really justify the $329 cost just to use it on my uad platform. still, i love ua and the work they do. would love to see a mic emulation plug in (a la) mic modular with all the top sounding mics. keep up the great work guys.

W. Nagy


Really confusing????

Watched the video of this plugin, seemed like a winner. BUT:
Tried to use it, followed the instructions and still have not had a successful use of it, I keep eliminating it from my mixes as it just never has a pleasing effect. There are no presets to even start with, even tho it says 'A,B,C, and D' I see no difference (hear) in them. I am an experienced arranger/engineer/producer with a long career in high end projects (working on 6 Emmy winning shows)
Since it was so expensive, I will keep trying to get it to work, but this would be one I would love to return, should have spent more time with the demo period....My fault!
Sorry UA, but this would need to have usable presets to get a better rating from me....

A. Aken


Although this plugin is fine in its art, it doesn't work with the current version on a 64 bits enviroment. It crashes your project. Together with the spl vitaliser these 2 products need propper coding since they are 3rd party development with also 3rd party support.

So wait to buy the bx digital and the spl vitaliser if you are on win 7 64 bits.



Couldn't even try it

I discovered that the UAD drivers won't install under Windows 10, so this and all my UAD plugins are now useless. Absolutely EVERYTHING else in my studio (Pro Tools 12 including alphas and betas, S6 including betas, Waves DLS drivers for Soundgrid, and every other program and plugin, works with Windows 10.

S. Alexander


The only reason I'm given it 3, and not a full 5 -- it's actual integration with UAD. One has to click two-three times on edit button (Latest Cubase, 64-bit all-the-way) until you'll finally get plugin editor to the screen. It was like that in the first version, it is like that now. But plugin REALLY changes my world -- M/S rules :)

b. martial



j'adore ce plug!
extrêmement précis, apporte une belle image stéréo ( si bien réglé), transparent,
tout devient plus limpide, intelligible .
principalement utilisé en mode M/S (recording ou mastering)
j'avais déjà la version v2, celle ci est u peu plus complexe a utiliser.
pas de problème d’installation, mais qqs fonctionnement parfois étrange pour l’édition (cubase 8.5, w7 64 bits)
toujours présent sur mon master!