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Neve® Dynamics Collection

Neve® Dynamics Collection

通常価格: $299.00


You'll Save 50%


通常価格: $299.00


You'll Save 50%



Neve 2254 / Eとアップデートされた33609 / C Limiter/Compressorプラグインを備えるNeveDynamics Collectionは、ApolloインターフェイスとUADハードウェア専用のNeveのもっとも大切なダイナミクスハードウェアを許諾を得て開発し、隅から隅まで詳細なエミュレーションを提供します。


Neveの象徴的な2254 / Eおよび33609 / C ダイオードブリッジリミッター/コンプレッサーの世界で唯一本格的なプラグインエミュレーションをゲット


サイドチェインフィルター、ドライ/ウェットミックス、ファースト/スローアタックなどの新機能を追加しアップデートされたNeve 33609/Cでサウンドをシェイプ



Vance Powell(Jack White、Chris Stapleton)Damian Taylor(The Killers、Björk)、Chuck Zwicky (Prince, Soul Asylum)らが作成したアーティストプリセットを使用してミックス

Neve 2254/E。80シリーズコンソールの心臓部

Neve 2254/E。80シリーズコンソールの心臓部

オリジナルのNeve80シリーズコンソールの重要な要素である2254リミッター/コンプレッサー・モジュールのクリーミーなダイナミクスは、何千枚ものヒットレコードで使用され、グループトラックや個々のトラックに重み、カラーを追加しました。Neve 2254 / Eは、ダイオードブリッジトポロジーを使用して、個別のコンプレッション回路とリミッティング回路を備えており、お好みのソースのダイナミクスをコントロールしながら“トーン”を加えるのに最適です。



UAのエンジニアチームは、当時の回路図とオリジナルのNeve80シリーズのサービスマニュアルを研究することにより、この貴重なイギリス製のキットの隅々までをキャプチャーしました。Neve 2254/E Limiter and Compressorプラグインは、オリジナルのハードウェアが持つ複雑なアンプ/フィルターの動作を忠実に再現し、個々のトラックやステレオバスに伝統的なNeveモジュールと同じカラフルでリッチなブリティッシュコンプレッションを提供します。さらに独立したL/Rパラメーターコントロールを備えたNeve 2254/E Dualを使用してステレオバスをさらに作り込むことができます。

ミックスバスロイヤリティ。 Neve 33609 / C

ミックスバスロイヤリティ。 Neve 33609 / C

Neve 2254 / Eよりも透明性と柔軟性が高く、そして太く、紛れもないブリティッシュダイオードブリッジ・ダイナミクスコントロールを誇示しているNeve 33609 / Cは、70年代からチャートトップ・ヒットソングのミックスバスで使用されてきました。穏やかなカラーリングからブリックウォールリミッティングまで、このダイナミクスプロセッサーは、音楽制作だけでなく、マスタリング、ポスト、およびブロードキャストなど幅広い用途でプロの頼みの綱として活躍してきました。





Neve Dynamics Collection

J. Moreland


A Stunning Emulation

Every time I think I'm out - you pull me back in! Damn, this 2254 completely blows the doors off of all the other 80 series compressor emulations out there. I just assumed the comp was too "vibey" to be made into a plugin. I didn't even bother to demo this when it came out because every version I've tried of this beast was so disappointing. I am so overjoyed to be proven wrong. And in case one does not use Luna but wants to hear some of that magical Neve summing you hear so much about, just put this on a buss, turn the comp and limiter to the off position and push your audio through this. What comes out is fatter, rounder, warmer, wider... better. But really, this is one of the finest "glue" comps out there. So feel free to put this on any track or buss that needs a compressor or needs to sound like you mixed your stuff on a vintage mixing console. Amazing.

D. Willis


This Is Why I Own 95 UAD Plugins

Using sales and bundles, I've acquired 95 UAD plugins -- average cost of $52 each. I buy so many because I'm not an expert so I need more choices. I was going crazy in a recent mix trying to find the right comp for my vocalist, and the usual LA 2A and 1176 combo was only ok, not great. She had a strong voice with rich undertones, and I wasn't doing justice to her. I tried every comp I had till I finally tried this one and it was like magic! I used the Crush Vocals preset and suddenly her voice came alive and moved forward in the mix. I'm so happy that I came here to write this review. Now I'm going back to finish my mix and hear my vocalist sound like butter!

S. Mollica


Your Drums pretend this

The fact this is a sweet neve emulation could just let me finish this review right here, right now.
But this is something you want to go for in the first place!

Not easy to use, so just load and then cleverly tweak some presets. You'll be blown away.

j. park


Neve's it self

Just Wow

G. Potter


Sweet Diode Bridge Vibe

In my opinion, most people really undervalue diode bridge compressors. They are my favorite sounding type of compressors, and these plugins really deliver on that sound.

There are times that other types of compressors suit an instrument better, but these have become my go to first thing to try when working on a new source.

G. Johnson


Makes me wanna remix the last 5 records I've done.

Damn! Had 4 of these at the studio I used to be at for 20 years. This emulation shouldn't even be called an "emulation", it's that good! We used to use these on drums but I've been using them across my mix bus. If you love the sound of Big Star, Badfinger and late Beatles solo efforts this is one stop shopping. Like I said..."DAMN".

Š. Kominko



Another excellent compressor. Fantastic.

L. Tian Siung



Great Plugin!

S. Kim


Its deep

Have some learning curve and tryin to make a room in my mix

F. San Filippo



The 33609 is a classic clean bus compressor/limiter. Slightly pumpy, but gives you the finishing touch on a 2-bus or stem. The 2254 is essentially similar with a bit more grit, and is excellent for rhythm guitar busses.

E. Dolzhikov


Graphic problems

The plugin sounds good, but why on my old macbook, instead of the GR indicator, there are images from the safary browser? Changed something in the video engine.

E. Bureau


Drum buss magic!

The 2254 is really awesome. If you're like me, you love the Fairchild and Teletronix, but think that the 1176 sounds a bit too 'cheap' in comparison. However, you need something that is more snappy and powerful, this is the one! I haven't even got around to testing out the 33609 yet!

I. Macaulay


My Favourite Buss Compressor

I tested out several different buss compressors and the 33609/C was my pick. Colour and clarity.. makes things sound expensive.

H. vincent


2254 !!!!

Just put the 2254 on a kick and feel the warmth ... stunning

T. Long


What was I doing without this before?

Every time I am reminded that an old plugin will not load I am grateful because I have a MUCH BETTER version of what was supposed to be - but never quite was - a real pro audio solution.

T. Long


What was I doing without this before?

Every time I am reminded that an old plugin will not load I am grateful because I have a MUCH BETTER version of what was supposed to be - but never quite was - a real pro audio solution.

C. Brown


Neve at it's best

I've been enjoying having so many options for dynamics on mixes. This collection allows you to really explore that Neve sound. Nice job again and a welcome addition to my kit.

E. Ananda



The tone and sound has made compression fun for me again. Honestly, wow! I LOVE IT!

M. Beil


Thats Mojo!!

Both the 33609 and the 2254 are great! Love the 33609 on Pianos, Dums and Busses. The 2254 is killin the drum Bus!!!!! Get it!

D. Long


A must Have

There is something about the Neve sound that changes the Character of your mix. At times subtle but yet profound. Helps glue my mixes and gives me the confidence to be sure of the quality of my final product. UA's emulations always stands out.