elysia• alpha compressor Collection

elysia• alpha compressor Collection





An elite, ultra-transparent sonic sculpting tool.

Designed by Brainworx, the elysia• alpha compressor Plug-In Collection for UAD-2 and Apollo interfaces is a faithful emulation of the powerful, ultra-high-end, Class-A hardware used for mixing and mastering.

Fetching over $10,000 new, the alpha compressor is nearly unmatched amongst dynamics processors for its openness and clarity. Authenticated by elysia• GmbH, the elysia• alpha compressor Plug-In Collection features painstaking component modeling to capture the sound of the original hardware.

Now you can:

Mix and master your recordings with a faithful emulation of one of the world’s most powerful compressors

Rebalance completed mixes with frequency-targeted dynamics controls and M/S processing

Harness the Feed Forward and Auto Fast controls to accentuate a drum bus with unparalleled sonic options

Use the Warm and Soft Clip features to add analog polish and elegantly finish off your mixes and masters


100% discrete Class-A sound authenticated by elysia• GmbH

Integrated M/S (mid/side) Matrix:

Feed Forward and Feedback-type compression for each channel

Auto Fast control for semi-automation of attack/release features

Niveau Audio Filter

Mix control for easy parallel compression

Signal Matrix for monitoring the direct and the processed signal

Soft Clip Limiter for taming short and loud transients and smoothing signal peaks


elysia• alpha compressor

D. Fornes Berenguer


Imprecindible en el Mastering bus!!

Compresión precisa y transparente con una naturalidad increíble, el compressor definitivo para el mastering.

P. Uszyński


Ah, what a beautiful workhorse!

Can a workhorse be beautiful? Yes, and this is the case of elysia• alpha! When in need of transparent, precise compression for literally anything (drums, bass, backing vocals, synths, guitars) - go for alpha. It lets you keep your mixes really, really clean where needed. Doesn't provide you with "tons of colour", but it's not mean this way. Pair it with Distressor, 1176 or anything else of your choice for chosen tracks/groups and you're more than fine.

Highly, highly recommended, tested for a short time so far, but heavily with synths, guitars, vocals (singing and a TV voice-over), bass and drums (gave very good results with electronic pop/IDM genres).

Saying goodbye to Waves C1 right now :) <3

R. Gun


interesting some times

Subtle, for my opinion not that easy to adjust perfectly.
Can distort, pay attention.

S. Bakas


Amazing MS compression and Eqs!

Great compressor for stereo bus, MS comp and EQ!A great tool to have!

A. Hume


Unbelievable Master Compressor

You can easily get SSL-style punch or extremely transparent compression. The soft clip function sounds like crap on masters, but that's to be expected with most basic clippers. Perfectly useable function for individual tracks. The 'warm' button also sounds great, I really like the linked M/S over unlinked for mastering as well. This isn't just for mastering, but an extremely detailed mixing or tracking comp.

E. Romano


Great compressor!!!

Elisya Compressor and Mpressor are really masterpieces! Making really cool punchy drums and have amazing settings for others instruments and vocals! For Mastering - absolutely perfect!!!!)))

M. Sudhakar


Mastering Comp

I use the Elysia Alpha Compressor specially for M/S Compression. Sounds smooth and up front!

H. Holzheu


Elysia Alpha Compressor Rezension

mein Lieblingscompressor, von unauffällig Weich bis Knallhart, alles möglich. TOLL

b. berkovic


Alpha Compressor,must have

What I can say, absolutely great tool for mostly any situation

b. berkovic


Alpha Compressor,must have

What I can say, absolutely great tool for mostly any situation

张. 张


elysia• alpha compressor

Transparent sound, production width, and some mid-frequency and low-frequency upgrades, some songs are still very suitable.

L. Roccatagliati


Great drum compressor

really good on drum buss. it push all drums clearly and in a smooth way. need to study it more for the rest

N. Gureev


First compressor to make it to my master bus chain!

Underrated. Grab this plugin while it's 70% off!

L. Lörincz


A Definitely Must Have On Your MasterChain !!!

I started to use this magnificent tool on my every master chain and not only!
Love it for his warm and depth and stereo image that it gives to all my tracks..
Thank you UAD & Brainworx for this wonderful plugin!
All the best!
Best regards,



The hulk in mixing

Good 4 parallel comp nice soft clipper

C. Mastering Casa Rara


Best compressor for mastering purposes

In order to leveling and compress Mid Side, is a usefull tool, clean if you want, also can be very very bad ass! Love side chain, saturation and paralell compression features!

T. Atkins


OK Master Compressor

Very useful for the subtle frequencies. Works hand in hand with the Manley Massive Passive on my mastering chain. Recommended

T. Atkins


OK Master Compressor

Very useful for the subtle frequencies. Works hand in hand with the Manley Massive Passive on my mastering chain. Recommended

A. Müller


Excellent compressor

Clean and transparent, i am using this compressor for different electronic styles of music. I demoed this one while looking for a mastering compressor und the clarity was great. Catch this comp on a sale and you'll be happy!

s. Pfeiffer



Beautiful, subtle and refined...at least until you engage the soft clip, then things can get unruly! The MS process and Niveau filtering are life-changing sweetening tools.