Precision Mix Rack Collection

Precision Mix Rack Collection



An elegant addition to the Precision Series
mixing tool set.

Featuring four modern, high-fidelity plug-ins for recording and mixing, the Precision Mix Rack Collection for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces gives you powerful and intuitive tools for creative tone shaping.

Included in all versions of the Analog Classics and Realtime Analog Classics plug-in bundles, the Precision Channel Strip, Precision Reflection Engine, and Precision Delay Modulation plug-ins offer an impressive tool set — perfect for beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

Now You Can:

Get started right out of the box with included plug-ins from UA's premier Precision Mix and Mastering Series

Track or mix with the Precision Channel Strip's powerful five-band EQ and dynamics modules

Add shimmer and movement with Precision Delay Modulation’s chorus, flanger and delay effects

Create small space atmosphere and depth using Precision Reflection Engine on buses or individual sources

Key Features

UA's award-winning algorithmic craftsmanship from UAD Precision Mix and Mastering Series' designs
Four tools included: Precision Channel Strip, Precision Delay Mod, Delay Mod L (Long), and Precision Reflection Engine
Musical and flexible overlapping five band EQ, including assignable cut, peak, or shelf filtering
Natural to aggressive dynamics control from soft compression to hard limiting, plus auto gain and Dynamics/EQ swap
A wide range of delay and modulation effects including stereo/ping-pong/crossover delays, plus chorus and flanging
Precision Reflection Engine provides unique small space ambience design and more
Included free with all UAD and Apollo purchases
Requires a UAD DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide


Precision Mix Rack Collection

s. yurwhys


api 560

api 560

s. yurwhys




R. Heksch


Aggressive but free

I do industrial and i like this for sound design. Its not clear, its not warm, but its got some bite and few extreme settings which i like.
If you are like me just used all your money on UAD hardware and starter pack, this is total god send. Its usable under any circumstances. Of course it won't compare to neve or ssl. But for time being it is perfect. I am giving 5 stars for this reason too. I wouldn't probably buy one cos there is better plugs, but this quality and free.... common

V. Mentil


Great tool but expander/gate is missing

The Precision Channel Strip is a very useful plugin for working quickly and effectively in the Apollo Console (equalizer, compressor). I use it on vocals to improve comfort in the headphone.
However, in my opinion, an expander/gate is missing. It would be great to reduce background noise between takes when we listen on what we just recorded.

R. Mendes


não localizei este plug no meu pacote de plugins

não localizei este plug no meu pacote de plugins, porque não esta la?

R. Mendes


não localizei este plug no meu pacote de plugins

não localizei este plug no meu pacote de plugins, porque não esta la?

R. Mendes


não localizei este plug no meu pacote de plugins

não localizei este plug no meu pacote de plugins, porque não esta la?

R. Belin



mix down

P. Ranjbar


Very Good Presets

The Best Only :::::::>>>Uad And Precision Mix Rack Collection

l. jin




Y. Dayong




A. Müller


Great little bundle

This bundle is a nice to start with, not too cpu-hungry. Not first class as the other UAD-Plugins but really useful in the 2nd row.

E. Halterman



This is an awesome tool! It sat on my computer, until I finally tried it on a mix... wow! Great job UAD! Again... you have made my life simpler!

E. Victor



I was surprised after using it on a stereo bus , very powerful

J. Bowman


Great channel strip

Just realized after several years I own these plugs. The channel strip eq and compressor are great! The compressor can really dig in while staying transparent. Really surprised great find!

P. Aitchison


Solid Starter Plugins

If you don't have the cash to splash out on flagship channel strips right away, don't worry, the free mix rack collection sounds fantastic!

Low DSP, clean intuitive design and bags of sonic character.

Free has never sounded so good!

M. Chomczyk


Free but powerful !

Really cool and needs rather small DSP compared to the newer plug ins. Useful Channel Strip and good sounding Delay in this package. Moreover... It's free with your UAD device. Great quality! Recommended !

F. Antonio


Precision is the perfect name

That's is all about: PRECISION.
No color, just what you want.
To lift my highs I still use the pulltec

c. zarate



Power full plugin with very useful low cpu, work very well on master bus channel.!
well done UA

E. Sevmont


Great freebie with its own mojo!

It definitely has some mojo, I've used this for tracking drums and vocals mainly as well as other instruments with very gentle settings printed and it works wonders. I also suggest trying the EQ and COMP at the mix buss at the beginning of your mixing process. Give it a test and don't overlook it just because it's free, definitely worth using it, not so dsp hungry and great for tracking large sessions with EQ and COMP in your recordings.