API® Vision Console Emulation Bundle

API® Vision Console Emulation Bundle

Exclusively for LUNA Recording System






APIのアナログコンソールは、これまでにレコーディングされた中で最高のサウンドのアルバムの中心にありました。 Fleetwood MacのRumoursからRadioheadのIn Rainbowsまで、APIのデスクは、通過するすべての音にキャラクター、カラー、パンチを追加します。

API Vision Console Emulation Bundleは、LUNAを完全なAPIコンソールに変えます。 APIプリアンプおよびチャネルモジュールを介してリアルタイムにトラッキングし、APIの輝かしいアナログサミング、バスコンプレッサーでミキシング可能です。Apollo DSPを使用した低レイテンシーでのトラッキングと、LUNA内のパワフルなネイティブミキシングをシームレスに切り替えるころができます。


世界初の詳細なコンソールエミュレーションを使用して、LUNAをAPIの主力Vision コンソールに返信させます



複数のプラグインを管理することなく、LUNAのAPI channel stripを使用してトラックをシェイプすることができます


インラインのAPI 2500 Bus Compressorを使用してバスとマスターにまとまりを与え、トーンを追加


デスクトップで使える本格的なAPI Console

デスクトップで使える本格的なAPI Console

LUNAのミキサーに組み込まれたAPI VisionConsoleエミュレーションは、この種のものとしては初めてのものです。詳細にわたり完壁なエミュレーションであるこのLUNAエクステンションを使えば、LUNAのセッションをリッチなAPIトーンで満たすことができ、しかもフローティング・プラグインウィンドウは不要です。API Vision Consoleのチャンネルストリップを使用してミックス全体に素早く“ペイント”し、APIのクラシックなLシリーズチャンネルモジュールを使ってソースを形作ることができます。



API Vision Console Emulationの各チャンネルストリップでは、APIの象徴的なLシリーズのモジュールを6つ使用することができます。212L preamo、カラフルな225L compressor、235L gate/expanderによるパンチと存在感、そして550L/560L EQ、スイープ可能な215L Hi/Loパスフィルターのパワフルなトーンシェイピングまで、大胆なAPIトーンをリアルタイムで造形することができます。



オーディオソースがAPIコンソール(特に2520オペアンプとカスタム・アウトプットトランス)を通過すると、自然なアナログのノンリニアリティが働き、音楽的なハーモニクスとトランジェントクリッピングを生み出します。API Vision Console Emulationは、Vision Consoleのハイブリッド・ボルテージ/カレント・サミング回路のすべてを巧みに捉え、サミングされた信号にパンチと深み、そしてキャラクターを与え、ミッドフォワードで生き生きとしたミックスを実現します。

伝統的なインライン API Consoleコンプレッション

伝統的なインライン API Consoleコンプレッション

Vision Console "インライン "バージョンであるAPI 2500 Bus Compressorは、エネルギーと動きを加えることで定評があり、APIを重要なアナログによるサウンドの一体感とミッドフォワードアティテュードをバスとマスターフェーダーに与えます。パワフルなスラストコントロールを含む、細部にまでこだわったこのエミュレーションを、ドラムバスやシンセなどに適用して、本物のAPIによるパンチを実現します。



入力ステージからバスサミング、マスターフェーダーまで、API Vision Console Emulationのように大型アナログコンソールを徹底的にエミュレートしたデジタルワークフローはありませんでした。数え切れないほどのヒット曲のレコーディングで使用されたものと同じインスピレーションに満ちたワークフローを、クラシックなAPIデスクの一体感、キャたクター、カラーを利用することができます。



API Vision Console Emulation Bundleには、API Preamp、Vision Channel Strip Collection、API 2500 Bus CompressorのUADプラグイン版も含まれており、Apolloやお気に入りのDAWを使って、リアルタイムにトラッキングやミックスを行うことができます。


LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle

R. Adkisson


They all do it

Antelope Zen, I purchased when it came out. They promised a suite of effects to come, via 2 telephone conversations. When the plugins were released, they told me no upgrades without purchasing new hardware. (same architecture) So, I bought an Octo, and Im happy. It is what it is, until they step on me too. Im happy with my purchases so far.

B. Sullivan


I'm a Neve guy, but....

API units and plugins have always sounded a bit harsh to me. That was until I put this bundle into LUNA, and it blew my away! Great sound, and not harsh at all! It inspires me to continue using LUNA as my main DAW.

M. Bilderbach


API for the WIN!!!!

I had bought the vision channel strip before they upgraded it and was curious but didnt know if I wanted to get the new channel strip so I just opted for the pre. dang... it is SOOOOOO good. Totally cool saturation but also just works so well to bring something forward without doing "too much" if that makes sense. So pumped on this pre, and glad to have another unison option.

R. Lincoln


Are you kidding????

I have spent thousands of dollars with UAD, and I think their emulations are great, but I bought the API channel strip a couple months before this came out, and after the last update my API channel strip is now "legacy" and you are asking me to basically buy it again to get the new version. I'm sorry but this is not acceptable. It's shameful and greedy, and there are too many alternatives. I may very well have made my last UAD purchase.





A. Capon


No longer works in Console 1

Nice To have to pay money to get a plugin that I have paid for to work again, robbery.

C. Peters


I would pay any improvement you do




I won't buy the same plugin twice.

for the obvious reason

P. Shrout



I see all the people crying about having to pay for the upgrade and it is mind numbing. Typical entitlement mentality. UA is a business. It costs money to develop upgrades and try to get the algorithm closer to the hardware. Some of this stuff is “on the bench” for years before it’s released. I’m an analog guy. I have a Neve and outboard gear I use on the regular. This is a tiny price to pay for recall and the API flavor. If quality is not something you value, then there are plenty of cheap or free options online. For me, I will gladly pay for quality, and continue to make the clients that trust me with their music happy. And remember kids, cheap mixes aren’t good, and good mixes aren’t cheap.

h. dong


Nice experience! I like.

Nice experience! I like.

E. Souza


you have to buy it again?

Disappointed with the universal! I'm an old apollo UAD customer, and yes I Love This system and plugins...uad is my favorite workflow of all systems, but I buy a plugin and then have to pay for the upgrade again and make the original a legacy one, It's an abuse

J. O'Hara


Great Product- Should Have Come Standard

I love my new Apollo Solo—and the API plugin I also purchased. My only complaint is that the API plugin should have come standard. You HAVE to include a gate.

A. Julot


API channel strip andvNEVE® 1084™ PREAMP & EQ

I am a loyal Antelope user. This week I decided to jump to UAD world. I am honestly disappointed. I purchased an Apollo x6, I thought I would have NEVE® 1084™ PREAMP & EQ and the other free plugins that Apollo twin x users have. UAD, think about it. Why do I have to spend more money and having less plugins? Please give me a valid reason!

D. King


Just Getting Into UAD . . . . . Now getting out before spending tons of money with this policy

Just bought an Apollo x4, but reading stuff like this really disappoints me.

M. Camilo


Beautiful Sound but...Don't understand why i have to pay again for the upgrade

First of all let me say i'm a huge fan of this plugin. i love the sound and i use it in all my mixes. It sounds really full. It helps me a lot getting the sound i like.
Now, the downside.. I bought this Channel Strip months ago, the first version with 550 eq and now, to upgrade to this latest version i have to pay again. For someone like me that have a lot of money invested in Uad (2 OCTO cards plus 40 plugins) this is just not fair. If i knew a new version was coming i would have waited to buy the new one.
Please, UAD, make this available for free for the previous owners of this incredible plugin. We all are huge fans of your work with your great emulations and want to continue to support you on future releases. but please don't charge your customers twice for an upgrade of the same plugin.
Thank you

M. Bentel


Versatile and Punchy

Beautiful Eq and allover versatility to create punch ,growl or silky texture to my tracks. Instant inspiration!

P. Nissley


you have to buy it again??

wow honestly stuff like this makes me want to leave UAD. how many more plugins will i have to buy TWICE? you should be grandfathering owners in. it feels greedy

D. Vogrig


Not only Api but Unison

Bought this preamp to make it work as an api preamp inside the apollo with unison technology. I tried to put it in the post production stage (as first plugin) but it's different from the recording directly troughtout the plugin... I love the "agressive" sound of this preamp and decide to buy it and using it for rock voice and guitars (even if on voice sometimes I choose an unison tube pre)

D. Vogrig


Not only Api but Unison

Bought this preamp to make it work as an api preamp inside the apollo with unison technology. I tried to put it in the post production stage (as first plugin) but it's different from the recording directly troughtout the plugin... I love the "agressive" sound of this preamp and decide to buy it and using it for rock voice and guitars (even if on voice sometimes I choose an unison tube pre)



API 2500 good to any buss but I recommend drum buss

just put it and 1,2 db GR then magic happen