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Volt 176

Overall Rating


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b. sherrington


Excellent interface

Very happy with the hardware. Just a shame that I can't use any of the free plugins that came with it on GarageBand.

T. Vuontisvaara


Home recording

I use it for bass , guitar and vocal recording for metal/rock band and it has taken our recordings to another level ! The compressor for vocal is outstanding! Everything sounds smooth and clear .

A. Stoicea


Best sound card I ever had

I now have a cleaner and more focused sound, and a great quality of recordings. The compressor and the vintage mode is doing 80% of the mix…. Not to talk about the price, it cost 3 times less than my old sound card and is 10 times better!

A. Stoicea


Great Sound card


S. Breidenbach


Mind-blowing quality

I’ve been an engineer for over 12 years and I would put this against the most expensive interfaces available on a blind sound test. I am absolutely blown away by the quality of this device. The compressor presets are perfectly usable and the “Vintage” mode is just perfect. The Volt 176 has shown us that the low-cost interface industry has been holding back big-time.

S. Bruinsma


Just wow!

The quality is insane. And the price is low compared to the quality .
I really like the compressor on it. UAD always delivers.




I am impressed with all the Volt 176 has to offer for the price. UAD sound quality, nice compressor presets, beautiful design... I recommend it 100%.

M. Serrano


No UAD Plugins.

The interface sound ok, but its limited to buy UAD plugins, its a shame that they force you to subscribe to Spark.

s. Mankad


Hate it

Best part is I have not been able to use this product at all, as UA connect says "Can't connect to UA cloud" though I have high speed internet. Uninstalling and reinstalling is not helping and there seems to be no faster way to get a response from UAD support.

E. Marks


Volt 176

The sound quality is excellent as well is the knob placement and features the only problem I have, and the reason I can't give the full 5 stars is because I wish the built monitoring was just a tad bit louder, perhaps this can be addressed in a future update. Other than that excellent buy that has made my home studio complete!





R. McCauley


Unexpectedly great

Bought this as a travel device just in case I needed it for a trip. I was delightfully surprised at the form factor and build quality and even more surprised at the audio quality. The preamp is pretty dang clear for this price point and the compressor & vintage mode add some lovely color to it. Latency hasn't been an issue with either Windows or Mac and this thing travels well. Would definitely buy again.

S. Clark


Nice work UAD - VOLT 176

There is a lot to like about this. Big controls, physical buttons, useful compressor presets, a nice vintage mode, good metering, bus powered, cool old-school styling, and of course UAD audio quality in and out. Just getting some slightly unpredictable latency at this point which I hope I can sort out. Good value for the money.

y. saito


ギターに使用 良い音です


r. ruiz


Volt 176

The card is a marvel, very transparent, and with a lot of volume, the first thing that surprised me was the size, it fits in a pocket. The preamp is super quiet, that if, when you activate the 1176 starts to appear noise, all within normal, where I do not experience much difference is the Vintage button of the preamp. Very happy, totally recommended

J. Long


Bang for your buck!

This interface is a huge step up from the FR solo I had before, the pre amps in this unit are amazing for the value and the built in 1176 emulation has home recordings coming in controlled and sounding professional. Vintage mode makes my bass and vocals sound beautiful. Highly recommended for anyone not ready to commit to the higher end Apollo models.

A. Nicolaas


Volt 176

Needed a little home-studio option for editing when I'm not in the big studio and this Volt 176 looked liked a great addition.... and it is! Great add-on pack, love that every option has a knob or button unlike other devices out there. Vintage mode is subtle but noticable, compression is cool too but would have loved it more if it was gain matched.

S. Podcaster


Very good interface ONLY if you have no network problems

Volt 176 it's a great audio interface - no doubt. It's a small, but powerful "box-of-joy" with amazing sounding "Vintage" mode and great 1176 real-time emulation. As far as the hardware is concerned, I have no objections. BUT if you have no internet connection or you internet provider blocks some ports/connections and UAConnect doesn't work properly, there is no "standalone" ASIO driver for download and your interface does not work also. Hardware it's a masterpiece, but "only on-line" driver installer it's a imprudence :( Five stars for the hardware, zero stars for the network driver installer... Now I'm able to use Volt 176 only on my secondary computer, the main unit cannot run UAConnect properly :(

J. Green


Broadcast-quality: achieved.

Back in the mid-1990s, I had the opportunity to broadcast the early morning local cut-ins for National Public Radio in a college town. I still remember jumping bleary-eyed into the booth with 30 seconds to air, popping on the cans and waiting for the signal from my producer. Speaking into the classic Electrovoice RE-20 with its unique, greenish-brownish-gray gills, for about 4 minutes I got to sound just like I was in the room with Bob Edwards in Washington, DC. It was a fun time.

Fast-forward 30 years, and now I'm trying to build a professional-sounding setup for my new, remote job requiring voiceovers. I was a reporter in radio and TV for nearly 20 years, and I know how to do my research. My mic of choice? The good old RE-20, unchanged since my fond memories of 1996: effortless, warm, flat profile with no need for a pop screen and tough enough to pound nails into a board (look it up). Mic cables? Short, gold-coated Mogami XLRs. Work sent me a new-in-2022, 16" M1 MacBook Pro - science fiction made real. Cans? Polsen studio monitor. I chose a Cloudlifter to boost the RE-20 signal. Now I just needed something to connect all that analog goodness to my Mac.

So many choices! Thankfully, a salesman at my locally owned music production shop steered me away from my first choice, a little red box that worked pretty well for me in the past, and pointed me right to the little unit I now have lighting up my small recording space like a Christmas tree (I love all the colored lights!): the Volt 176. Setup was easy. Red light for 48v power to the Cloudlifter, blue light for the headphones, orange lights for Vintage and the magical 76 Compressor, and green lights for the VU meter...

...And I was back. It was a trip back in time to that little college radio station in 1976. Only this time, it sounded *better*... so much better. Without the 176 compressor, my RE-20 sounded so quiet it was like having noise-canceling headphones on. With the compressor...well. I got a physical shiver... my voice sounded like butter. This is the simplest, most incredible-sounding mic setup I have ever used, ever. One mic, two small boxes, and a Mac... and I'm literally at NPR quality. I know, because I was there.

If you have an RE-20 (and you should if you are doing voiceover work, radio-style podcasting, or just want to wow the executives in your next Zoom meeting), you owe it to yourself to pick up this sweet little box with the wooden sides and the heart of gold. Now pardon me while I step back into my time machine :)

r. ruiz



I am impressed with the size of the Ua volt 176. So far I have not recorded but only played music through it and the headphone amplification is wonderful! I will write more when I try the compressors and preamp!