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UAD-2 Satellite USB

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T. Kingen


So happy to have it

I purchased the Satellite Quad to augment the processing power of my Apollo Duo while mixing. It's a joy to not have to worry about when and where to use UAD plugins. Yep, I'll be purchasing more plugins as budget allows.

R. Vincze


Good stuff

I use it with apollo twin usb. Perfect!

M. Linder Nilsson


Works as advertised

Installing was a breeze, got things running in no-time. Now I have plenty of space for my UAD plugins

B. Thiel


More power

I'm still fairly new to the Universal audio scene. First I got the Apollo twin and was immediately thrilled by the quality...a quantum leap, to the previous plugins. However, I was with the performance of the Apollo twin quite quickly at the limit. So more power was needed. With the satelite octo USB I can now work on my large projects without problems, without straining the CPU too much. Even my old laptop is now back in use, because it no longer has to process the plugin mass itself. So what can I say....nine thumbs up!!!

y. kim


an expensive price a high quality

The symbol of capitalist music equipment. There is no better alternative. decide to use Uad while waiting for a new product that can compete with Uad.

D. Northern


Great, but….

I bought the Octo version to eliminate locking up/crashing due to the amount of channels/plugins I use. I have had these issue STILL because I cannot have more than five UAD plugins on my mix or it locks up and crashes. I love your plugins and it’s a shame that more cannot be used with buying additional equipment when I already paid $1,300 for the hardware, not including the plugins.

A. Smith


Great for reducing CPU load in my DAW.

Due to the amount of plugins I use on the channels and master I was maxing out my PC. Since I bought a UAD2 Satellite it's reduced the load allowing me to create bigger tracks without my PC DAW going into overload.
The UAD2 Satellite also comes with some great plugins to get you started.

G. Castle


Best Studio Purchase I Have Made

I'm using two UAD-2 Satellite USB Octos and two UAD-2 Satellite USB Quads in my home studio. To my ears, UA Plug-Ins are the best. I use a Startech ST7300U3M 7-port USB 3.0 Hub to connect my four UAD-2 Satellites and it works great, allowing me to use as many UA Plugins as my mixes need.

G. Castle


Best Studio Purchase I Have Made

I'm using two UAD-2 Satellite USB Octos and two UAD-2 Satellite USB Quads in my home studio. To my ears, UA Plug-Ins are the best. I use a Startech ST7300U3M 7-port USB 3.0 Hub to connect my four UAD-2 Satellites and it works great.

j. Vita


excellent with no problems

The additional dsp power is great. No problems installing and running on windows 10 Apollo solo usb connection.



Just what I needed.

No more dsp problems. It works perfect with my apollo solo.

R. Bassetti


Amazing and easy!!!

L'ho scelto per la sua incredibile versatilità, semplicità d'uso, ma sopratutto per l'incredibile qualità della tecnologia "Unison".
Sound comes to life with a body to be discovered. If you want an affordable solution with big recording studio quality, UAD-2 Satellite is what you are looking for

M. Hechler


Perfect for Home studio !

This was a must have in the world of using UAD plugins in my home studio. The UAD-2 Satellite allows me to run multiple UAD plugins on larger scale projects, on a host of multiple tracks. The power within the satellite handles the load with quad core processing, leading to a much happier computer to get more done without disruptions :)

M. Moore



I've been a saxophonist most of my life & a computer professional @ many levels in enterprise roles, including IT Director for Washington Nationals Baseball Club (2011 - 2015) ... but WOW! UA has something very special going on with their DSP solutions. I've recently purchased an apollo solo, to hear what the hype was all about and within a few days of using the Neve 1073 & 610B pre using a few studio mic's I have been using and I stopped my session and acquired a UAD-2 Satellite USB for my post work on many tracks lying dormant. Now in 2022 ... I'm looking to finance @ least an apollo x6 for more DSP console tracking! I'm in LOVE with UA. Please be gentle on my wallet in the future, cause I need MORE!!

P. Zhukov



Bought in a bunch of apollo twin duo usb, now I can use all plugins I want. Perfectly

M. Nicholas


DSP Power.

I have worked with many DSP powered systems over the years, including Protools HD and Creamware, Sonic core and others. The dedication the UAD team bring to plugin design is unique. Real manufacturers delivering real quality plugins. The Lexicon 480L is amazing and sounds just like I remember the original hardware ($20000) unit sounding, or at least really, really close and I can run multiple of them for $300. I purchased an Apollo Duo and an Octo USB dsp and haven't found myself running out of power yet on a decent size mix. I love the sound of the UAD plugins and although I've used plenty of the software (cpu based) plugins, these UAD plugins are really something different. People who haven't tried UAD can say what they like but UAD sounds different. It just sounds better, more refined, warmer and more like the real hardware to my ear.
Thank you for all your hard work UAD.

h. sawayama


good gear

Thanks to this equipment, mixing and mastering will proceed more smoothly.

G. Grinko


Good stuff!!

Its very good gear for all music production, I love it. Sound quality is best. I found any plugin for my production, for example Pure Plate, and Cambridge EQ is wonderfull !

R. van der Krabben


Best tools I ever had!

Long time I doubted to enter the UAD-game and man I like it! Really some quality and I feel like I made a step in the right direction. I actually bought a 2nd satellite a week afterwards.

Allright, there are some few points of improvement. The GUIs of some plugins really need an update. They're so small on my 4k monitor, some compatibility for what's right now a regular screen is what you would expect from a renowned company and at a fairly high price point. Also I already own quite a few of the Softube plugins, would be lovely to take advantage of my UAD dsp withouth paying for it twice.

I was giving like 4,5 stars of these 2 minor things, which is just the only thing that I was running in. Without the ability to give 4,5 stars the meter is just aching to te right. Overall I'm really glad with my UAD purchase(s) and would definitely encourage others in doubt to make the leap.

S. Laporte


This is a no-brainer

Very easy to move around and no-frills, this is a beauty. So basiucally, you have a "Elite Fx will travel " unit. Me loves it.

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