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T. Delannay



Top Plugins. Merci UAD.

D. Manuputtij


Refreshed and my 5 stars now!

I own the UAD LA-3A plug-in since day 1 but I only used it occasionally. With this new ‘refreshed’ version of the LA-3A I started using this plugin in all my latest mix-projects. I should have been able to make the LA-3A work for me before, but now, for the first time, I have a personal connection with this plug-in. My 5 stars!!

M. Diaz


Awesome tool/compressor

This thing sounds great for rap vocals! only reason why its not a 5 star rating is because the gui is tiny af!

N. Wilson


Great Classic

I owned 2 vintage LA3A's that I used all the time. Great comp and missed having it after I sold off my HW rig. The plugin is great. Nice in between'er LA2A and the 1176, I use on guitars, keys and vocals. The new larger GUI display is great.

H. Choi


Good LA-3A


h. kim


리뉴얼되고나서 더 좋아진 컴프

드디어 하이프리퀀시 노브가 추가되어 구매. 정말로 만족하고 드럼소스나 보컬 기타 등 올라운더처럼 사용하고있음



Teletronix® LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler - Great Compressor

I have used it with guitars thus far mainly. It is becoming a common go to choice. I am just starting to learn how to mix my tracks and it's ease of use has helped me.

L. Flores



The LA-3A , is a my go to for adding a Comp/limiter to bring clarity And a boost to my mix buss or individual busses without mudding the which ever buss I place it on. And on a side note, recording with Luna, working oh so well! Apollo 8P & Luna , well done UA Audio.

m. Steimer


Thanx for this update UAD !

Glad that UAD finally updates this dirty little face of comp ;)
The 2 very nice additions open the door for some new applications and the "emphasis control" is notably very welcomed <3
UAD didn't wait the MKII's upgrade to boost this LA3A : who will have any complains about that fact ???

D. Warren



A must have for leveling synths and acoustic instruments

J. Manness


More subtle than an 1176

I've used it on bass and trumpet so far and it's easy and forgiving to abuse. If I don't like the aggressiveness of the 1176, the LA-3A seems to be the solution.

b. koh



I tried this with Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Stem buss, etc, frankly speaking, i didn't like it at all. I prefer either LA-2A series (LA-2, LA-2A Grey and LA-2A Silver) or 1176 series (1176 AE, 1176 Rev A, 1176 Rev E) which kind of much easier to achieve exactly what i need for specific purpose.
If you already own the LA-2A and 1176 series, spend worthy time experimenting the variation of these series applying to different tracks and buss. You'll see the MAGIC!
You don't really need the LA-3A to do anything that the other two can't perform. I'm saying that LA-3A sounds bad but if the other two can perform the same, especially with much more ease of control, why bother about LA-3A which has limited control?
Well it's just my personal view, no offend.



Teletronix® LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler

Very nice and musical leveler. I find it faster than the LA-2A. Very useful for some parts in the song.

Very good quality.

O. Gonzalo Mallén


Good but...

I’m happy with the plugin, does the job really well, but is too small. I hardly see it from my sweet spot, please update the size for big screens.

M. Röhm


LA-3A - classic for electric guitars

The LA-3A is my favourite compressors for clean to crunchy electric guitars, sometimes I also prefer it on vocals to tube compressors à la LA-2A.
My only wish would be that the GUI was a little bigger or resizable - on a Macbook Pro with retina display it is comparatively small.

R. McKinley


Does the trick

Easy to use, sounds good

S. Gasparyan


Best for Drums. but interface is too small)))

Like for all quick attack instruments..

N. Pinto


LA-3A in your arsenal!

Sometimes overlooked wrt LA-2A, the LA-3A has properties that you are for sure looking for. Only downside: UI too small.

C. Gabbianelli


Corrupts Delay Compensation in PT

Consistently corrupts the delay compensation in my PT sessions. Pretty disappointed in UAD's lack of resolution to this issue after all of the money I've invested into using their hardware and software.

A. Paulino


Gui too small

the GUI is too small, please update the GUI, the sound is pretty good, but is too small, I can hardly see it on my screen and I have a 32 inches screen

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