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UAD Custom 10 Bundle

UAD Custom 10 Bundle

通常価格: $1,299.00


You'll Save 23%


UAD Custom 10 Bundle

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Disheartening, but this is the best value any time.

It's disheartening when you purchase at full cost, then there is a a sale not long after for not only cheaper, but with a choice of three additional plugins. That said, this is reasonable value if you want to get started immediately.

F. Batiste III


Best Deal On The Best Plugins

I’ve purchased three of these bundles. Brings the cost down to $100 a pop. And this is UAD we’re talking about. So it’s the best deal, best plugins, and best to take advantage of it. Count me in. UAD for life.



This is cool.

Wow, that's a low price.