UA 175B & 176 Tube Compressor Collection

UA 175B & 176 Tube Compressor Collection





UA 175B & 176 Tube Compressor Collection

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A. Levy


My Favorite Compressor

This blows me away every time I try it on anything. I just love it! It makes me happy :D

B. Young


Sublime Compressors Especially For Lead Vox

I was and still am a big fan of UA’s TubeTech CL1B MKII compressor for lead vocals but for my latest single there was some warmth and character missing from the lead vox and I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I had been receiving UA ads and updates about the 176’s but just thought ‘oh yeah just another compressor, I have so many of them already’ but I decided to demo them and was instantly blown away. They seemed to combine the best of the LA2A and the Manley Variable Mu - loads of taming ability with loads of tube warmth. It was exactly what my lead vox needed. It’s no exaggeration to say that the UA 176 (the black one is the one I ended up using - both are amazing though) helped make my latest track what it is. You can really control the tone of whatever instrument it is you’re compressing. I happen to think they’re ideal for vocals. I tracked them in LUNA using UA Neve 1073’s / Unison and had the 176 on an insert so I could adjust the comp after tracking. This combo was dynamite. Try it!

智. 竹内


One of my favorite

Smooth, Warm, and Fat Sound!!!!!!

S. Whitfield


Love it!

Sounds killer!!

B. Senter



Sounds great on various instruments!

A. Reverberi


Pleasantly Surprised

I never used the Hardware version of these and I was not expecting much beside another 1176 type of compressor, but no they do have their own character, and i do use em white a bit.

p. albert


UA 175B ET 176 Tube Compresseur

Compresseur très efficace obtenue avec l'achat d'un satellite DSP .

O. Daniel



This works well for me, esp on the 2bus. Just glad to have it.

B. Horvat


Great plugins

I hate those plugins. I use to know my way around, when it came to mixing, but with these two units... They're fantastic. Why do I hate them...? Because I'm spending too much time applying them (both versions) to pretty much every track in my mix and spending hours enjoying in what they do, instead of getting my work done. But really, these are my new go to plugins for almost any track. Great character easy to use and they feel like home on my 2bus as well. Good job UAD.

M. Hall




J. Eddington


Soo Warm

Love the 175B on vocals and keys, and just about everything else.

C. Davies


175b and 176

Gives a really warm vibe to the sound of the strat
digging these plugins

J. Barillaro



Can't go wrong once you get it set.

J. Barillaro



Can't go wrong once you get it set.

P. Mata Rodriguez


Great piece of software

I don't own the original hardware so I cannot compare, but the results on my guitar and Superior Drummer are great. Great piece of software!!!

R. Hartley



These are just really sweet compressors.

M. Seitz


Weapon an Acoustics...

Seems to be an 1176 MKII...
I needed a little time to find the right way to me. But now its one of my favourites!

M. Qassim


Love 175B on Acoustical Instruments

The way it controls the transients and the colour is something quite special. What's unique about it, is the mixture of the colour of a vintage unit with the compression action of an 1176. Also, just like an 1176 quick and easy to get a good compression.

P. Ruiz


Haven't test the classics...but this one does it!

I am quite a new comer to UAD but this one gets the job done. Add it to gitars or voice with the right process and brings any recording to life!

D. Yudin


Very good!

I use it on bus channels, I am very happy with them.

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