Tonelux® Tilt EQ

Tonelux® Tilt EQ

通常価格: $99.00


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通常価格: $99.00


You'll Save 30%



Tonelux® Tilt EQ プラグイン

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D. Sowden


I love this thing!

Such a simple concept... lighter? Darker? Scooped? Even if you don't print this plugin when recording to your DAW, it's the great way to pull up a headphone mix fast and effectively and efficiently.

T. Urban


Easy to use and great sound - great beginner eq

I try to make mic placement a priority in my studio. Therefore, most of the time, a little low or high rolloff is all I need. This plugin does exactly that, and the tilt feature helps to bring out some sheen in the high or low by using one knob. I tend to use the Manley to correct these issues, but for a cheap alternative that is easier to use, I am giving this 5 stars as a beginner's eq that sounds great.

K. Welham


Good Product

Very nice

D. Giraud


Eq reconnu d'utilité publique dans une chaine d'équalisation

Au studio il me sert en parallèle d'autres traitements d'égalisation.
Placé en amont ou en aval d'une chaine sonique, il oriente , détermine, excite ou affine mes possibilités.
En 10 seconde on est fixé...

E. Kocol


Cool litte EQ

This thing is great for q&d eq.

C. Bergström


Unexpectedly good

It doesn't just tilt the eq, it has some magic algorithms in there that I can't explain but it worked wonders with this dull Malmsjö piano I had sampled

U. Gerstenmeyer


Great Stuff

Easy to use - Very easy to get a quick sound you're looking for.

R. Grace


Tonelux Tilt EQ Plugin

What I like most about this plugin is that you can put it in on your channel and quickly dial in more or less of lo freq/hi freq. Makes it very easy to quickly peel back the onion in your mix - determine what is needed, what is not. Simple and easy to use. Great tool!

h. YU


엄청 좋아요

UAD 플러그인은 정말 사랑입니다. 항상 잘쓰고 있습니다. 다만 너무 비싸요 쿠폰좀 보내주세요^^

R. Gun



Yes it is nice and it works fine.
The drawback is:
It uses way to much DSP power in relation to what it does.
It is rater expensive for what it does.
It got that useless 3d simulating surface of human interface that is not perfect for exact dial setting.
Could have extended range instead of +/- 6db.

C. Cummins


Sweet Simplicity

This is certainly not for tracks that need a finer touch. I am using this quite a bit in track heavy projects where just a quick tweak on supporting tracks is all that is needed. It is a big time saver.

y. qingyu


Easy to use

Easy to use! Very good for the tracks those do not need complex eq

T. Oliphant


Cheap & Useful

I was on the fence buying this but I'm glad I did.

Not power hungry - Easy to use - Very easy to get a quick sound you're looking for.

Also like all Tonelux products, it's clean but leaves its own residue of harmonic color that's very subtle & nice

I'll give it a 4 because its no game changer but its very handy as a audio tool. I find myself reaching for it often!

g. cudjoe



I have to admit that I first thought that this was gimmick of some sort! How wrong I was,this plugin is a must have for quick first step balance with your mix,as with most of uad plugins it is fantastic.

J. Santos


Must have

Simple to use for quick fixes, and sounds great. A must have!

J. Cohn


Surprisingly good sound!

This is a strange plugin EQ in that most might feel that it is easily covered in other plugin choices. Its tilt function is effective when you're looking to inspire a bit of freshness to a dull track but what really surprised me is the actual sound that comes out when passed through this plugin - try putting it in the chain and then playing with bypass, it has a clean and transparent effect on your sound, that I was not expecting and I use it for this reason to clean up tracks as a first insert. The filter section is very smooth and maintains a lot of musical integrity too. Very very dsp effective so easy to use on everything. I love its sound and have it on most of my tracks. Simple and beautiful.



For this price...

You cant beat it...

It's simple to use and give your tracks a nice sheen.

M. G.


Tonelux® Tilt EQ Plug-i...

Tonelux® Tilt EQ Plug-in lo uso para retoques de última hora, para equilibrar rápidamente, mezclas. RECOMENDADO!!!

D. Sokolov


convenient, fast ...

is a great tool! Cope perfectly well and often no other EQ is not required.

R. Matias


For a masterchain

I always tend to put too much weight on bass side of an overall mix, this little tool solves that problem easy and fast

81-100 of171件の結果

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