Thermionic Culture Vulture

Thermionic Culture Vulture

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通常価格: $299.00


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Thermionic Culture Vulture

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don´t get tape...

...get this! The perfect glue plugin. Soft saturation or a nice amount of dirt, here you go. I´m not into the heavy distortion setups - didn´t need them so far! Very warm. I love the mix knob! Needs a lot of processing power, but for good reason! I really like to hear it on lots of things, my favorite is drums. Even used it on synth strings. They got way warmer and more natural!

i. babayoff


Fixing my previous review. 6 stars.

I wrote in my previous review : "I love your plugs, they are 85-100% of my Mixes. But... this one have way to much DSP consumption. so its not a real option for me no matter how good it sounds. Sorry". gave it one star. u can find this review down the line.

after checking this plug out i decides to buy an octo to enhance my quad+duo.
amazing plugin. no other word to describe it.

M. Redlich


Possibly the best plugin UA make

This is one of the most analog sounding, musical, versatile and useful tools ive ever bought, software OR hardware. It has become indispensable for my mixes and im yet to find a category of sound on which it does not work. I see some people are saying the hardware is better. Well man, it must be seriously magical then because this is about as good as it gets in plugin land. I rarely go near presets but Ive also found these presets to be amazingly well made and great places to start from.
To all those complaining about its DSP usage, either buy more DSP or live with what youv'e got. Good things cost money. Deal with it. Thankyou UA for choosing sound over instance count. Were in the business of making better sound, not more of it.

O. Dawson


Culture Vulture review.

Love this unit. The distortion has a lot of character; and even at low gain, adds a lot of character and depth. Top end is not harsh, and doesn't mess with the low end either. Use it on bass, drums, guitar, vocals... whatever.

G. Piazza


Real tube dynamics

I spent a lot of time comparing it to Trash, Ozone Exciter, bx_saturator, Voxengo Varisaturator & Decapacitator. Each has its place, but only the CV has that dynamic tube response. On a mix with a few overload moments, only the CV (in Triode) smoothed them out instead of bringing them forward. True, the usable drive & bias ranges are kinda narrow for subtle applications, but the sweet spot has a 'hardware' sound that none of the others can achieve. Try the demo! This and the VSM blow away every other 'distortion' plugin I've worked with.

M. Penn


Soooo Awesome!!!

This is the Truth!! Very Happy with the New Culture Vulture, it definitely delivers that warmth/Grit/Distortion you need for bass, Drum , Guitars or Vocals etc.

Looking for a Distressor Next UA, "Hint" "Hint" ;-)

K. Schade


Great on synths

I never saw or used the original device but this is the first digital overdrive plugin I am happy to use in my mainly analog setup. Try this on a Moog bass, amazing.

M. Fair


Beast mode!

I love the Culture Vulture. Especially for producing EDM, it brings new life to synth sounds that were sounding a bit dull. Sometimes I'll pull up a preset and go through some synth patches with the CV enabled ... It feels like I just purchased a new synth when I do that. This thing is awesome. Yes, it's a bit power hungry, but worth every penny. I don't use it on every track, but I wish I could. LOL

D. Tarqua


Thermionic Culture Vulture Review by D.Tarqua

I bought the plugin as I was looking for a very special Guitar Sound that I could not get with the Amp simulations and it worked fantastic. I was looking for a overdriven distorted but highly sophisticated sound not a Heavy Metal sound. The Thermonic provided exactly the controls I needed to do this. In the meantime I use it not only on guitars but on a variety of instruments and even vocals to add spice or richness to the sounds. Just used it on a Hamond and that was just gorgeous to emphasize the Hammond Sound even more.
What I did notice tough is that I primarily use the P1 distortion sound as I actually don’t seem to like the others. I try them often but then always revert to the P1.
I love it :-)

G. Hadfield


Emperor's new clothes?

After hearing the online demos, and trying out a working demo briefly I made a snap judgement that we had an Emperor's new clothes device here. People were saying it was amazing, to-die-for, best distortion ever. I slapped it down and cranked it up and thought it sounded cheap and nasty and walked away. After seeing the hugely positive and hugely negative reviews coming in, I assumed it was a Marmite machine (you love it or you hate it). But I was tempted to try it out again. This time I used much more subtle settings with mix set very dry on electric piano and I was sold. The electric piano had more character and colour and more significantly it suddenly just sat in the mix like slipping into a comfortable sofa. I was sold.

P. Geiser



my absolute favorite plugin that i've gotten from Universal audio. super duper colorful and powerful. not a crazy amount of flexibility but still very useful and exciting

A. Booth


flexible and brilliant

Since getting this plug-in I've wanted to use it on pretty much everything (shame about the high DSP count). It's super flexible from really minimal distortion to massive amounts with great features on it like the mix and filter options. This has been sat on my master bus since I got in on all the projects I'm currently mixing and it's really important to the sound that I'm getting.

J. Schmidt-hambrock


Very inspiring!

Lots of pleasant surprises in the Vulture.
Did not have to fight it at all. Lots of sounds that I had not imagined - but ended up using.
Very responsive for bass-playing (my use #1) and in the mix for all kinds of things (use #2).
I am suddenly tempted to take a computer to my gigs. Never did that before.

T. Marrison


Warmth and weight

A superior alternative to Decapitator - more depth in the bass and generally feels more lively. One of my goto plugs for every session

D. Furrer


great tool and toy!!!

I see people writing reviews whether it comes close to the original or not.
I have never been in the position to use the original.
This Plug In is in my opinion an amazing tool and a great toy. It brings glue to my drums like nothing else I have seen or used. For me personally a must have.
There is only one thing I am really hoping for they would somehow update on this plug in. It should have a function that makes the volume go down automatically when you boost the drive knob so the outcoming volume would stay the same.
But (luckily) different people have different opinions so try it in demo mode for yourself ;)

M. Bradburn


What's not to like?

Another gem in my UAD arsenal, has become the go to tool for that certain special something. I can't really see any down side, I'm not sure what other reviewers were expecting of course - for me this is way better than I thought it would be, thoroughly enjoyable. Best dirty digital I've ever heard:)

D. Marcus



So cool to have this beast as a plugin. I love the sounds you can get with..from subtle to full on raging. As always UA hits out of the park with their detailed emulation of classic hardware pieces.

A. Ali


Great sound

It has a great sound, not entirely useful on everything but for things like Bass and thickening up Vocals it really shines.

I've found that you can hit the sweet spot for sounds rather early on and it's quite easy to go overboard and use too much distortion; but when you hit that sweet spot you know that you couldn't have gotten that sound elsewhere.

To summarise I really like this plugin, less is more and it doesn't work for all applications but it has great character.

A. Puro


great sound but has some kinks...

This plug sounds great but unfortunately as of right now for DP users it causes massive glitchy/stuttering sounds when run at a buffer size of 512. Running it at 256 or 1024 is fine however.

K. Dietz


Lots of Culture. Much Vulture.

Really liking this plugin. I haven't used the hardware version (would love to try it) but find that simply putting this plugin across a bus or track adds a new dimension sonically, with very little tweaking. Enhanced harmonics, fuller sound. I love this plugin on a drum bus, acoustic or electric guitar, bass…I need more DSP! There are a few different saturation plugins out there, this one is the best of them, to my ear.

141-160 of196件の結果

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