Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection





Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler コレクション

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L. Cacho (Justicestudios Corp.)


Cant mix with out it

I was kind of exepic because of the price, but is the best plug in my studio for tracking and mixing
100% recommended

A. Sadat


Totally Awesome Plugins

Just try the demo. I like the Silver better than 1176s on vocals.

M. Klein


Nice sound

Nice sound. You can push it pretty hard before it starts to sound to unnatural. Now I just need more disp power.

J. Coleman Jr


What a difference!

I've been fighting this one track, for over a year and a half, trying to get the vocals and drums, to sit in right, and play nice with the other instruments. I used the LA-2A Gray on the drums and the Silver on the vocals, and wow, what a difference! After a year and a half! Truly a wonderful plugin collection! Kudos!

G. Manuel


Solid products

The LA-2 package is outstanding. It's as good as anything I have in my racks from UREI. Well done engineers.

Y. Portal



they sound so good i want them everywhere.
bummer i only own apollo twin solo so the cpu end very quickly... ):
Buy apollo duo and above...

the solo is a waste of time

S. Connor


Favourite for Bass

Anyone with an idea of the history of music technology will be familiar with the LA2A- if you are not, plug in your bass, make the needle dance..... and smile! This adds weight to bass guitar that I just love but without actually eating into your mix headroom, also brilliant for strings, vocals.......... anything with slow transients will sound better with one of these, essential to any studio collection. Brilliant job UA

B. Joseph


This should be in your "To buy" list. Hands down...

I can't give this product a 5, because that would mean it's perfect. But it's damn near perfect in my opinion. I've used the grey and silver face hardware versions for tracking and mixing. In fact I NEVER track vocals or bass without this in the signal chain in the hardware world. But this product is so damn solid that I am tracking with it in the digital realm too! As far as delivering in mixing it is amazing and hauntingly accurate to the real thing. Due the the nature of the digital world, tracking through it didn't come as close to what the real thing does. But reviews shouldn't tell you what to do, try the demo it will sell itself.

A. Creapeau



The LA-2 is known for it's ability to compress a vocal without it sounding smashed. I placed the LA-2 on the master bus and WOW!!! The vocal that was once dull and flat sounding became monsterous, 3D and in your face without it sounding smashed. I highly recommend this plugin.

B. Corn


Amazing "Go To" Collection

This collection seems to find a place in every project. The hardware variations included in this bundle cover a broad range of instruments and uses. Well done UA.

D. Williams


A Must for Vocals; Very Useful for Other Things as Well

The performance of this compressor for vocals alone is worth the price of admission. It is so transparent and effective. Now I can't imagine a vocal FX chain that doesn't include an LA-2A. It's performance on other sources is also very impressive. It is fast and transparent. I imagine it can be pushed hard to have a deliberate lack of transparency but I haven't experimented with that yet.

D. Campbell



Amazing on vocals! Musically beautiful. Sounds more warm and rich compared to the legacy versions. Hands down the best emulation compared to other companies like Waves and T Racks...

F. Carcone


Analog and versatile

The UA top notch quality. It was one of my first purchase, always happy with those ones !
The sound is authentic, grainy, strong and it's so simple to use.

Incredible to have this gear ITB, so well modeled. Can't go wrong.


P. Nørgaard


Great for Bass and "In Your Face" Compression

This is a great plug to make the bass stand out in a mix, it gives it that in your face sound. The only plug in I have tried that comes close is Native Instruments V2 compressor. Really happy about this one

R. Matias


Essential for tracking

This collection is perfect pair for apollo. I record thru LA-2 and it's ready.



Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

Simple - "In Love". They are absolutely amazing and most important....Sounds Amazing...!

J. Lindsay


Jamie Lindsay

Love the UAD plugins, especially the La-2a collection. My favourite is the silver face but they all offer something very usable! I have two Apollo's and i love that i can use them on the way in!! Keep up the good work UAD!!

A. Marlowe


Loving This Plug-In!

Besides being a great tool for getting sounds to gel and "sit" in the track better, I'm loving using it on a drum bus submix aux channel, and generally loving what it does on bass and drums, especially the Silver. Great job UAD!

j. Dietzel


Works on everything!!

I held out on the MK2 version for a long time. I finally demoed the LA2A Mk2 and was immediately impressed. Sounds beautiful on everything from bass, to vox, to guitar. Hoping to be able to grab the1176 MK2 soon! thanks for the great products UA!



Chili Pepper's Tone

I've been a fan of the Chili Peppers since I was a teen and this really gets the sound, esp. when paired with the Neve plug ins. Nice job. Probably not as good as the real deal, but it's also a lot cheaper, and you get three of them.


381-400 of959件の結果

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