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R. Österlund


Great allround...

I can't speek for how true it is to the original but Along with LA2A and one "modern compressor" the TLA100 cover all my needs. I use the LA2A för soft song (adds a bit treble), a more modern compressor when I need to fine adjust and the TLA100, witch would be my favourite, to cover the rest.

N. Hemple


A Very Handy Compressor!

This comp seems to be overlooked, i love how handy it comes in. Its one of the smoothest for vocals & Bass or Even a lead GTR line. It also tends to help Keyboards/Pianos. This is one of those comps that translates well to the digital domain vs. the LA2A for Example. In Comparison the LA2A lacks the weight and vibe of the Hardware and seems like it wont ever really happen in the digital world with the current technology (Maybe Not To far Away) But this TLA 100 Really doesnt need much vibe to be Extremely Useful on items that there seems to be nothing that really does it as well for a clean opto type digital compressor. Not to mention being able to Parallel or saturate or change the attack and release times without having to go left brain

T. Zink


Very Smooth

I bought after really loving the sound of a hardware unit in a studio I was working in. This captures that same smooth frequency rounding as the hardware unit. I particularly like what it does with a more pure voice. No distortion or audio "stress". Similar to the LA-2A but a little less aggressive sounding (and given that the LA-2A is not super aggressive, that's saying something.)

T. Liljegren


Love it!

This is my new "go to"-compressor instad of the LA2 or the 1176. (Yes, I've got the new ones). That Low-cut filter is great to have on the gear. The saturation is not that great, but just leave it untouched. All I wish for christmas is a make-up button of the volume. But it's not fair taking a star away for that.

G. Piazza


Not just for tracking!

Surprisingly flexible for a compressor with limited settings. Excellent attack and release curves. Parallel (wet - dry) adds versatility. The Saturation is nice if not pushed to hard. And it makes a surprisingly good parallel compressor for mastering use.

J. Macrae


That Summit Feel

This compressor is an absolute darling in the hardware world.
UA's plug in version leaves nothing to be desired. .

Shut up & mix !


J. Hollister


Excellent compressor!

The TLA-100A is now quite possibly my favorite vocal compressor that runs on my UAD system. It combines the LA-2A's ability to lock in a centered, present vocal sound with more modern / more versatile features, such as variable attack and release time-constants and a wet-dry knob for easy parallel compression.

For beginners, it has the sort of "set and forget" capability that the LA-2A plugins exhibit, taking vocals with varying levels of volume and timbre and simultaneously leveling their volume while adding a midrange presence that cuts through dense program material. For more advanced users the sidechain can be used to finesse how the compressor treats the frequency spectrum while the time-constants allow modification of how aggressively the compressor

F. Pilz


adds so much warmth to tracks

the summit is not a brutal compressor. it adds a wonderful warmth to - in my case - vocal-tracks. It does a really really good job. Now, please Uaudio do the next consequent step together with softube and release the Tubetech CL1B :-)

P. Moshay


Truly addicting & transparent

This is really transparent and smooth on everything I've tried it on so far. I was very surprised how it made my electric guitars come to life with the Harrison EQ in line as well. I'll be using this all the time now.

J. Orr


I didn't get the memo!

Softube Summit Audio it, got it. Softube Maag EQ, love it got! Something wrong with this picture. Ah, the exact plug ins are being sold by Softube. UAD I would rather by your version so that I could use on the front end of the Apollo but I really don't want to spend the money for a plug in twice. Either send me a memo to not purchase what you are planning to release or just make something original!

P. Szymczyk


Not for classic only

Well. I'm using it on every mix...EDM mix in native version. Its great that Softube make plugins for UAD !

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