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T. Crystal


Another solid SPL Plug-In

Love the warmth and subtle distortion the Twin-Tube adds to the sound. We used it and many other UAD plugs on our new album.

D. Baynham


Really useful tool on strings and electric guitars

I record a lot of violin, cello and upright bass through ribbon mics. This plugin gives me a lot of room to find the harmonics I need to help the instruments sit in the mix really well, without having the same effect as EQ. I've also found the same thing with electric guitars. I'm really pleased, thanks UA.

the Second Story
Durham, NC

D. Brake


Simply Great!

M. Sch?tz, first of all, a little less coffee! The beauty of this plugin for me is to be able to track through the Apollo in real time. That to me makes this a worthy addition to the UAD platform.

N. Kressmann



Does work well for me, like salt, to be used wisely, can kill the mix if too much is added.
Sounds better then the built-in tube saturation of cubase.
Without the natural hum of a real tube crancking (like the 4-710) i use sometimes for that, but less meaty also.

T. Crystal


Makes The Average Special!

A few ago, we had a chance to hear the hardware version add character and life to a vocal take. We couldn't wait to check out UA's version. It actually gave us goose bumps. The SPL TT made everything (piano, guitar, hats, vocals) sound so sweet. A very natural harmonic presence is infused with the original sound. Awesome!!!

R. Kulikov


Very useful

I think its power is in subtle usage..i am currently working on a project it really helped to imporove the bass line to cut even better through the mix..just a little touch as if there is nothing..but when you bypass it, you realize you need it!

S. Renius


Stephan Renius


the Twin Tube is better than the original from SPL and sounds warmer.
I've been waiting a long time for your tool !!!
Iam very happy about it.
A good price for a super tool for all!!!!


P. Thurian


Super Sound

Wenn etwas fehlt, und EQ oder Compressor nicht helfen, rettet SPL TwinTube den Track. Er setzt Glanzlichter. Ein Tool welches mit wenigen Handgriffen den Sound auf eine höhere Ebene bringt.

U. Borjesson


Cutting thru

A bassguitar or a electric piano, you want to raise the fader up to hear it more but the mix does not handle that nicely, so the instrument needs to be more present but not higher....
Let's bring in the twin tube and distort it a bit and it cuts thru any mix.


M. Sch?tz


Who is going to buy this???

Who needs this plugin for the UAD platform??? It is already running in native for a few years and can'treally mess with the qualtiy like e.g. the Wavearts Tube Saturator VST...... The SPL native version doesn't need a lot of cpu - not to say that it is super low... i'm running constantly out of power of my 3 uad 2 cards, why the hell should i buy this??? For me this development for the uad platform is absolutely useless! Also the quality of this plugin doesn't correspond with the usual high standard of UA....

61-70 of70件の結果

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