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Sound Machine Wood Works

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P. O'Connor


Great sound from direct piezo recording

This is the only way I’ve ever found to record straight from a piezo, and get full acoustic guitar sound. And the versatility of sound is something you definitely can’t get any other way.

M. Keilhauer



Tut mir leid UAD, aber dieses Plugin ist das viele Geld wirklich nicht wert. Der Sound aus dem Promovideo ist nicht hinzukriegen. Ich bezweifele, das der wirklich mit dem Wood Works fabriziert wurde. Ich finde sogar das unbehandelte Signal der Piezos klingt besser. An eine Mikro Abnahme der Gitarre hinzukommen ist aus meiner Sicht nicht möglich. Hier war ich von der Qualität und dem Preis-Leistungs Verhältnis echt enttäuscht. Habe mich hier leider zum Kauf entschieden ohne vorher den Demo Zeitraum genutzt zu haben, weil ich bisher immer voll zufrieden war mit den UAD Plugins. Sorry Guys - not your best Job !

R. Schulze


Better invest the money in a good microphone

The sound of your guitar can be improved with the plug in, but only very limited. The sound is far away from a good microphone.

V. Kositsky


Require some work around but worth it

Tried this plugin several times in the past, never liked it. When it went on sale, I decided to try again. After carefully reading reviews and checking Youtube, and after some trial and error, finally made it work by utilizing this plugin in mixing stage only, with the Sound Machine on Aux and the phase alignment tool by Little Labs. The result was quite impressive, added body and dimension. I like these options to model the sound by the guitar body type. I tend to turn down the neck a bit and keep the body and keep original track in the mix with some reverb. I was on the market for the pair of mics, but now I am set.

K. newton


Great Quick fix for crappy acoustics !

Love this plugin for post production work on Acoustic Guitars recorded on stage with DI box.

R. Calegari



Cualquier señal que le tire la convierte en acustica....Si tenes una señal ya sea de guitarra electrica o acustica este plugin la transforma en acustica. Ideal para esa guitarra con piezo electrico de calidad media o la imposibilidad de microfonear, este plugin lo convertira en algo mas que agradable. Es ideal para riff y guitarras bluseras, acusticas de caracter. No rinde tanto si se busca una ritmica soft cual Taylor. A mi se me hace de gran utilidad y practicidad.

J. Siket


Really quite good!

This is working for me just fine. I love the variety that's available here, and it does something that an equalizer just can't do for acoustic guitars. Thank-you very much.

J. Järvelä


Flesh around bones.

This is a tool to get flesh around bones but won't make wonders.

A. Glass


Detailed sound, pairs well with...

Super detailed sound, it's amazing what you can do with acoustic pickups! Even sounds good on Taylor's with interior mics. I pair this with Ocean Way for a really good mic'd situation simulation!

J. Quiñónez Ley


Livesaver for live use

I've been using this plug-in for my Breedlove acoustic in live gigs with my Apollo Twin and I'm loving it. You have to tweak the stock presets a little bit but it's easy and fast. Totally recommended.

C. Lee


Fine tool

I have a humbucker-condenser mic blend pickup on my guitar, and I like that sound. So it is not the perfect condition to test it(the plugin is built for piezo pickups). But it has wide variety of sound, and is good for sketching.

J. North


Good on a case by case basis

This plugin is fairly polarising and I understand why.

On some sources (often strummed with a pick and with poor playing and fretting of chords/fingering) it can sound absolutely terrible, but on others (played with great dynamics with the hands or nails) it sounds absolutely fantastic.

It is not a complete solution - you'll likely need creative EQ and compression and possibly some other processing like Ocean Way as others have suggested.

I only use it for mixes I'm given where the engineer has used an acoustic DI. I'd never record with it or expect it to perform well live.

Mic up an acoustic guitar people - don't plug it in.

I got the plugin on sale for $74 ($99 - $25 coupon) and I don't think I'd pay more than that for it. Four stars based on that price.

C. Peralta


Excelent !!

Nice and Excelent

C. Turner


Worked perfectly for me

I'm left wondering what all the people who posted 1 star ratings on the wood works were listening to or what they were using as their source material .....

It worked perfectly for me .

I have a godin A6 and a Taylor 710 cc both of which I prefer to record DI'd in simply because of how I work . The sound difference was like chalk and cheese and too be honest I'm probably unlikely to bother re recording the guitar tracks once I've finished writing a song. Very happy and impressed .

Don't be put off my the negative reviews . Obviously this is something people of love or hate . I love it .

S. Rapos


You Say You Want A Revelation

I have been a UAD 2 customer for 9 years and this is my first review. Sounds fishy, doesn't it? I love every UAD plug-in I own but felt it redundant to join in with all the over-the-top 5 star assessments. 4 days ago, I decided to demo the Sound Machine Wood Works. I plugged in my handcrafted Yamaha LLX26C with its and I quote,

" A.R.T (Acoustic Resonance Tranducer) three-way pickup system that allows you to control the level of each pickup individually and is structured in such a way that it dampens excessive vibration from the topboard while picking up small resonances to achieve ideal sensitivity and outstanding dynamic balance. It truly delivers a special result that was immediately clear from the moment I plugged it in."

The Sound MAchine plug-in sounded terrible no matter what preset or setting I attempted. This morning, I tried it again with a Guild True American which has nothing more than a simple piezo pick-up. The results were stunning!!! A little 1073, some Ocean Way room B, the Studer A800 and three tracks of my ham-fisted playing sounds like CSN&Y. Be sure to start with stereo tracks and dial in your own settings. Oh look! It's on sale! Merry Christmas to me.

J. Castanheira


Not impressive as I expected, but usable

I used this plugin on an acoustic live session and it brought better sounding acoustic guitars, as they were line recorded to avoid the bleeding of the percussion and vocals. But afterwords I tried it in several ways on a more standard studio sessions and it never bettered the sound. Need improvements for more usability in general. I´ll be waiting for a V2 version

T. Urban


Was hoping for more

I found this plugin to have some interesting features, but found that it was difficult to sound good. My direct preamp alone with Ocean Way sounded better than most of the sounds. Setting this up on an aux channel gave a little width, but still didn't meet my expectations. I am hoping that someone revisits this plugin. I would definitely purchase it if I could find a way to make it more useable. It would be great to have while tracking live. But for now, I'm sticking with the direct out of my Adamas mixed with a mic.

R. Lucas


Sound Machine Wood Works Review

I find I can make a DI acoustic track usable with this plugin... lots of times I have a singer/guitarist cutting vocal and acoustic tracks live with a band and can use this plugin to achieve a much more desirable track in the mix.

D. Johnsnon


Frustrating but worth it

Firstly, insert this, and it will sound awful. Treat it like a reverb or exciter, as a subtle send, and excellent results can be achieved (with a lot of practice). Listen to your DI track and hear what's missing, usually body and resonance. Then you have a few choices, go through the presets and find the best sounding option, blend to taste, or, and I've got the best results this way, find the option that best fills the hole, even if it sounds wrong on it's own, switch to manual, tweak, and then blend. It takes a bit of getting used to, but for guitars recorded straight to the desk, especially live, this can make an ok track just that bit more special. I'd always record with mics at home or in the studio, but sometimes it just isn't possible. Put this with the Ocean Way in remic mode, blend all three tracks, and you'll get as close to real, as a DI'd guitar is going to get.

R. Bowling


Still learning my way around the Plugin

Adding this with the Ocean Way Room type plugins is my starting point...I'm also adding a Live Mic Blend with this....I'm looking for Possibilities as well as putting Air & Resonance in a track

61-80 of127件の結果

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