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My Goto Mastering Compressor

Mastering isn't done without a shadowhill

J. Romero



I love it excellent!!

J. Romero



I love it excellent!!

j. osorio Gomez


fantastic mixbus and mastering compressor

this plugin it`s so versatil and the results are pretty amazing ... I Love it

C. Norman


Love It!

Its a must have.

H. Park


I am happy with the natural result.

I'm still trying a lot.
But the more I work, the softer it feels.
It's not enough time to describe it correctly, but my results have become quite luxurious.
I will continue to study and get better work.

R. Key


Shadow Hills - love on Top

Man this plugin saved me the other day I had a last minute request and some subpar raw audio recordings. The Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor allowed me the ability to tweak the project and get it sounding great!!! Thanks UA

K. Schwarzer


Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Gives me everything I always wanted :))

A. D'Onorio


More then a mastering tool!

Bought it for mastering but does other jobs really well!!

R. Pongracic



Useful tool for mixing and mastering, love it !!

t. Kim



This compressor sound is so good i love it.

R. Myers


Best mastering plugin

So far this is the best mastering plugin i have used i tried most all uad master plugins bought most of them this one is special big fat and loud and smooth low end and does not kill the highs

S. Wang


Very Good quality

its' a very good compressor

B. Callihan


Waited a long time for this and it was totally worth it.

Just get it. Read the hilarious manual and spend a day going through all your old stuff and replacing every compressor you come across with this beast. Surprisingly versatile and very musical.

K. Morris


It's grown on me - especially for hard rock

I'm using this quite frequently on the stereo buss, for hard rock music. Just a tickle on the reduction meters and it adds a fullness and rounds rough edges without obliterating transients.

J. Westra


Small changes

Does work either on 1/2 of the unit or other half never seems to be able to turn on. The half that works, for the DSP use it's smarter to use BXMasterdesk for me.

N. Gureev



No one plugin is great for every source. But when this one works - OMG it takes the track to a completely different league. Truly incredible.
For some reason it sounds different than the Brainworx version which I guess is supposed to be the same. Doesnt cancel each other out when you flip the phase. This one is SUPERIOR in my opinion. The only 2 compressors that are currently allowed on my master bus is this and UAd G Bus - they’re quite different and usually one of the 2 works for the track. I’m not a fan of compression for the sake of compression- these 2 ADD to the track. Color, 3d, dynamics, vibe - get this one AND try it in multi mono

P. Haas


Great emulation of studio classics

Need a great compressor with personality?
Here it is. Choice of colors (transformers), choice of compression type (opto, discrete) ... and great looks. Applicable to everything. What more could you want?

B. Marini


A Must Have!

I love this box... so versatile and useful in both tracking and mastering!! I've wanted this for a while now, and i'm really glad it's finally in my toolbox!!

D. Thompson


Amazing. Buy it if you need a mastering compressor.

The shadow hills is one of the most versatile mastering compressors available. Capable of a wide variety of compression types, all of which are blend-able. The selectable output transformers are also a really nice feature.

1-20 of476件の結果

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