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Pultec Passive EQ Collection

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D. Gardell


Finally updated from the legacy!

Loving it but why did they remove the old all-in-one legacy plugin called "pro"? I like the freedom of using them all in one slot, I don't get it..

D. Naja


Excellent Collection/Complete Satisfaction

Loved the free trial of these products and had to pick them up. Simple to use with amazing results. Could not imagine mixing without one of these on the channel.

E. Rodriguez


El color que necesitaba

E probado muchos pultec y este es el color que en verdad le da color a mis instrumentos

F. Dulewicz


great collection

simple and amazing! HLF-3C is one of the best filter plugin I have ever been using. 1A EQ - fire!!!

T. Meffert


Brilliantes Plugin!

Top Plugin

G. Sartbayev




J. Vierra


The Frank's Louisianna Hot Sauce of EQ's. I use them on everything!

The real deal EQs. The Frank's Louisianna Hot Sauce of EQ's. I use them on everything! Low DSP utilization and the bonus of receiving them natively make this collection a best buy as well.

J. Pizarro



It’s pretty simple. You need certain processors in your rig. Pultec Eq is one of those. Very smooth and musical to the sound. I enjoy using this on everything.

M. Martin



The color this brings to tracks is awesome. Use it on individual tracks or the entire mix.

L. Spilger


Great to have it in spark!

Love it. Best is to have it included with spark!

Z. Netz


Best analog sound ever

It’s not a surgical EQ, but versatile enough for nearly any track. It sounds musical and adds a little shine even if you don’t touch it.
For EDM, it’s a must-have. It makes everything real and natural in the mix. There are many Pultec emulations, but this sounds much better than any other. This will be your most used non-surgical EQ, as it is for me.

B. Warsaw


Great Emulation and a Worthy Upgrade

I had used the legacy models for a long time, and I was very happy to have jumped on the sale when I did. Super flexible, easy to use, and they sound great on nearly anything. I've quite enjoyed digging into the MEQ-5 as well for midrange boosts, and I appreciate having an output control on both models. Totally worth it.

M. Jarzebski



There is nothing that can be added. It’s got all I expected. Even default mode is classy and magical. Like a dream, just close your eyes, open your ears and flow. Nothing compares to Pultec.

N. O'Donnell



Smooth smooth highs smooth smooth lows…another studio must have. Great on individual tracks, never leaves the mix buss.

J. Garwood


My Favourite Analog EQ

Worth every penny. I should’ve bought this FIRST.

M. Bikić


Best Pultec eq plugin

Simply best Pultec plugin, magic in mix buss channel

S. Lenka


Bob Clearmountain

Thank You.

A. Yaskevich


This is a great emulation!

I love this equalizer. It works very softly and musically.

But I do not like that in the full version of the plugin there is no combined version of EQP-1A and MEQ-5, as is done in the Legacy version. This causes some inconvenience when mixing.

Regardless, I still love this plugin and it's my TOP 1 EQ!

A. Holbert


Nothing can touch This EQ

If you want your projects to have life and vibe, then you have to buy this plugin. I have a Analog version of this and there is honestly no difference between the digital and analog version.

J. Szeszel


Must have!!!

MEQ-5 is my favorite eq for vocals.

1-20 of691件の結果

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