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R. Smith


Does not work at 96k

If you work at 96k then do not purchase this plug in. It will not work at this sample rate.



Sorry to say it, but Tc master x3 smoked the PMB! TC finalizer sound much more punchy and warm. I've compared them on a few tracks but the tc finalizer sounded better 9 time out of 10.
Pretty nice GUI though. I like also the solo button on each band, but overall i was quite disappointed with this plug.

R. Gun



Could not make it sound good.
Horrible latency, but acceptable for mastering only.
What is it goog for?
The Masterdesk works much better.

V. Strakhov



I can't to use this plugin during mixing because very big latency

M. Sylvin


Incredible "sound" but also incredible latency???

I do not know if anybody else has ran in to this problem with this otherwise magnificent plugin?

It's so easy to use. So effective its like you can not make it sound bad, but I faced unbelievable latency on whole project when inserting it into just ONE track. I was using the demo version so I am not sure if it has got something to do with that?

So hard to rate:

Sound and usability 5/5
Latency 1/5

2,5 stars. If I get rid of the latency then 5/5. As long as that problem exists no way am I gonna buy it...

S. Steffens


No use for Live-Sound / high latency

First of all, i like the plug!
Its doing a great job in the "studio-world" when time/latency does not matter but....

I am working as a livesound engineer and i thought the plug is working in the range of 3ms input/output latency with Apollos, like a lot of other stuff does. But the Precision-Multiband needs sooooo much more!
I am talking about 100ms of latency, or evev more, what makes the tool useless for any kind of livesound!
So I can not recomend it for anyone who wants to use it for live !!!

It would be great if UAD would tell something about the latency of the plugs on their website.