Sonnox® Oxford Inflator

Sonnox® Oxford Inflator

通常価格: $179.00


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通常価格: $179.00


You'll Save 30%



Sonnox® Oxford Inflatorプラグイン

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K. Vrijsen



Louder than Loud! Great plugin if you want things to be loud!! Its like a maximiser only better.

D. Popp


Not a Magic Wand, but Cool to Have Anyway

The simplicity of this plugin is its strength because you can try it quickly on a track - it will either make the magic or it won't - and you can either apply it, or go on with your search. In my application, which usually includes voiceover, it seems that the Inflator is least desirable if there's already a fair amount of compression on the track. It may be most impressive on sparse and raw sources.

E. Zakirov


Very cool

This plugin you need to try for yourself to understand that he really needed!))) Use everywhere

T. Arion


Oxford Inflator

It's worth all the money! Works great on master channel. Gives wormth to the track. The best I ever had by far!!!!!

N. Sagar-house


Oxford Inflator

Really addicted to this plugin! not just for mastering as you can get some really nice saturation without loosing transients, great for percussive material. Tried it on a bass guitar and made it sound like it had new strings. Gives a wonderful lift to your mix and is hard to get it sounding bad. Highly recommended!

C. Huseyin


As a Sonnox Inflator for the UAD platform

It's not anything new, but I didn't have the inflator for Native, so to have this plug-in for the UAD-2 cards is pleasing.

Not the usual Impressive UA Emulation, but it's an option that has merit if you don't own the original Native version.

The plug-in itself is a 5/5, but as UA plug-in there's no innovation here.

It's hard to vote a 5/5, and to harsh as a 3/5 because it does no justice to the plug-in or to UA. so a 4/5 as a " thank you " for this one.

S. Fay


high end sound

love the polished and non-destructive sound. sparkle on top of that master fader and bite on color on snare tracks.

J. Islam


Will not mix without Sonnox

I am using this for vocal, acoustic guitar, piano and even on my electric guitar. This plugin gives a unique lift to my mix

E. Barrett


Nice little plug-in

Great for adding warmth.

Good for creating extra volume in the mix without raising the db.

K. Adams


The Inflator !!!

I absolutely love this plug...You can increase the volume nicely but this is a plug that can be used too much....I've had good results using it on my master faders ( and individua tracks) to enhance the volume of my recordings great thing is it preserves the dynamics... I love all my UAD plugs...some can be pricey but when you can catch the deals they are there and worth every penny...

R. Harchol


Sonnox® Oxford Inflator Plug-In

I have Ozone 4 ... but this is just clearer... more open and somehow wider. I'm loving it and using it on all my masters.

S. Rayeen


Sonnox® Oxford Inflator Plug-In - One Word

Sonnox® Oxford Inflator Plug-In - One Word --- "awesome"

M. Gustavsson


My goto plugin for mastering is inflator

This is the plugin that i cant live without. It brings out the energy and the fattnes that your song deserves. It lets you hear the nuances of every instrument and make it sound larger than life without affecting the dynamics. I put it on the master bus and use it on individual channels for guitars, vocals, strings. It is just amazing!

J. Brown-mccue


Oxford Inflator Review

I own and love some of the UAD plug ins, and some of them don't get used. This is one that doesn't get used. This plug in does what it says it does, it inflates, and the demo's sound pretty good, but I don't think it's right for what I do - which is drum machine, synth, vocals type stuff. It's probably better suited for some other use/ not for everyone.

M. Perminov



Pumps up more carefully than a maximizer. Thanks!1111

?. ??


easy to hand

I'd always used this plugin(native version) for each track, but it was heavy.
I re-bought this plugin on UAD for PC's CPU load, and it's so good.

D. Sanchez


Just the perfect amount of *bump*

I don't like using L1s, L3s and the like on final mixes, but my clients like to hear that extra bump, and this gives just the right amount. I dig it.

B. Abdou


Oxford inflator plug-in

Excellent plug-in used in mastering. I recommend, in addition to the UAD card is more fluid.

S. Ghadaban


An awsome tool

I use it very often for tracks like kick and bass and sometimes to enhance softsynths. Many softsynths are great sounding but often they need more pressure to compete with hardware synths and samplers. The Inflator helps those softsynths to become sounding more powerfull and to sit better in the mix.

For me one of the best plugins on the market, but.......I dont understand the sense to offer it for a UAD card. This plugin needs so less cpu power in its native version, so it would be a waste of processing power to run it over the UAD card.

This is my general opinion. Huge plugins with a lot of cpu hunger should be offered for UAD card to help your cpu host. But light plugs should run better native. So I bought the native version.

I. Mcelroy


Great Stuff

This is one of those "must have" plug-ins. It adds that "air" that everyone is always talking about just by sliding a couple faders around... how could you not like that?

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