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S. Lauzon


Top Notch Top-Box

First off, this is a 5 Star item. I gave it four because if 2 simple things.
1.) you cannot be connected to the internet and the top box at the same time. The top box sends a WiFi-type signal you must connect to to make Cab/Mic adjustments. That’s kind of ridiculous. Almost everyone uses the internet on their pad while recording. It needs to be fixed.

2.) the options are limited where as TwoNote gives you 100’s of options.

So now with the cons out of the way. The sound is simply unmatched. The quality and ability this box performs with is, simply, amazing!

The little details UA took to make this thing look and feel amazing is brilliant. The ease of use is awesome (a little clunky) but when you need to make adjustments the window seams to close and you have to start over when switching between DAW and TopBox. I have found the missing piece and am thrilled to have it.

Please update cabs. Also plugs would be huge. It comes with a great limited plug but that’s really all it comes with - aside from a reverb and delay. It’s awesome still but could use some updates.

Sam L

r. seo


upgrade please

this is very usefull, I'm playing back on my VOX HWX1 and it is so pleasant.
BUT, it desyncrhonises in logic pro x while recording resulting in a crazy depitch digital noise... like a drunk DJ.
Otherwise, this is going to be really good when upgraded.

M. Music


Mediocre reactive load and no updates so far?

I've got the OX for over 14 months now and found out the impedance curve of the OX reactive load is based on a 'bathtub', not a real speaker cab as they claim, its similar to the Two Notes Captor load. It lacks the low resonance peak, so their is no low frequency amp response. For a 1300 euro load box you would expect more! As an alternative i use the OX now with the Suhr Reactive Load and OX load in parallel which makes my amp respond much better and makes the cab modeling sound better, especially with the 4x12 and 4x10 cabs.

No updates, no platform, no way to backup your presets. I gave them 3 starts when i bought it but now i give them 2 stars as its way overpriced for what you get in this box. The cab modeling software sounds great but a simple native plugin would do it for me as the load is mediocre and the IO limited.

m. pilsworth


Just what I have been looking for...would like ditch the ipad though

I use mine mostly for home recording and love it - the build quality inspires confidence and being able to overdrive at midnight without causing a riot with the neighbours is a dream come true. To me the sound quality is amazing and find the presets a great starting point for experimentation. Don't have too much of an issue with the lack of XLR as my Apollo Twin only has trs line inputs anyway. I have just started using a Windows based system and would very much like to ditch my ipad and hook up to my PC with USB though.

D. Panczykowski


Whoever invented this should receive a Nobel prize

Absolutely incredible and freakishly accurate. I had previously been utilizing Aaracom attenuators with vintage Marshall and Fenders, as well as Metropoulos and Alessandro heads . However, had to relocate to very small apartment for work and even 'bedroom level' was not going to cut-it. Refusing to give up the tone I strived my whole life to find, I bought the Ox and prayed it would be 'manageable' enough for 1-year.
I've now put this thing through its paces for 1-year and I am still blown away every day by the tone. I am currently running those same amps into the Ox, then into a small mixer (via stereo XLR), then into Bose headphones. I literally can't believe the quality of what I'm hearing. The sound is natural, alive, sensitive, dynamic, and without any loss of the amp's voice. This is a truly monumental accomplishment on par with the moon landing or at least Beauchamp/Rickenbacker mounting the first pick-ups on a guitar.

J. Henderson


Was essential...getting over it

It's cool, it's handy, it does the job. But...no updates in forever. I'm getting bored with it. I miss speakers that move air into well-placed mics. I HATE the wifi/ipad aspect. Just let me connect via, you know, the USB port that does nothing. There's a lot of untapped potential. This could be an industry standard, but it seems UA has lost interest. Sad to say I am as well. Come on, UA...breathe some life into this thing.

A. Cerceau


Oui mais ...

J'ai l'impression que UA a juste laché un produit inachevé ..
Pas mal de point faible par rapport à la concurrence qui a effectué beaucoup de mises à jours
Pour moi voici les principaux point faibles :
- Clipping numérique avec certain amplis pourvu de beaucoup de headroom ( je pense aux amplis comme Two-Rock et cie )
- Aucun Cab fonctionnant bien pour du High Gain
- Échantillonnage limité à 48K ( c'est une blague ??? )
- Auncune mise à jours ( Non Universal Audio votre application est loin d'être parfaite )

Une Update est vraiment nécessaire ( je ne parle pas qu'en mon nom, dans mon entourage nous sommes beaucoup à regretter tous ses désagréments, j'ai même des amis qui repartent sur du Two-Note ou encore d'autre qui vont aller sur le Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander..

Universal Audio S'il vous plait, au lieu de dire que vous n'avez pas abandonné ce produit, faites quelque chose...

J. Woodham


Ox Amp Top Box

The ox is built like a tank with top quality components and sounds great .
iPad app works fine’ finding ox works okay .
....but would be great to be able to download UAD plugins so I had some choice to what I can use on the ox.
Really hope UA has updates for the future as now rival brand has brought out similar product with more functionality.
Might sound greedy but more cabs ‘effects’ and a choice to purchase plugins would be great.
In all a good start but with room for improvement if possible make usb function with a computer.
Sound quality five stars but given four because unsure about future updates/functionality .

R. Mohammed


Absolutely WOW!

Using the OX in conjunction with 60's Fender and 70's Marshall and Hiwatt heads. The tone is amazing right out of the chute. The speaker and mic modeling is very flexible so there is always a tone to be found. Works well with pedals and retains harmonics, which is the difference between a lifeless guitar sim and the real deal. This box costs more than others, but so do Aston Martins. Don't be a square, get an OX!

M. Farnsworth


Where are the updates?

The unit sounds great, that's for sure (unless you play high gain and need chug). But it's been over half a year since the last update, and there have been no updates that unlock the footswitch or USB functionality. No updates that add V30 or other essential speaker types. Seems to be abandoned by UA while they focus on their digital products.

K. Jacobsen


Love it, but.......

Love this thing, it sounds fantastic, it has great intentions and it’s versatile. But there are a few things that I have issues with. It should have XLR connectivity to be truly a pro product. Physically it is a problem for me to have a good placement for it in my studio, it should be rack mounted. It bumps of the wifi network regularly and need resetting. I wish it had more than one amp input. It should have higher sample rate on the digital output. I wish the on/off switch was on the front. That said, now I can’t work without it. It’s here to stay. Rock on!

J. Brazinski



This is now one of my favorite pieces of guitar gear. I have it in a rack/amp head case for gigging, going straight out of the L&R outputs to FOH, and it works so incredibly well with my Fender Prosonic head.

The cab simulation adds a bit more amp color than I would like (i.e. the vox speaker adds more of a vox-y sound than just a straight cellestion blue would, but it does transform any amp into something completely useable. A remarkable piece of equipment for the studio or on tour.

Crystal clear sound that absolutely rivals any Kemer or Helix amp sound.

D. Brehm


XLR-Output missing

My sound engineers always wonder why there are only symmetric instrument outputs and no XLR. By using a DI-Box sound is not getting better. To avoid that a cable XLR female to instrument symmetric is needed. For such a price an XLR plug should be possible.

M. Stiso


Wi-fi control is stupid

not sure why UA thought controlling this with ONLY an iPad or computer was a good idea. Do they actually try and use this stuff? If I run a session with Pro tools using a dock the iPad needs to be on the same network as the computer running pro tools. Can't use the OX network. I have a second iPad mini but UA doesn't support that. There are however 3 USB outputs on the stupid thing but they are not functional at this time. I generally
think highly of the UA stuff but this seems to be not well thought out.

J. Vogt


The Amazing OX Amp Top Box

Picked this amazing OX box up in January. I use every aspect of this product. It gives me amazing attenuation on all of my amps. I now have the ability to use headphones through all of my amps as well as having a separate volume for headphone output. The App and the software is extremely good and customizable. My only gripes are the need for guitar cabinets with V30 speakers. As well as sometimes having issues with the OX connecting to the app via my wifi connection. Yes, I'm using comcast Xfinity internet with a 2.4 speed connection.

t. klein


un autre monde

je l'ai acheté pour l'utiliser comme atténuateur ( il y excelle ) et je m'en sers finalement comme simulateur de HP. je n'ai jamais entendu mes amplis avec tant de précision, je n'ai jamais eu tant de contrôle sur le volume. c'est juste fabuleux.



The eighth wonder of the world

This is clearly the best gear I got. I own many guitars, many amps and many pedals. But this thing does a lot of marvels. Your sound stays pure and more...Now, I can hear a lot of details that I never heard before. It is worth every penny. Please UAD, release more cabinets, more treasures and the Ox Amp will be invincible... forever...

H. Jørgensen


Next update?

Still missing V30’s. Any updates including this in the near future? Really had my hopes up for the OX.

M. David


Not much to say.

There is not much to say. This device is perfect.

R. Panossian


I've been waiting for this all my life!

I have been through almost every possible way to have a guitar sound into a headphone, for the past 35 years! This is so far the best solution. I must admit that lately there have been some pretty good sounding emulators, but the big problem with almost all of them is that they don't feel like the real thing., there is is something very special that happens when you plug a guitar directly to an all tube amp that hasn't been emulated yet. Unison plug ins gets closer. All internet comparisons that compares real amps with emulators all depend on how close is the sound, in my opinion that is useless since sometimes the emulations sounds better than the real amp. Things that I love is how the different guitars preserves their unique personality and playability, it's easier to play and you just don't have to fight to get the sound you want. I'm very thankfull to be able to experience such an amazing setup. Every note is blooming and sustaining beautifully. My advice is stop purchasing amp models and get an OX and if you don't have a tube amp go get a 15 watt amp and one analog OD peddal and you'll never look back.

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