Massenburg DesignWorks® MDWEQ5 Parametric Equalizer

Massenburg DesignWorks® MDWEQ5 Parametric Equalizer





Massenburg® MDWEQ5 Parametric EQ

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J. Roger


Soooo Natural

I didn't think I would like this one that much because I generally liked pretty coloured bits of gear or software, but I just spent the day with the demo and it's gorgeous. So natural, and clean, and very musical sounding. I know it's not exactly "new" software, but It's nice to have this on the UAD platform, and I will definitely be buying this before the months end.

P. Geiser



unbelievably clean and clear, by far the least "audible" EQ ive ever used.

B. Gunkel


Changed my life

Amazing clean, intuitive, flexible EQ which is perfect for sculpting vocals. I'm very impressed with the ability to isolate and sweep frequencies and when applying/subtracting, the effect is crystal clear. Thank you UA for another superb product.

S. Berujanyan


Massenburg DesignWorks® MDWEQ5 Parametric EQ Plug-In


C. Vonsneidern


Precise and handy

I used the MDW Parametric EQ 5 Band to remaster a record recently at 88.2kHz. The preview feature to find the band sped up my workflow. The EQ itself had a very pleasant sound, never harsh, even when boosting the very high frequencies. Massenberg's promotional video didn't say much about this EQ; I got more of an idea about his personality.

The way the GUI is laid out, I found myself adjusting the frequency knob when I meant to change the gain. Otherwise very intuitive and easy to read.

K. Hughes



This EQ is no joke!!! It is absolutely transparent and can yield INCREDIBLE results! Great for tracking, great for mixing!!! I can see WHY people are nuts about this thing! CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN!!!!

D. Boling


My new main EQ

I'm a big fan of the FabFilter EQ for fixing problem areas. I demoed this as I had an open spot in my 3 bundle and it was new so I thought I'd just try it out but would probably go with my other choice. Well, within 2 minutes I knew I had to have this. Way more natural, easy to find the problem areas with the solo band feature, great sounding and just fun to use. I fixed a problematic shaker in a sample that I had tried almost every other EQ on without ever being happy with what it did to the rest of the sample. This thing is just magic.

S. Sirviö




Y. Chistyakov


Massenburg DesignWorks

convenient and efficient equalizer. good for the search frequency peaks and very easy to use. thank you UA

J. Niemann



It is the best sounding EQ-Plug in i ve used so far. In combination with new Pultecs from UAD, it s really all i will need. If UAD could release a multiband Transientdesigner, i couldnt think of anything else i would want from UAD. Thanks guys !!

H. Zwarts


best EQ I have ever used

This EQ is so great. You can really boost the high without getting harness.
It sounding smooth but you can really fix wrong frequencies with this EQ.

I really love!! and the DSP use is perfect!

G. Griffith


The cleanest EQ for the cleanest results.

Regardless if you choose the UAD or native version, the Massenburg EQ is simply the cleanest EQ offering in this price range and beyond. It should be twice the price (the Avid HD version is), but I'm glad it is reasonably priced on the UAD platform.

It simply doesn't sound like I'm using an EQ. At mild settings, it simply sounds like I moved the microphone into a better position on the source. At extreme settings, it can sound like a different microphone selection without artifacts, imposing character or distortion. Simply put, it's always true to the source. I prefer to let the source hold the musicality and character, not my choice in EQ to compensate, and this EQ helps me nail that philosophy in my workflow. A well deserved 5 star!

C. Ottow


useful, a bit limited & rewarding

useful - get good results quickly; filter types and ranges are adequate.

a bit limited - no output level control, no MS / dual mono.

rewarding - it is NOT one of those eqs which you eventually bypass and think " this actually sounds more natural without it..."

There also is a "ghost" 3band Version of this eq which you cannot authorize at the moment in the plugin pool... ?

S. Boman


Simply the best!

This is my go to master eq!
It's the smoothest and most musical eq in my ears.

Great to have it on the UAD platform!

S. Smith


EQ? What EQ?

You can hear the Bypass working, but it doesn't sound like an equalizer. It just sounds like a better recording! Where have you been all my life?

141-155 of155件の結果

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