Manley® Complete Plug‑In Bundle

Manley® Complete Plug‑In Bundle

通常価格: $499.00


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通常価格: $499.00


You'll Save 20%



Manley Complete Bundle

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A. Tarasenko


Well Done, Guys!

Does the job, sounds amazing, especially on stereo-bus. Kudos, you're best.

G. Armandine



I'm Impressed!! THIS IS THE BEST EMULATION EVER, I think we might be seeing a lot more of these units on eBay. This plugin is pretty much like 90-95% close to the original to my ears.

D. Pinkston


Manley Plug Ins are awesome

I used to have the hardware version years ago before selling my Nashville studio. Also the Manley EQ. Simply can't say enough about these plug-ins. They sound wonderful. Just demoed the Variable MU when it came out and I'm sold. The Massive Passive and the Variable MU will live on my 2-buss. I can generally find something to not-like but the Manley plugins are all smiles.

Great job guys.

S. Boman



Wow! This sounds exactly like the hardware version!!

It has that magic mojo thing going on!
This feel like this will be going on my mixbus a lot from now on :-)

S. Smith


The "Crap Sponge"

Soaks up crap, and outputs sweetness. Can't ask for more than that!

Y. Chistyakov


Manley® Massive Passive EQ

I did not work with the original, but I really like the plugin very comfortable setting for that what you want.I like introduced by coloring the sound. work with it easy and pleasant. good job. thank you

A. Cenerini



This is my favourite UAD-2 plugin. Gives drums tons of character. Softens up and beautifies vocal tracks. Works wonders on a master bus.

M. Becker


It's magical

Never used an (plugin)EQ before that was able to oben your eyes and ears like this one do! Precise Mids, Great Highs and a wide the original..
very impressed!!

M. Warren


A "Must Have" Insert For Our Team!

How could you not love anything "Manley"? The quality for the price on this plug-in is well worth every penny. Our company work's with several radio Voice Over talents. It's very important to our clients that we have a plug-in we can easily tweak to roll off low end or quickly adjust EQ on the fly to fit each specific voice talent. This does the trick for us! We've tried every other UAD EQ and many other 3rd party plug-in options. Nothing seems to compare to the Manley Massive Passive!

A. Shevchenko


Best EQ for final touch!

Massive Passive just shine on mastering! Very glad to have it on my plugin collection.

B. Soldate


Lives on my 2mix

This is a great eq. it is great for adding that final sheen to anything, whether it's string bus, piano, drums or the full mix. anything you want to shape the tone of in a radical (yet not radical sounding) or subtle way, this can do it all. great buy!

N. Mansum


This plugin rocks!

I've been having this plugin in my arsenal for some time now, and it has become
an "all-time-favorite" must for my masters! Incredible how the manley can boost up, add more warmth, clarity, etc, without distorting the mix!
Great emulation of a huge EQ component. A "must have" for every producer and/or sound engineer!

Thank you, UA! :-)

K. Paktrakettrin


Manley Massive Passive EQ

Thanks UA, This Plugin Just gimme a Huge Sound and Fix my mastering Problem and gimme a very Huge Change for my Desktop station!!! My Dream gear its in my BOX now

K. Thura


Manley Massive passive

Good tube sound!Like really Hardware!!Thank UA team.

P. Bony


Precision & Quality

I only had twice the opportunity to use this Manley EQ in its hardware version and its price range made it unaffordable for my home studio use.
Thanks to UAD & Manley R&D teams to propose us a plugin version. On my Apollo, it's working like a charm. The presets are very useful for newbies or for non experimented EQ users.
Hope one day to see a Manley TNT as an UAD' plugin

J. Partelow



Manley Massive Passive. This plugin sounds almost as horrible as the 5000 hardware version.

Manley Massive Passives are known for their legendary terrible sound quality and this is a plugin that has captured every detectable nuance of the original.

Plugins sound inescapably different but as far as I could tell I just needed to play with a couple bands to match the sound generated by a friend's hardware unit almost flawlessly.

Crap who am I kidding it's awesome, and you should buy one.

C. Wilczek


Will never do without.

It's taken a while to jump on the UAD bandwagon, but now that I have, there are a few perfect emulations and this is one of them. The silky highs sound like the real deal. i can't understand why I've never heard highs like this on other plugins? There is some good voodoo going on here.

S. Perry


A work horse.

I have watched a number of youtube clips on some eqing of tracks and like the subtle use this plugin can be used for. Its the subtle correction I think im going to like the most from the Manley . Ive actually only used the presets on my own tracks so far and have been able to move along quickly which I think we can all appreciate.
Have a feeling its eating up a lot of cpu though but i guess it is a MASSIVE passive isnt it ?

D. Zeglen



If The sound of fists your ears , life is more beautiful. Manley Thank You

E. Ho


very useful for mastering

the best EQ plug-in for's really useful .

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