Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance  Tool

Little Labs® Voice Of God
Bass Resonance Tool





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B. JeongHun


Do you need BIG Shake? don't worry!

This Plug-in makes you SOOOO BAAAAD.

j. mouflin


Can't do without!

It's one of this tools I would have great difficulties doing without. On kicks, I haven't found anything that precise and effective, it's also very fast to make it work. Just a bit, don't overdo it, and you're good.
I must say I don't use much on other things, but it is always on my low-end instrument.

L. Miladinovic


Simple yet very powerful!

Amazing plugin for the low-end. I am using it for mixing purposes, but it can be easily utilised for sound design. Highly recommended!

j. colin



its like adding hotsauce. I LOVE hotsauce! Great plug-in. Need extra Booty? cop this Qt.

E. Clinton


The real voice

like it says, this is the real unique software for deep solid sounds in your mix. Whether it's a Bassdrum or a Bass guitar , it's tightly deep and driving you mad with satisfaction. I always use it now. I just stop using it.

B. Hisham


great low is here !

great tool to get your low end done !

C. Arceneaux


This plugin is amazing!

I love this for kick n bass. It’s like magic butter.

M. Filowitz


Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance

Great plug-in! The Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance really helps you zero in and tighten up your low-end. Awesome.



wow this is everything

Simple easy and very reliable a must have in the tool box ...



Bigger than God !

For years I was trying to magnifying the bass softly but surely, that is this kind of magic that make you smile just hearing the effect ! Voice of God is THE one, making bass loud but so clean, you don't know it's here but you can really feel it and it make the sauce better.
thank you UAD

E. Sambugaro


Low End King!

The most versatile control of the low frequency part!
Harmonic accorde in only two knob



Awesome Tool

I bought it to make my voice big for my radio station and it's like magic.. No other tool can give you the same effect..

C. Piper


Yep it's official this is my secret weapon! Do not hesitate and make sure if you want to make sure that your base is right get this one!

C. Harris


The cure for my Bass impediment

I love this plug in!! damn all the people slamming it for its simplicity.... I mean honestly I'm pretty sure what this plug in does can be achieved with many of the plug ins I already own, however for some reason I could never get where I wanted to be....perhaps its because the other EQ's have too many options and this focuses in on the Bass in away that just works. It really simplifies the process for me. I'm finding more and more that I can turn the Bass and Kick down in my mix once I've boosted the frequencies I need (on those tracks)

D. Watts



normally use Waves RBass for this kind of thing but the VoG is way more refined, I seem to be using it on everything at the moment!

S. Ludwig



Man kann das Plug In fast überall einsetzen!
Der Unterschied ist enorm!
Alle Instrumente werden viel präsenter!

A. Evtimov


Great power

It is a powerful tool not only for bass and kick, but for male voice.

A. Evtimov


Great power

It works great with bass, but also very good with male voice.

A. Lee


Nothing like it!!

I've tested it it against all the other bass resonance plugins as well as trying all the different EQs that can do something similar - nothing really comes close to the depth & tightness that this little thing can give.

s. harrison



It does what it does perfectly.

1-20 of421件の結果

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