Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects

Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects





Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects

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a. kamal



Well, the Hardware 480L has been a staple in my studio since nearly 20 years.I have gotten used to it as my Reverb. This does exactly the same as the original.It is perfect and I highly recommend it!!!! This is another Emulation of which I have the original and once again it is BANG ON!!!!!

D. Gonçalves



A must have reverb.

k. gilleaga


Lexicon 480L

you want to be in. This gets you in. signature thats the thing here, its on most of the best track in the recording world, that means everybody buying music knows that sound, even those that don't know it. ....... all cars got wheels on baby ... for now!

m. azevedo


Not quite happy as the others...

First of all, I would like to say UAD is one of the best plug in companies ever. I am a huge fan of everything they make. But for the 480L I should say I am quite disappointed. I use 480L Impulse responses banks home made for almost 20 years now. So I know pretty well how they sound, Fat Plate, A Plate, etc... This ain't not just there. especially when you talk of the high end and spread. I don't know why. it is good for having all the parameters lark that you do not have on a IR plug in. But still it is far to distant... Besides I got a bad luck of buying way much expensive compared to to very next month sale, 200 dollars difference :(..... Still a fan for my mixes all the others plug ins....




Very fine réverbération with my ssl XXL desk and apollo x and mk2
À Must. Thank for your évolution. E.Kilchoer




This reverb is smooth and sweet. The touch it brings is amazing! It sounds expencive not cheep if you know what i mean!

J. Kuciauskas


Best reverb

It has so much variation and quality.
The best reverb thus far for me!



Great sounding reverb tail

I put this directly on a tambourine at 50% and got exactly what I was looking for.
Excited to use much more of it in the future.

S. Smith


Great classic reverb flavors--so good with so many things

I don't think I have a reverb that's always the best one on everything, but there's seldom anything that doesn't sound great with some combination of parameters on this one! Hard to go far wrong by at least auditioning this every time.

G. Westwood


Lush Reverb With Personality

I’ve been waiting for this one.
And worth the wait it is!!!
It sounds awesome on vocals and has many more tricks up its sleeve.



As I Remember!

Was so please with this plugin. It offered new inspiration to a mix. I remember these in all the studios I recorded in. Amazing to have it at my fingertips on my laptop. UA really does produce the best plugins. It like so may other products they make are truly amazing!!!

A. Gordon


Well worth it.

One of the best Plugs UA made now we need a proper delay...

D. Holden



Start here for reverb!

S. Parikh


Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb

Very friendly and easy to use upgrade

R. Gun


Quite similar to the hardware

There´s a 10% miss of depth and sound. But the reaction to the sliders is practically perfect. The cleanness is even better than the analog path, obviosly there is more bit depth.
But as always there are drawbacks: in this case the latency. The plugin creates a 150ms delay. In mixing situations thats not a problem, playing it life you always have a predelay - not nice. But except from the price its nice. Makes a sudden youngtimer sound, like a pair of well used shoes fits compfortable.

R. McKean


<3 <3 <3

Can't heart this enough!

R. Alvarez


Just like the hardware!

Transparent and 3 dimensional like the original 480L

P. Jacques


"The Sound"

It delivers exactly what it promises. This is the most musical reverb plug-in I own, and I own most of the UAD as well as other popular reverb plug-ins. With some tweaking it gets you the sound you remember from your favorite records. It is as close to perfection as a plug-in gets!

A. Alhawaj



Somethings unbelievable you mudt try it

L. Wade



I'm sure this product is great, as is the case with everything I've experienced with UA... However, due to latency and DSP usage this plug-in is not a solution that works for tracking. It is something that, if I was aware of, I would have not purchased the plugin. Just wanted to give a heads-up for future customers.

141-160 of287件の結果

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