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H. Zhang


Not a quality reverb

Normal quality reverb, and the hardware is not the same level,
No lexicon224 taste, feel, and excellent.
Designers do not know that the idea of ??vintage lexicon
I look forward to UAD can design excellent reverb,
You know reverb plugin has always been the biggest weakness

B. Waters


Can't use my newly purchased Lexicon 224 because the bloody software "upgrade" won't install!
I hope that I have not wasted my hard earned money!

S. Gilroy


Senior Citizens Reverb

If it's old and crappy, UAD will model it. Christ the lexicon pcm 70 was more desirable
back in the day for a quarter of the price. ( Kurt Cobain, David Gilmour ). Dig deep into your wallets and be impressed by the name. It's still a lexicon and it will cover your ass,
even if you can't play guitar.