LA-610 MkII Classic Tube Recording Channel

LA-610 MkII Classic Tube Recording Channel


LA-610 MkII Classic Tube Recording Channel

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M. Adams


Memphis to Atlanta

Great or recording vocals of all kinds. Eq and compression allows you to dial in to the tone as well as provide a easy to use peak reduction to have a smooth sound....
Thumbs Up...

Memphis Moe - Hip Hop Artist



LA-610 mkII - Warm and Dimensional

My first UA analog hardware unit.
Sounds great!!
What's next?
I guess the 6176

C. Bjorsell


Timeless and awesome!

Fell in love with this from day one and will always have it in the studio.

T. Spaniel


LA-610 MkII

One of my Favorite Pre Amp's

p. dwyer


LA Magic

Perfect Front End For Recording Into Your Digital Workstation - Easy To Control And to get that big Vocal Or Bass track sounding perfect

J. Cummins


Very sweet.

Does the job, easy to work with, a magic box !

A. Cuello


Excellent Channel Strip for Vocal

I have it for about 4 years, and I can't live without it. High end device.

A. Cuello


Excellent Channel Strip for Vocal

I have it for around 4 years, and I couldn't live without it.

s. azevedo



Used this over the weekend to track a kick drum for a drummer with a week foot. What
a difference, it added the right amount of punch needed for the song.

m. corona



Did so much for my vocals and drums! i run almost everything through this console. Most tracks sound great even before any mixing. Just got an apollo recently and both are certainly worth having.

A. Kosakovski


LA-610 MkII

Просто замечательно!!!Прорыв в записи вокала!

T. Prestin Pinckney


Hands down

Due to a few project credits from my past, I have the misfortune of having a constant stream of generally ignorant "vocalists" booking time for tracking, all of whom have the acute demand of seeing/using an Avalon737 in their chain, because they it was in someone they idolize studio on tv. I have a few 737s, all with different tubes in an attempt to get depth out of them, but I'm still not impressed. This is not an Avalon bashing fest, it's a good work horse to get the job done if necessary, but: I thoroughly enjoy A/B'ing their chain between the 737, and LA610. The look on faces at the blatantly obvious presence, depth and tone difference on the LA610 wins every time. Are there other pieces that are better? yes, but at 4x the cost.

S. Yakimovich


Warm sound with LA-610 MkII

About 3 months ago my acquaintance has given me LA-610 MkII for couple of days.
To the surprise I literally for half an hour have fallen in love with this device. Everything is heard. Each turn of the handle is perceived aurally. For couple of seconds you can wind what that sound to you it is necessary.
Having written down several tracks of bass guitars and the electrician of guitars I has understood that without this device I can't create any more. With LA-610 MkII everything has quickly fallen into place.

S. Muscio


trumps the plugin

First thing I noticed is how quiet this thing is. The room noise when tracking is virtually gone, only the good stuff left. Not the case with the 610 plugins. The T4 compressor is great. Warm, almost too warm. I almost always find myself boosting some highs to compensate. 1.5 at 10k works well on vox with 3db of compression. Overall I'm happy with this, great way to get a solid pre and compressor for a fair price.

B. Hackler


Couldn't love it more!

Great piece of gear. Insane options and sound for the price. Recommend to everyone.



My Number One Pre

I record roots music, and the Mk II is fantastic for all of it: vox/guitars/bass/mando/etc. My default signal chain is a large-diaphragm condenser into a Mk II, Mk II through a vintage board with British-eq, and then to tape. That combo is incredible for Americana, pulling all of the vintage compliments out of listeners on playback: warm, round, smooth, buttery, etc. As some others have noted, the Mk II is best thought of as a beautiful, old school, vintage tube unit that is semi-transparent in its class. That means that it's not a one-trick pony that you'll use once or twice on a record. Instead, it's a mostly fool-proof, classic sound that you'll go back to over and over again. If that's what you're looking for, this is it.

B. O'Reilly


Excellent channel strip

Recently purchased this channel strip and it is awesome, great for bass, vocals and guitar.

O. Khodynsky


Great Channel!!!

I'm sad that I didn't buy LA610 several years ago! For a few months I own it I upgrade my home studio recordings to professional level. I call LA610 now the "SOUND DESIGNER TOOL" that increase my creativity.

J. Popiel


Unit delivers as advertised - love it!

I don't know why I waited so long to get one of these, but this is my first purchase of a "serious" preamp. I'd been recording for about 20 years using cheap preamps and compressors, spending more on guitars, amps, mics, etc., but leaving a preamp upgrade out of the mix (pardon the pun). Well, maybe I can appreciate it more now because of my extended history with inferior gear. In any case, the LA-610 MkII has really woken up my tracks. First used with electric bass -- a stunning upgrade from other direct or preamped paths that I'd used in the past. Really brought a smile to my face listening to the tracks the next morning, like where have you been all my life? Excellent operating instructions too. Thanks UA!

Z. Valentin


The best...

I love LA610
Do I need something more? NO!

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