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LA-610 MkII Classic Tube Recording Channel

LA-610 MkII Classic Tube Recording Channel




LA-610 MkII Classic Tube Recording Channel

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M. Hamilton


Great unit with classic UA SOund

There is nothing I don't like about the LA-610 except I only have one. It is great for Vocals,bass,guitars and keys. It is one of my favorite go-to analog devices. What's great about is it is it is easy to use! I love the mic pre and it's impedance switching ability for ribbon mics and instruments and the compressor limiter is awsesome! For the price you can't beat i! Oh! Did Imention Ilove the big vintage knobs!

I. Papagiannidis


John Jeff Touch

LA 610 MKII is THE channel strip im using it in my studio almost in all applications.

I love the fat sound of LA 610 preamp and the fantastic bite of its opto compressor.

Really fantastic work on guitars and bass! its making the sound alive and in your face.

Its also a first choice for lead vox when its combined with a condenser or dynamic mic (sm7, cad e 100 first generation, neumann etc)
As a rock singer myself i love the warm fat sound of the lows. It gives such a nice body and gentle highs in all types of voices .
I ve recorded many singers from jazz to hard rock and it sounds really cool to all of them!
The EQ it's a good start before to edit your tracks.

A big thanks to Universal Audio Team!

John Jeff Touch

M. Lippke


Absolutly great !

I bought this tube channel a few weeks ago and i love it !

J. Ramirez


the exact same problem as D. Langemann

I'm so excited to use my new LA610 but the problem is the exact same problem as D. Langemann . It seems that the relay or power supply goes crazy. It flickers and also turns off the tubes. Its unusable.
I bought my unit through and did not have any response for warranty or at least any attention.

i'd like to know how much would it cost to fix this issue or at least now an aproximate ?
thanks a lot.


E. Chaviano


LA-610 Mk II ROCKS!!

What else is there to say about this timeless product it has been enhance cosmetically and sonically as well. It's a true Masterpiece!!!t o have in any recording studio regardless of the level of knowlege a musician or engineer has. It just simply works great on any source that is fed to this unit.

Very well built!! thought yet gentle on sound or you can drive it to the limit!!!! A classic must have piece of gear one must have and very affordable as well for what it can do!! Very simple to operate from the get go, the more you use it the better recording output you can obtain from it!!

Thaks to Bill and everyone at Universal Audio for putting out such great products!!!

Keep putting great products out!! Rock On!!!!

Y. Tovstogan


I really like this massive and beautifully sounding device!!!
Vocal recording and guitar is now just a pleasure!

The best regards Yuri TovSt'Gun

J. Fisher


Amazing channel strip! The EQ is smooth and the compressor is nice! The only thing I could ask for is a couple more of these! Thank you for making these in the USA!!!

G. Sauceda


How could I lived without the LA-610? I'm a professional Voice Over talent, and if you are serious about your career, you need to invest in it. I just regret not having bought it before.

T. Yun


I'm a luck star, i have two LA-610 MKII, they are my best device, Thanks, UA!!!

D. Ganev


Hi its perfect I m very happy with it,but can you tell me please what is the best mic for this preamp?
Thank you!

D. Setaro


I cannot say enough about this mic pre/compressor. It has changed the way I record vocals and made the great sounding mics I own sound even better. It truly adds the human warmth back to vocals that digital recording can take away. The EQ points are at the perfect spots for what I do. I have used a lot of other brand units and this is the one I always come back to. This is the only mic pre I use for overdubbing. I wish I had about 7 more.

M. Little


Amazing. . .put everything you record through the LA-610 MkII. . .I mean everything from mics, to bass, to synths and samplers. Plugins are fantastic but they sound even better on material originally tracked through a quality analog recording channel ala the LA-610 MkII. Never recording again without it!

V. Mihailescu


I've had the LA-610 MK2 for a couple of months now and I can tell you already that it's a studio must have! Vocals sound smooth and musical and it's really easy to find the sweet spot for EQ and compression. Good job UA!

N. Angus


Great Product,

As a A&R in the music business I have come across alot of quality music but the LA-610 MkII Classic Tube has proven to me its very much worth its high end price range it packs a great punch and does what its built for "QUALITY". A++


J. Alberto


I am very happy with this before, and universal audio
uad dsp card 2 is great, the only thing that plugins should be more affordable and so can all buy more.

R. Wenz


just great to work with it. The sound is wonderful.

R. Tiranti


AMAZING!...this is the sound i looked for and i found it in my new LA-610 MK2. hi quality at a really good price. THANX U.A.!!!!

M. Baron


When searching for a go-to channel strip I ran across the LA-610 MKII and after initial testing found this unit to clearly be the winner and best bang for the buck. True LA610 sound quality and I not only use it on vocals a lot, but I also love it for bass and even for direct guitar for late night recording when I can't have an amp cranked up. The fact that the unit now offers a "true bypass" on the comp side is great when you simply want to use the mic-pre and a seperate compressor or ITB compression after the fact. Recording vocals on my own can be hard for keeping even levels and now with the LA610 MKII I have no problems getting smooth great sounding vocals with the vibe of the original 610 console built by Bill Putnam Sr. Man I wish I had one of those. I guess 16 of these would do the trick too:) Highly recommended!

M. Raúl


Me gustaría información detallada en español, algún instructivo de operaciones.

F. Biancamano


Ok. So I bought it because I got a free UAD-2 Duo card (which I use all the time and love). and its rep and some friends recomendations I figured why not great deal right. I will state here for the record that it sat unopened for months. I just didn't have a call for it. But a jazz vocal session just the thing right?!

Well Im thinking maybe something is amiss. I just finished the vocal session and I actually put this baby back in the box and went with another channel strip. The mics used were Neumann U87i and Neumann Geffel UM57 both tried and true. The LA-610 MKII just sounded midrangey and no low end warmth. I actually took down my UM 57 and put up the U87 because I thought no way it could be this box, no way! I tried everything, switched impedance, made EQ adjustments, limiter in, limiter out, compressor in compressor out, dynamic stage bypassed and even pad in and EQ setting changes but still no dice. Signal was robust and all parameters affected the signal but it just lacked musicality

Well I for one am sadly underwhelmed and will try the box as a DI. But as a channel strip it did not make the cut.

81-100 of132件の結果

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