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LA-610 MkII Classic Tube Recording Channel

LA-610 MkII Classic Tube Recording Channel




LA-610 MkII Classic Tube Recording Channel

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R. Sheridan


One of the best strips going!

This is my go to channel strip for tracking bass, acoustic or vocals! just makes everything sound amazing! available in software too now so now i can have many instances at once ;)

M. Carter


Awesome Gear

When Im looking for a more gritty tone the LA-610 is my go to piece of gear, I also love that i can patch into its line level and use the optical compressor. The LA-610 was a great purchase.

L. Haouchene



très déçu trop fragile déjà un problème de bouton d' allumage que j'ai refait 2 ans ?

J. Carmo


Superb Tone

Very smooth , full of character and color.
Another winner from UAD, and one of my favourite
chanel strip...

M. Mercado


This box rocks!

I own a busy recording studio in Chicago, Sonic Palace. We record mainly rock and rap. It's our go to pre and a God send for our studio.
We have other top pres, but the LA-610 sounds the best and all the tools you need are right in front of you. You don't have to patch three separate units in to start recording, just plug in and tweak.
We use it with a U87ai and Blueberry with fantastic results.
Highly recommended, in fact we have and all have been very satisfied.

L. Mcdaniels


Hav2getpaid Studios

The BEST Channel Strip Ever.......Thank U..... Universal Audio... Every Engineer and Producer Should Have 1 in there STUDIO.....

C. Langille


Universal Audio does Right!

SO, i got a call from the Canadian Distributor saying that UA willl be replacing my LA610MK with a new one... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! The new LA610 is working PROPERLY now!! YEa!.. Used it in a full session last night and no compressor distortion at all! THANK YOU AGAIN!!

C. Langille


WELL, That DID'NT work

SO.... Don't buy this and expect it to last.... OR Hold its Resale Value....Sent it to the Canadian repair, Very nice guys, replaced almost everything and NOW, 2 months after the repair, i have the SAME output distortion from JUST the compressor when its in line., NOW, i call Canada rep, then say send to USA for get fixed, that's where its from.... NO, end of story for me.... sorry guys, i expect more out of High end gear... I'm kinda disappointing, I could have Bought a Behringer..It may have lasted longer than 1.5 yrs.... Hope others have better, longer , results....

L. Canham


Sounds Wonderful

i've found this to be a very nice preamp for pretty much anything really, best of all on vocals and drums, cranking the gain sounds great for drums but not so great on much else. It is very nice for clean vocal sounds.

The EQ is great for adding a bit more thump or shine.

The compressor is good for vocals and instruments such as guitar and bass, attack is too fast for drums in my opinion. It does a very good job on most things though and you can bypass the compressor and use another one if you want more punch out of drums.

I make electronic music so generally everything is recorded down one track at a time and since having this every mono track i record goes through this first. I wouldn't mind another one so i can do stereo tracks.

M. Gutarra


Great preamp

I paid a lot, and I mean a lot of money for this without ever having heard it in person aside from youtube. Yes, it is great! Studio quality preamp, with a real tube sound if you should you wish for that (by adding gain). I would recommend this product for the home studio owner. The compressor is LA2A style, also very good.

B. Buckley


Bomb didley

I love this bad boy. my go to for vocals, i'm a baritenor and its luscious in the low with the highs right where i need them. or just plug and play my guitar or bass with an optical compression, what more do i need... well i do have an apollo so i guess its a UA love affair!!!!

B. Buckley


Bomb didley

I love this bad boy. my go to for vocals, i'm a baritenor and its luscious in the low with the highs right where i need them. or just plug and play my guitar or bass with an optical compression, what more do i need... well i do have an apollo so i guess its a UA love affair!!!!

T. Reis


Very Pleased

This is a great piece of kit, and my prime channel strip in the studio. Everything sounds better, even cheap mikes. I use it to go into my apollo and then Logic. Can be transparent, or nicely colored - either way, I still get that wonderful analog "sound" that I'm always seeking!
Brill on bass guitars.
Great for electric guitar DI.

R. Comitz


LA 610 MKll

sooooouuuuuuunnnndssssssss gggggrrrrreeeaaaatttttt

A. Zaharchenko



I tried this device in my friend's home studio with Neumann M147 Tube on a male vocal... It was a week ago, and today, I ordered LA-610 MKII for my studio! For me, LA-610 is the best channel strip in price level up to 2500$!!

A. Claudiu


LA 610 MK2

I'm very satisfied by this channel strip, it's a great unit!

E. Soza


Exelente pieza

es un preamplificador muy especial me encanta para voces , bajos y todo lo que pasop x el

S. Cabriles


Sonido Grande

El LA610MKII es verdaderamente un preamp de base tonal clara, con un color caliente excepcional, trabajo con Api 512c y Vintech 573, la combinación de estos 3 pres marcan la diferencia en una producción de gran embergadura.

D. Cooper


LA-610 Mk2..Makes my mic sound like a C800g!

If you sing R&B and want that sound like Babyface, Charlie Wilson, Tyrese, Tank, New Edition, Drew get the picture. Then you must get this unit!! I am a singer and always rented studio time to find the right sound...Never tried this until i purchased one used. I had to stop recording just to type this review because I was sooooo pleased and realized my search was over finally. Yes I have had some good pre amps. The 6176 which i loved but had to sale to release my first The Avalon 737 which the output kept going out on. Even though both units were great, Neither gave me that rich SonyC800g mic sound...yes it makes my STERLING AUDIO mike sound like a Sony C800g... and yes I have recorded on 1 of those.

D. Batista


A must have for vocals

Depending on what Genre you do, it will always be personal preference. For me, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Classical vocals always go through my LA-610 MkII. This channel strip makes any vocal I put through it sound clean, discrete, warm and exceptionally smooth. It is BY FAR the easiest unit I have used to give me the best sound. A little bit of GR (Gain Reduction), drive that pre, put a 1 db+ on the 7k EQ section, and you got a rich sound on any mic.

Must have in every studio.

61-80 of132件の結果

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