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Galaxy Tape Echo

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P. Amati



Great sounding and versatile effects plugin. Love the variety of presets and uses. Its amazing what you can do with just the feedback and echo rate.. The only thing that would make it better is if I was able to control the settings from my MIDI keyboard...

F. Cabanillas



Great !!!shnes on vocales,presets are of great help to understand the full potential of me it is much More than a delay

M. Maranghello


A must have

I have never used the original piece of hardware that inspired this plugin, but it is easy to fall for it anyway. It is way more than a just a delay, it just adds so much to the mix. On long delay settings it starts to shimmer and creates a beautiful sense of space. It is a little tricky to work with stereo files, but it is worth the effort. The interface renders beautifully on retina displays.

M. Yam Moller


Spring and tape echo heaven

I have 2 friends that just got hardware 201's. For the same price as my Twin USB. They asked my where I got my 201.

V. Waltinger



Excellent plugin indeed! An ultimate reverb/FX plug for the use with guitar. I didn´t expect it to be that nice. Super smooth, rich, lush guitar verb/FX which btw works fabulously well with the Marshall JMP 2203 and the MXR Flanger/Doubler. Those 3 guys offer the most natural, beautiful guitar sound I have ever heard from plugins. Great work. Thanks!

P.S. I´m sure this one works with other sources than guitar as well! This is a really good plugin.

Y. Senba




N. Nowottny


Hooooly $%&

Heard it on my Iphone speaker whilst on holiday. Purchased it straight away. Just downloaded it. Oooh my....added the bx20 after. Absolutely blown away. Happy to be alive at this time of technology break throughs. UA is truly shaping todays music production. Thanks UA. xx



Galaxy Tape Echo

One thing that I learned from combining my pedal board or/to my computers' plug-in's such as the "Galaxy Tape Echo", is that - it's NOT going to sound like you Imagined. You have to make the plug-in 'work for you', rather than Allow the plug-in to modify your sound as to NOT resonate with you. Often times, when I add a new UAD plug-in, I make it work for me by simply needing to tweak something else WITHIN the chain. Once, I tamed this plug-in and made my tweaks, my sound now "purrs". A+ to all my UAD Plug-ins (and there are many) because they just work great !




I would be complete if I could arrow through the presets like every other non uad plugin, beautiful unit, thanks.

C. Modog


Galaxy Tape on guitar

I get this plugin a few days ago. I didn't know much about it, so I use it on electric guitar for some space effect.
I was really surprised by the warm sound and the deep effect that I get with this little plugin. I will try on vocal too.
Thank you UA for every plugin, they are great !!!



galaxy tape echo

this galaxy tape echo overshadows the roland with the advanced enhancements my go to item use it on most instruments especially synth
UAD are the universal leaders in audio perfection

D. Kane


Galaxy Tape Echo!

What a killer tape emulation! Already, I've used it to great effect on synth tracking - really glued the whole thing together nicely!

P. Winstanley


Old skool, old skool....

I have lent on this plug (...well, the previous incarnation anyway) for so many years now. I can't imagine a world without it.

A. Leons



This one sounds great on everything! It sounds just like the original. I use it more than RE-201 which is also a great classic delay and echo plugin. Thanks UA!

T. Al-Saadoon


Quality again from UAD!!!

Getting this from you guys at UAD, is the cherry on the cake. Im impressed by the sound quality as always. A great plugin to have for producing multiple genres.

C. Domenico


i am proud 2be an UAD user :-) THX

i appreciate the sound color of the GALAXY Tape Echo, it's refines the sound.
the GALAXY belongs already to my favorites - THX UAD for your engagement and your high quality products ... awesome :-)

s. crew


From Nostalgia To WAY Beyond COOL !

I bought one in the late 70's and have always regretted trading it for something NOT AS GOOD, ... Up until now !!!

Thank you UAD for bringing this back.
This Galaxy Tape Echo is so musical, it should be called an instrument, a self-oscillating beast ! ... HA !
It always ends up as an integral part of the track performed, not an added delay or reverb FX !
That is when you know you are bringing in something way cool, when you bypass it and the flavor (or feedback) stops !

Fantastic recreation UAD ! Great work, as usual !
So glad you and Roland are together ?again? ... (however that worked out) !

G. Kranich


a fine thing

more than a space echo....

C. de Jong


Better without Roland brand

This still is a great plug!

R. Douglass


A whole new galaxy

I spent quite a bit of time playing with the Galaxy and I must say this plugin is top quality. The sound is so crisp, clean, and detailed. I ran my Fender Strat through it and it was beautiful. Also, the potential to use it with production to color and fill out mixes is limitless.

Thanks UAD!

241-260 of283件の結果

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