Fuchs® Train II Amplifier

Fuchs® Train II Amplifier

Unison Enabled

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通常価格: $149.00


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Fuchs Train II Amplifier

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H. Petersson


Awesome rock amp!

Brainworx makes among the best amp sims out there and the Fuchs are the crown jewels. Where the Overdrive Supreme excels at warm fat cleans and sophisticated lead tones, the Train II is more of a bread and butter Rock'n'Roll amp. It can produce everything from old school to heavy rock with excellence.
If I could only have two amp plugins then the Fuchs would be my pick. The ODS first and then the Train.

M. Meyer


DEMO IT!! Sounds g.r.e.a.t.

So... after rating Fender 55 and Marshall Plexi turns out I was a bit quick in beeing hyped on a git sim, since Fuchs Train II is really a 5 star sim to me.

Ladys and gentlement... come in and find out - the FT II is my new favorite now. DIST sounds are just striking and so are cleanish ones - but still need to play around a bit more on them.
Love the fact that it has an FX section as well to quickly dial in rev and del.
No downside yet... only the wish to have more "edgy" presets included... like more FX driven sounds for example.
Last but not least: existing presets are really great in coombination with my hagstrom.
I could not make the fender 55 or plexi sound good right from the start but after tweaking they are both simulaing the og amps in an outstanding good way.
A little different with the FT II: plugged in on a unison slot, checked the presets.... HAPPY DAYS

J. Lorentzen


very good amp

very good amp. works well with my PRS and sits nicely in the mix

N. Kushkbaghi



The best UA amp!



Cuts through the mix

It's nice to have different options when your in the final mixing stage and a solo needs a little help. This plugin is one of my go to answers for dull sounding tones. Thanks again UA

N. Clay


Fuchs Train II Amplifier Used with UA interface so real !!!

This amp plugin using the console on my UA quad. Afer a short while of playing you forget that your playing guitar through a plugin. I have been able to get any sound I want using this amp plugin and chorus reverbs plugins and the builtin delay. I would have to go so far as to say. I have never heard any amp in a live room that sounds as good as this amp plugin sounds. I have been doing studio work on the guitar for almost 50 years. And this amp very easy to make it sound like Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Jazz, Blues, Rock, and roll animal if you like. This amp plugin is sick.

S. Eugene


Best one so far

Love the Train. On immediate impressions I was more drawn to the Overdrive, it has that immediate sound that I love. But digging deeper, the Train offers a greater variety of sound and possibility. I've held off buying the amp sims from UAD, think many of them are really good but they haven't quite done it for me, but the both the Fuchs just have that something extra that's right on my zone....that sound. Funnily enough it reminds a bit of what I loved about my old Peavey Bandit!! Classic combo...used it on many recordings. I'll use this on many recordings too.

P. Perfetto


love this amp

This amp sounds awesome, its great to put on heavy music, or something that needs some serious drive. I really like the sound of this amp.

L. Andersen


Super amp!

Amazing feel and response. It has made my home recording Life a lot easier. Highly recommended.

S. Fuchs


Dynamik pur

Ich habe in den letzten Jahren echt viele Softwareamps (Scuffham, Amplitube, Guitarrig, Pulin etc.) sowie Kemper und Axe ausprobiert - zuletzt landete ich beim UAD Tweed Deluxe und beim Silver Jubilee, da sie mir vor allem im Übergangsbereich zwischen Clean und Lead am authentischsten klangen. Seit ein paar Tagen ist nun der Fuchs Train II mit an Bord und setzt meiner Meinung nach in Sachen Dynamik und Cleanish/Crunchy Half-Gain Sounds absolut Maßstäbe. Einen dermaßen geil klingenden minimal angezerrten Cleanish-Leadsound schaffen die aller wenigsten Röhrenamps - in Echt mache ich sowas mit meinem Boogie, aber Software-mäßig war das bisher schlichtweg unmöglich. Spitzenmäßige Arbeit, die UAD/Brainworx da gemacht haben. Besten Dank!!

W. Gall



This this is got crazy gain and loads of tone. Metal to blues this thing rocks. Brainworx captured an amazing pair the the two fuchs and with them you got it all covered.

D. Bose


Amazing Amp Sim

I love this thing... already setup patches for 3 songs in my live set with this amp. wow

S. Peloso


Simply amazing!

Like a real tube amp, dynamic response under your fingertips!!!

H. Lemke


"Full House"

One of the best guitar plug-in (Overloud TH3 is the best!)

J. Monnecka



Killer .. just killer... hands down the BEST amp plugin UA offers in my opinion. :)
Thanks guys!!

B. Munyon


totally rocks

chunky, clear, mean, phatty mc-phatterson! inspirational and so easy. Just beginning to explore! Excellent!

B. Chiaravalle


Love it!

I've been a Fuchs endorser for over 10 years and own a Overdrive Supreme 50 watt head. I tried the UAD plugin version as well and really liked it. But I bought the Train II for a different amp and I'm really knocked out by it. I use this and my Plexi Lead plugin for my go to amps for recording. Well done UAD!

G. Herrera


Tone & feel

I couldn't put it down the first time I played this, very tube like feel and great for rock rhythm and lead, love it!!

D. Baumann


Best UA Amp Plugin Yet!

I own quite a few of the other UA amp plugins, and while I enjoy many of them (particularly the Marshall 2203 and Chandler), the Fuchs Train II is the most satisfying by far. On my first session with a few of my strats, I was able to quickly dial in 2 very different but equally satisfying crunch tones (panned pretty hard to each side with a Cooper time code delay trailing off into the other channel from one side) and then spank it with a pretty saturated high gain lead tone that sliced through the mix. I can't wait to get a Fuchs overdrive supreme plugin, which felt like it might be a bit more versatile during a trial, but if you like gain, the Train II really nails it. I'm a little bit concerned about a few of the volume jumps between patches on the overdrive supreme, but suspect this may be a function of the versatility and I need to just adjust my patch settings a bit (any and all tips on this will be appreciated!). Summing the bus...at the end of a really fun day of recording, looked around at a studio filled with amps and really had to question whether they would have done any better on this session. I certainly know the UA plugin was a lot easier to use, and allowed me to spend a lot more time focused on making music, rather than setting up amps, cabs and mic's. The touch sensitivity is great (thanks Unison!), harmonic character, gain structure, thump, chunk, chime and grind was awesome, Many thanks UA and Fuchs -- great job! ps, I was also pleased to see how well-behaved the Train II was while running a Cooper Time Cube in the console and a Fairchild compressor on a bus, all at high sampling rate.



Sweet Sound

For my needs/instrument/pickups/strings, this is the distorted sound I've been looking for. Fuchs overdrive supreme for the clean tones, and the Train II for the distorted tones. Bliss.

41-60 of70件の結果

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