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Friedman® Buxom Betty Amplifier

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J. Marvel


Sounds great. Turn it into a rock machine with the Brainworx FX Rack

This modeled amp comes with a unique signature but also plays well with pedals. In addition, if you want a wooly fuzzy overdriven tone use the FX Rack. You can drive the signal into the amp with clean boost to the limit while Power Soaking the power section. If the amp gets a little too fat simply control your instruments bass at input also in the FX. This amp looks like a simple but has awesome tone. Tweakers will get a nice variety that sounds nothing like the other Friedman amps.

C. Wandzilak


Betty got back, I mean bottom!

Unbelievably sounds like the real deal. Granted, I’ve never played through a Freidman but I have played through VOX, Marshall, and several Fenders and with regard to tone and saturation this is LEGIT which you just know when you plug in and start thumbing through the presets. You can carve out just about any tone you can think of and all of it sound great. I see other complaints about AMP sim’s not living up to the real deal but come on folks, you know you couldn’t tell the difference with your eyes closed. I have a feeling there are some salty peeps that paid a ton for the actual hardware to find UAD makes a realistic plugin version for a FRACTION of the cost. I recommend demoing it since strings, guitars, pickups, cables, pedals, and so many other factors contribute to how this amp will sound with particular setup. No more lugging gear or noise complaints from the neighbors. No more phase issues when recording or microphone limitations. I mean, really…where’s the easy button? This is plug and play at its finest. I bet you can play up against any record and tweak this amp to match the sound of the guitar in any particular song. I’ve only spent a few hours tinkering with this plug but the sky is the limit. Picked it up during this blowout sale. The DEMO made me do it.



Sounds great

Early days with the Betty but already impressed with what it can do. Lots of control over your sound. V. Pleased!

N. Brooks


Very nice tone

This is one of the best all-around amps in plugin world. It's very easy to get amazing British and American tube amp sounds. It's not one of those "jack of all trades/master of none" types of things, either. It's pretty much a master at getting both sounds nailed right on. I also really like the included delay. Using this with a Les Paul or Telecaster is simply perfect.

P. Sunesson


Nice Friedman amp

Ever since I got this super nice amp, I have used on several occasion. This one hold it´s place together with my Fender Tweed and the Marshall Plexi, so now I am very satisfied I have fullfilled my needs – at least for now ;-) . Since I mostly use humbucker guitars I have come to love this one with my 335 – sounds really great. However, alla my plug-in amps work super nice and I have come to the conclusion that the simplicity and versatility is the way to go. And the sounds they produce really hits me. I love 'em and will go for a nice bass amp next.

J. Fritsch


Useful and a wide spektra of sounds

I needed a clear tone whit a strata for a production but none af my plug-ins could produce what I whanted. Freidmans shure did! The broad spektra of Tones you are able to get from this plugin is impressive.

J. Schwab



At first I hesitated to even demo this one, as I'm not a fan of the other Friedman amps. But my American Strat loves the Buxom Betty: clean sparkle with lots of twang and warm breakup. Together with an LA2A and the AKG springverb this is really fun.

D. Wallace


Very versitle plugin!

I really seriously love this plugin! I spent the morning setting up a custom setting for use with my Tele as I can see this becoming a "go-to" amp to record with. I use it with an API 560 EQ and find that I can get any genre sound I need, be it jazz, blues, pop, or R & R. The presets gave me a good start on finding the tone I was looking for and I've been using it all AM for gtr practice. I highly recommend you give this a try!

R. Rivas


Love it!!

My Fav so far!!

C. Hook


Love it.

I didn't expect to like this one. I really like the Dirty Shirley (just brought the real amp i liked it so much) and thought this would be too tame or just not different enough, but it's really got its own vibe and some really nice lush semi-broken up sounds. I ended up buying it a few days into the demo. Great amp/plugin.

C. Pinto Barrosa


Simple, working amp sim

From clean to crunch, it’s very easy to get great tones out of this one. I might go for the other Friedman’s soon...

D. Wallace



First of all, it isn't gonna respond like a tube amp. I didn't expect it to. But I gotta say thwt overall I'm impressed. I particularly like the way my Nash Strat sounds with it. I like the FX that are thrown in with the plugin. Delay, reverb sounds OK. Speaker selection surprised me when I looked into it. All the American 4x10 cabs were recorded using a Boogie cab so the only real selection there is what chain was used. Still getting used to the settings on dialing in my own sound with it but the presets are OK. I got it on sale ($99) with a $25 coupon to use so for me at $74 it was a no brainer. Check it out!

D. Miniero


Buxom Betty

fat & very usable

D. Miniero


Buxom Betty

fat & very usable

H. Engelke


It always depends

Of what you expect. If you expect to get every nuance of a real anplifier out of a simulation, you better get a real amp. If you are in for some good guitar sounds, you came to the right place. Funnily this simulation is better for crunch than it is for triple death distortion.

O. Lamas


Extremely usable.

This is by far ththe most usable amp sim of the bunch. Love it.

J. Tario



This amp rocks! I love being able to play through multiple recording chains, the delay is great, and it feels like a real tube amp. I also have the fender 55 and both are different enough to warrant having multiple amp plugins. I love it!

W. Keskey


my "new" GO TO Amp Plug in!!!!

I love the WARMTH of this Amp plug-in.
Best I've heard,....... so I bought it!!!!!

F. Olsen



Got my apollo twin connected and tried out freidman buxom betty. Having tried to get the sound i wanted through tube amps at home i finally found what i was looking for at a friendly sound levels. Love the dynamics and the fact that all knobs have a usable range for setting up clean to crunch guitar sounds.

V. Ramirez



The Friedman Buxom Betty Amplifier is incredible. Why do I think this you ask? It can produce the most amazing saturation and custom tones to allow you to nail the sound and performance you’re after; I’m impressed:) Thanks a million for making this incredible amplifier!

221-240 of284件の結果

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